The Invisible Multidimensional Diamond installed in every atom & molecule of your computer!

Good for All Desktop and Laptop Computers

  1. After making your purchase, send in your request for the Installation Transmission, stating the type, model and age of your computer.
  2. Set aside time at your convenience to "Consciously Receive" the Installation into your computer. The "Receiving Instructions" will be included with your purchase.
  3. Use our instructions for Diamond Aligning daily with your newly Diamondized computer.
The Diamond Computer Installation is a non-physical, high-frequency Diamondization of your computer (or any other computer device). The infusion of Diamond Energy into your computer vibrationally Aligns your computer and all work on your computer with the Power of Diamond Christ Aloha Consciousness and Joy. It is not a physical device or app that you download. Rather, it is be received vibrationally by following the Receiving instructions, included with your purchase.
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I had a pleasure to receive this both for my personal computer and my work computer yesterday. I already can see the difference in both cases. I was working today and got more done than for the last week! I worked all day non-stop and I still don't feel tired. My mind is clear and my Spirit is high. It is definitely working! Miracles become a part of our everyday reality! Yes! Thank you soooo much!"
      - Luda, Atlanta, Georgia USA

"Million Diamond thanks for your Precious Gift of Computer Installation. As I write this email, I feel Diamond-bathed by its radiation, and definitely, since I did the installation procedure, feel it is emanating in a powerful way. Thank you again Jacqueline for all this wonderful Diamond Surprises."
      - Celio, Spain

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I AM so appreciative and warmed by this gift. I know it will be most powerful and empowering in untold of and exponential ways. What is funny is for the last 72 hours through the solstice, I went offline to unplug and evaluate how my computer has been both a tool and a distraction and how I can be more conscious of how and when I use it in 2014. I also did thank my machine, a Samsung laptop, for performing so well for me over the last year and a half. Then I saw this email, and it made laugh ... it's like we were getting ready to diamondize and both expand to a higher level (me and my PC). I am sure it will appreciate this high-frequency boost also."
      - Monica, San Francisco, California USA