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DIAMOND SERVICES Diamond Services enhance and support your Diamond Christ Aloha Consciousness and Joy.

Personal Diamond Body/Energy Field Clearing

The Powerful, Meticulous, Microscopic Diamond Christ Clearing activates a deep CORE clearing out and cleaning out of accumulated tension, density, tiredness and toxicity from your physical, mental and emotional bodies and your larger Energy Field ... to restore your Diamond Clarity and open your channels for an increased level of the Power of Diamond Christ Energy and Joy to flow through your body/mind!

Bi-Annual Diamond Christ Clearings are critical at this tumultuous time of change on our Planet. Make your cells and your Energy Field "Diamond Sparkle"!

Symptoms that let you know a Diamond Body/Energy Field Clearing at this deep cellular level would be beneficial:

  • More Sluggish, Foggy-headed, Forgetful than normal
  • More Tired, Dense, "Heavy" (both weighed down by Life and weighing more)
  • Less Motivated, Inspired
  • Questioning your Self & your Life
  • Doubting your Intuition
  • Less Trust in the Divine
  • Less Clear mentally
  • Less Connected mentally, physically and emotionally with your Self
  • Less Connected with others
  • More Isolated/Separate from others ... from Life
  • Less Connection with Multidimensional Magic and Expansion
  • Achy, Congested or Flu-like symptoms
  • Poor Sleep
  • Poor Digestion
  • Constipation
  • Seeing the Glass Half-Empty/Pessimistic
  • Irritable or Cranky
  • Judgmental of Self and others
  • Amnesia (can't remember the good in your Life)
  • Anesthetized ... can't feel Energy Flow in your Body/Disconnected from your Body
  • Apathetic
  • Questioning the Future/Fearful
  • Relationships seem "off"
  • More Highly Reactive to things that normally don't bother you
  • More Disconnected from your Passion/Vision for your Self/your Life

The Personal Diamond Body/Energy Field Clearing will:

  • Reclaim the Clarity of your Personal Energy Field
  • Release the Overlay of the Collective Dense Energies around You
  • Raise your Energy Level
  • Restore and Amplify your Diamond Clarity
  • Increase your Physical Strength and Stamina
  • Create more Fluidity and Flexible Movement in your Body
  • Create more Space to Receive MORE of the Diamond, Golden and/or Titanium Energy Flow that you are signed up for
  • Clean out your Blood, Circulatory System, Spine, Brain, Adrenals, entire Endocrine Organs & Systems from accumulated stress, tiredness and toxicity that accelerate Aging
  • Free your Mental and Emotional bodies from accumulated worry, fear, toxic thinking/feeling, victimization, confusion, anger/rage, disheartenment, resistance, and so much more
  • Activate Discernment: Knowing what is yours/what is not yours
  • Allow you to more effectively and easefully Integrate the Powerful Frequencies that are flooding the Planet during the amazing Transition we are in
  • Enhance your Emotional, Mental Connection with your true Self
  • En-Lighten you
  • Lighten you!
  • Empower you to FEEL your Diamond Self
  • Enable you to Feel more Flow in your Body
  • Empower you to be Clear-headed, more Focused
  • Empower you to feel more Grounded and Strong in yourself
  • Free you to Reconnect with Inspiration and Excitement about Life
  • Restore your Enthusiasm about your Blueprint and why you are here
  • Help you to feel more Connected to others ... to LIFE and to the larger Cosmic Experience we are in
  • Create more Internal Space for an increased level of the Power of Diamond Christ Aloha Consciousness and Joy to flow through your Body!
  • Create the Clear Space to hear your Soul's direction for your NEXT STEP!

Price: $300 Add to Cart

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