Last year Diamond Christ Alignment participated as a sponsor and Planetary Birth 2012 co-creator for the event initiated by Barbara Marx Hubbard and organized by "The Shift Network". We've been given this opportunity to share more about how Diamond Christ Alignment can benefit all Conscious Evolutionaries as we work and play together to create the NEW, NEW, NEW, NEW, NEW Diamond Christ Aloha World.

We live in a world that is more alive with possibility than ever before. Yet it is easy to get overwhelmed or lost in the confusion and chaos of such a fast-paced, frenetic, and often-tumultuous world. How can we experience and nurture the unlimited potential that lies within when our daily lives leave us so depleted. What can we do when we don't have time for an hour-long meditation or a yoga class, or we can't afford the self-care we need to thrive instead of just survive. Enter Diamond Christ Alignment, a transcendent, high-tech tool cultivating higher consciousness and igniting true Joy, Equanimity, and Wealth of Being.

"Diamond Christ Alignment is about integrating enlightenment into our everyday modern world!"
Jacqueline Joy, Creator and Founder, Diamond Christ Alignment

Cosmic Consciousness through the Internet

A quietly growing global phenomenon, Diamond Christ Alignment has been revolutionizing a unique and modern way for people to connect more deeply with the Divine - online. Since 1997, Diamond Christ Alignment has been providing a worldwide connection to an ever-evolving and extremely high-frequency unified field that uses the Internet and a global Diamond portal network that Founder and Creator, Jacqueline Joy, traveled around the world to anchor physically onto the planet. Thousands of people in over 198 countries are regularly connecting to Diamond Christ Alignment's six-minute, multi-sensory online experience, available 24/7, to clear their minds, relax their bodies, and experience inner Peace and Wisdom in our ever-accelerating world.

Diamond Christ Alignment is not a religion, spiritual practice, dogma or self-help course, and it requires no effort, background, or belief. Diamond Christ Alignment is a Divine energy transmission that quickly and consistently activates the highest potential within each of us, allowing us to live from a state of Power, Clarity, Fun, Freedom, and Flow in an increasingly accelerated world.

"Diamond Christ Alignment is a powerful example of a new paradigm being birthed – transcendent experiences made possible through powerful interactive online experiences."
Eric Jordan, 2Advanced.com

The Diamond Energy at Work

Each of us, as a spark of the Divine, arrives on this Earth with a Divine Energetic Blueprint that is imprinted with our Soul's highest potential waiting to be awakened and actualized - our "Diamond Consciousness". As one engages with Diamond Christ Alignment, whatever is not aligned with one's highest potential will be released, and whatever is necessary to fulfill your highest potential will be magnetized.

The coherent, crystalline Diamond energy field vibrationally aligns us with Source energy while also harmonizing us with the natural electromagnetic pulse of Mother Earth. This holistic attunement then allows us to co-create the "New Matrix," engaging joyfully and gracefully in the third-dimensional world, while simultaneously being aligned with the higher dimensions to create Heaven on Earth.

The Diamond transmission is not only received by the user, it radiates out through one's home, work place, communities, institutions, and the world at large. Diamond users find that Magic and Miracles begin to occur more frequently and that life begins to flow with ever-greater Synchronicity, Ease, and Grace.

How Diamond Christ Alignment Works – Ancient and Future Wisdom for Today's World

A magenta and green Sacred Geometric Diamond Energy chamber (which is invisible but very physical) aligns one with high-frequency Source Energy from nonphysical and physical planes ... and delivers the Energy and Information from these planes safely and comfortably to the human body ... activating Diamond Christ Alignment Consciousness. The Sacred Diamond serves as a perfect energetic shield for our physical and energetic bodies, especially as we undergo our current remarkable evolutionary transformation from carbon-based to crystalline beings.

The Diamond keeps our energy field clear, aligned, and pristine. This clarity then enables us to hear the Higher Self as never before and operate from Diamond Consciousness. Many Diamond subscribers lovingly refer to the Diamond as their "immune cocoon". With its amazing brilliance, the Diamond is an extremely powerful healing tool, with which to transform ourselves, our communities, and our planet.

