In descriptions of Diamond Alignment, you'll notice that non-traditional capitalization is used intentionally. Capitalized words such as "Freedom" reflect a Soul-aligned "Vertical" perspective, while non-capitalized words such as "freedom" reflect a day-to-day "horizontal" perspective.

What is Diamond Alignment?

Diamond Alignment is a Sacred Technology offering high-speed Connection and Alignment with the Divine Power Within, through a revolutionary online phenomenon: The Diamond Alignment Activation. This effortless yet profound experience is a multi-sensory energy transmission delivered via the Internet that frees the body and mind from stress and tension, re-establishes inner clarity and joy and elevates us to a state of inner peace and expansion ... in only 6 minutes.

We return from this experience recharged, centered, grounded and able to operate at a much higher level, with Joy and Equanimity emanating from us throughout the day, uplifting the world around us. Diamond Alignment is not a religion, spiritual practice, dogma or self-help course. It is a Divine Energy Transmission that activates the Highest Potential within each of us, allowing us to maintain Vertical Soul Alignment in a state of Joy, Equanimity, Clarity, Fun, Freedom and true Wealth of Being ... while fully engaging in our everyday world.

Who is Diamond Alignment for?

Diamond Alignment is for anyone who is seeking a simple and convenient way to stay connected with their higher power and wisdom, in order to thrive in our accelerated and demanding world with greater ease and joy. It is for anyone who desires to increase their energy, raise their vibrational frequency, release limiting thoughts and patterns, and stay clear and centered - able to handle daily life in a more empowered and graceful way.

Diamond Alignment provides a convenient, safe and gentle way to actualize our Highest Potential and achieve greater Wealth of Being. It is highly effective regardless of age, nationality, education, religion or belief, and requires no special training or background. Each person is unique, so each will experience the power of Diamond Alignment differently.

What is an "energy transmission"?

In the Diamond World, we speak of "energy" as vibration or frequency, and "transmission" as a conveyance of energy. The 6-minute Diamond Alignment Activation transmits the high-frequency Diamond Energy directly to the receiver from Diamond Alignment's Founder, Jacqueline Joy. This allows the receiver to enter an expanded state of Consciousness: Diamond Consciousness. Joy, Equanimity, Expansion, Clarity, Inner Peace, Balance, Freedom and Wealth of Being are a few of the Diamond qualities that one experiences in this state of Consciousness. When we experience these positive, high-vibration feelings, they replace lower vibration feelings such as confusion, doubt, depression, anxiety, fear, worry and so on. Studies have shown that high-frequency vibration in the body is directly linked to greater health and well-being.

Just 6 minutes a day with Diamond Alignment ...

And this allows you to ...

Consistency is the key. Results are cumulative.

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