The Worldwide Diamond Christ Energy Grid, established over 25 years, interfaces between Heaven and Earth and connects 1000s of individuals across the world, who are Receiving Diamond Christ Intervention to transform their lives and our world.

"Premium Diamond Connection" connects you to the Worldwide Diamond Christ Energy Grid.

The "Premium Diamond Connection" includes:

  • Unlimited Access to the 6-minute online Diamond Alignment Energy Activation
  • A "Golden Blast" that clears your Energy Field (before the online Activation)
  • Being part of our very powerful Global Community through the Diamond Energy Grid

PLUS ...

  • A continuous flow of high-frequency Diamond Energy to support your Highest Potential 24 hours a day
  • A 60-second "On-the-go" Diamond Tool for Clearing your Energy Field & Activating your Diamond Alignment anywhere, anytime ... when you are away from your computer
  • Advanced Remote Diamond Clearings & Transmissions done for you by Jacqueline Joy DAILY

When You Connect to the Worldwide Diamond Christ Energy Grid, You Can Expect To ...

  • Raise your vibration and the vibration of our world
  • Experience a deeper connection to God & your Higher Consciousness with DAILY 6-minute vibrational alignments, that:
    • Free your body from stress and tension
    • Clear and focus your mind
    • Awaken your innate joy and aliveness
    • Realign and recharge your energy
  • RELAX and make your life easier, by being supported 24/7 with a Flow of Diamond Energy, via the Grid
  • Play at a higher level in the high-frequency Diamond Christ Energy Field, with 1000s of other Vibrationally Aligned people across the world
  • Be part of Activating a new Diamond Christ Aloha World!
"Where 2 or more are gathered in my Name ... there I AM in the midst of them."


  • High speed connection to your Diamond Consciousness
  • Alignment with the Infinite Power of God
  • Activation of your Diamond Christ Blueprint & Purpose
  • A pristine haven for daily communing with God & your Self
  • The experience of being HELD, in Trust of God's Will
  • Ongoing release of victimhood, from connection to TRUE Power
  • Freedom from feeling separate and alone
  • Discovery of right relationship with God, Self and others
  • Intimate experience of high frequency energy
  • Freedom from looking to others to find answers
  • Deliverance from worldly human-made structures, dogma & agendas
  • Simple, pure, direct contact with your Creator
  • True Sovereignty

Use 6 minutes TWICE a day for optimum results!
"Consistency is the KEY to significant and lasting changes"

"Premium Diamond Connection"
$15 PER MONTH - 50% OFF

May cancel anytime

Your first "YES" transforms your day. Your consistent "YES" transforms your life!