Uplifting Your Frequency with Diamond Christ Alignment

The sole requirement to experience the transformational power of the Diamond is merely openness to receiving it. When one says "Yes," the Diamond does its Magic and raises the vibrational level, bringing one into direct contact and alignment with his/her Higher Self. Divine energy flows in and clears and upgrades the body at all levels - spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, materially, and financially. One of the main reasons that so many users love the Diamond and are able to stick with it over time is its simplicity and fun. People also love that its effectiveness is not dependent on one's mind or emotions. The beauty of the Diamond for the modern human is that it transmits regardless of thoughts, feelings, or beliefs. One just has to be willing to receive and allow.

Hear what Monica K., one of our Premium Subscribers, has to say:

"I started doing Diamond Christ Alignment because it was easy to do, and I was always online anyways. I stuck with it and increased my participation almost without knowing I was doing it; the Diamond had become such an effortless and natural part of my life. The effects may be subtle at first, but don't be fooled. You will look back in a few weeks, months, or even a year's time and find that your life has taken on new meaning and you are enjoying all areas of your life so much more."

Join the Cosmic Diamond Christ Aloha Wake

This past year, Diamond Christ Alignment's powerful transmissions were elevated to an entirely new level through Jacqueline Joy's increasing ability to receive and transmit the extremely high Multidimensional frequencies pouring onto the planet since 2012's Galactic Alignment. The Diamond safely harnesses and delivers the most-powerful vibrations emanating from the Ma, the great creative force of our Earth that is most prevalent in Kauai, Hawaii, and the frequencies emanating from the great Galactic Sun, accelerated by the opening of the 2012 Galactic Gateway.

A dedicated group of Diamond Leaders from around the world answered the call to spend 31 days working with Jacqueline Joy daily to deeply receive and anchor these new "Diamond Christ Aloha" energies throughout many parts of the globe - igniting a Cosmic Diamond Christ Aloha Wake of Diamond Consciousness and Joy across the Planet for ALL. And already in 2013, an exciting breakthrough in humanity's iceberg of consciousness regarding one of the most "stuck energy" places on the Planet ... the opening of financial flow ... is now occurring throughout the amplified field of the Diamond and its growing network of active receivers. Jacqueline Joy, along with the thousands already joined up in the Diamond Christ Aloha Unified Field, would love to expand the ripples of this great wake even further and invite you to experience Diamond Christ Alignment.

There are many options available for participation ...

  • ONE-MONTH FREE PREMIUM DIAMOND CONNECTION SUBSCRIPTION During the month of July, the Diamond grid is going to be even more potent and amplified with the vibration of the "Opening of Financial Flow", so we invite you to experience a 1-Month FREE Premium Connection Gift Subscription. Being a "Premium Diamond Connection" subscriber exponentially accelerates the effects and possibilities of this vibration in your life. To sign up for your Free 1-Month "Premium Diamond Connection Subscription" and for more details about what this offer includes (such as a Golden Blast Energy Field clearing and daily remote clearings from Jacqueline Joy), please visit: https://www.diamondalignment.com/store/subscription.html
  • A two-minute preview can be found at:
  • The full six-minute interactive experience is always offered free, 24/7, at: www.diamondalignment.com.
  • Dozens of testimonials of personal healings, activations, and miracles experienced by people from all over the world who have been transformed by their participation with Diamond Christ Alignment are available for you to read at:
  • Hear Jacqueline Joy speak to subscribers about this Sacred Technology:

Living in a New, New, New, New Diamond Christ Aloha World

Imagine a world in which we are all connected and aligned with our Soul's highest purpose, saying "Yes" to living fulfilled, purposeful lives and creating the Wealth of Being that we deserve and know inside.

As more of us synthesize and integrate all aspects of ourselves and step into our embodied multi-dimensionality, Diamond Christ Alignment serves as a practical and powerful tool. By uniquely demonstrating how to harness and physicalize both the higher Cosmic source frequencies with the material elements of our bodies and this planet, Diamond Christ Alignment enables us to live in a new paradigm, aligned and connected to our Divine Power within and the Universal Power of Heaven and Earth.

Jacqueline Joy, Diamond Christ Alignment's Spiritual leader & advisor, is globally delivering her Divinely-inspired Sacred Technology that aligns individuals with the Empowerment and Joy of Diamond Christ Aloha Consciousness, through her transcendent 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation online and "live", through her powerful Diamond Energy Transmissions, Activations and Clearings. Her solid anchoring in the business world and her embodiment of Diamond Consciousness, awakened in 1987, allow her to lead, inspire and support individuals worldwide, from 198 countries, in mastering their embodiment of Diamond Consciousness and actualizing the highest Diamond Potential of their Divine Diamond Blueprint.