STEP 1   "Premium Diamond Connection" Subscription

This is a PREREQUISITE for your Diamond Aloha Leadership package - Daily Online Diamond Alignment Activations (twice a day minimum).

Note - If you have not yet purchased your "Premium Diamond" subscription, please do so now at

STEP 2   Your Personal Diamond Installation

Receiving this Transmission first and having the Diamond Chamber installed in your cells provides a powerful energetic Receiving Station that ensures that you receive the 1000-frequency Golden Energy Transmissions included in your Leadership Package gently, safely and comfortably in your physical body.

STEP 3   Stellar Golden Energy Flow

This Flow will start after you receive "The Diamond Installation for You" and will continue for 30 days to activate your Diamond Leadership Initiation. Please let us know when you have received your Installation by writing so that you may be connected to the Golden Energy Flow.

STEP 4   31-Day "Cosmic Diamond Aloha Wake" Leadership Journey

Once you receive The Diamond Installation and are connected to the Golden Energy Flow, you are ready to begin your 31-day audio Journey with Jacqueline Joy. We encourage you to begin right away and continue every day until completion.

STEP 5   30-Day "Opening Financial Flow" Journey with Jacqueline Joy

You will now be vibrationally well-prepared to enter the same 1000-frequency Golden Diamond Unified Energy Field, created by Jacqueline Joy especially for this Diamond Intensive, and amplified by her laser focus on the Sacred Opening of Financial Flow.

STEP 6   Diamond Mastery Clearing & Activation Transmissions

Jacqueline Joy delivers "laser-focused" Diamond Clearing and Activation Transmissions at very advanced levels, via two 60-minute recorded Transmissions, to facilitate a Diamond Breakthrough in an arena of life you choose to focus on.