If you are not already an enthusiastic Diamond subscriber, we highly recommend that you experience the 6-minute Diamond Alignment Activation for yourself before promoting it to your audience. This transcendent experience is deeply relaxing and energizing. After 6 minutes, you return with an expanded perspective ... more focused, balanced, centered, grounded and able to operate at a much higher level, with Joy and Equanimity emanating from you throughout the day (which will uplift the world around you). When activated daily, the Diamond Alignment Activation clears limiting thoughts and patterns and magnetizes opportunities for greater success in your life.

The best way to promote Diamond Alignment is to speak or write to your audience from your own enthusiastic daily experience with it. You may "taste" the 6-minute Diamond Alignment Activation by signing up for our Free Access at www.diamondalignment.com/signup.php before signing up for your own Premium Access subscription at www.diamondalignment.com/store/subscription.html.

You are welcome to use these testimonials from our subscribers: "Just received my first alignment and felt immediate relaxation and clearing. I didn't expect the power of it so quickly. I confess I was skeptical also but no more. In six minutes, I'm totally re-centered and carry this good feeling for days afterwards. I love it! Thanks, we all need an extra boost in these times." - Vicki, USA

"I felt a lot more powerful, stronger ... Unbelievably refreshed at the end. Fantastic, I'm going to have to definitely purchase more access!!" - Layla, UK

"I felt everything on your list of positive effects. It was only my first time but I felt the pulsating all over. I will be back in the morning to start my day with it. Thank you." - Michelle, USA

"I love my unlimited package. It is a great feeling to know that this Diamond support is available to me whenever I need it ... day or night. I feel freer to use it several times a day or even twice in a row when life is really challenging." - Rabia, USA

"These experiences give me an overwhelming feeling of calm. They give me focus. I feel more centered. Thank you for creating this beautiful gift to the world." - Solarzar, USA

"I am vibrating at a very high rate. I feel energized and that I can do anything I desire. Thank you the quality time I am now spending with myself thru this experience." - Amy, USA

"I am also recovering from an accident and used the alignment again today before attending work which is very stressful. I was able to be positive, pain-free, and joyful. Thank you." - Joy, Canada

"It was a great experience. I've never felt so relaxed. I want to keep on doing it." - Milagro, USA

"Totally relaxing experience, all the muscles in my body just seem to melt with relaxation." - Phil, UK

"It seemed like seconds really. I usually find it hard to meditate or relax fully but I did for the full time of the exercise. I felt spirit guidance around me." - Rebecca, UK

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