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New Wealth/Diamond Christ Alignment package includes
(3) Diamond Mastery Bundles
Each Diamond Mastery Bundle includes one Diamond Mastery Discourse/Activation
MP3 Audio Recording and one Specialized Remote Diamond Clearing to anchor Diamond
Consciousness and Joy in a specific arena of your life (see Bundle descriptions below)
In these MP3 recordings of "LIVE" Diamond Mastery Discourses and Activations, Diamond Christ Alignment's Spiritual Leader & Advisor, Jacqueline Joy, empowers you to use the Diamond's Power both ON and OFFLINE. In each Bundle, the Transmissions of Energy, Information, Clearing and Activation work synergistically to amplify and accelerate your Diamond Mastery in a specific area.

Each Specialized Remote Clearing is related to one of the 3 topics below, and triggers the release of any congealed energies (thought-forms, beliefs, patterns, programming, imprinting, conditioning and false images of yourself) that have limited the full expression of your Diamond Self related to the topic of each recorded Discourse.

The Remote Diamond Clearings are part of the vast multi-dimensional Diamond Christ Alignment infrastructure that Jacqueline Joy has developed and refined over the last 20 years, and are already established at the vibrational level in the Diamond Energy Grid. These Clearings are not done by recording or live call. They are received remotely by following our "Remote Receiving" instructions found in the "Remote Diamond Clearing" PDF below.

Please print out the following PDF to learn how "Specialized Remote Diamond
Clearings" work, and how to receive the Clearings remotely
Remote Diamond Clearings (PDF)

Click the MP3 links below to access the recordings ...

Diamond Mastery Bundles:

Bundle #1
Expanding your capacity to receive
the Diamond's Magic & Miracles

Download MP3 Audio

Bundle #2
Experiencing the Power of
Diamond Joy in the Body

Download MP3 Audio

Bundle #3
Using Advanced Diamond Technologies
to Clear your Energy Field

Download MP3 Audio