Prerequisite: "Premium Diamond Connection" Subscription

Jacqueline Joy's transmission of Diamond Christ INCREASE will ...

  • IMMERSE you in the Energy Field of Diamond Christ INCREASE
  • OFFER you a taste of "Diamond Christ INCREASE"
  • AWAKEN the Resurrection Power of Jesus in you
  • FORTIFY your Vibrational Alignment with Diamond Christ Power and Joy
  • INCREASE your ability to allow this Power to flow through you
  • ILLUMINATE the Knowing of your purpose, WHO you truly are, WHAT you are doing here, and How you are fulfilling your purpose
  • ACTIVATE the clearing of resistance to your purpose
  • RE-IGNITE your "YES"to Life, to Joy, to the New, New, New, New, New Diamond Christ Aloha World that is in the making ... and your part in it!
  • GALVANIZE your New Year with Infinite Possibility