11-Day Diamond Journey with Jacqueline Joy
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For the first time in the history of Diamond Alignment as a global Presence, Jacqueline Joy, Visionary Founder and Voice of Diamond Alignment, brings the Multidimensional Power of the Diamond Technology to vibrationally penetrate and dissolve the trance overlays, distortions and projections on Jesus Christ – within yourself, your lineages and for humanity.

The Presence of Jesus has tapped Jacqueline Joy to use the Diamond Technology to clear the trance distortions of Jesus Christ in Consciousness, and Activate the Unconditional Receiving of the Gift that this Presence is offering NOW to all who are working vibrationally to open the Gateway to Financial Freedom and Flow on the Planet.

In these recordings of the original "LIVE" 11-Day Diamond Intensive with Diamond Receivers across the world, Jacqueline Joy delivers groundbreaking Clearings, Activations and Silent Transmissions to clear trance overlays, close the gap between the 3D perspective of Jesus and Multidimensional Christ Consciousness, and open the Gateway to full embodiment of Diamond (Christ) Consciousness ... the Key to Financial Freedom & Flow and living in a state of true Diamond Wealth of Being.

The recorded Transmissions of these "LIVE" daily events are just as effective as being on the original "LIVE" conference calls.

11 Days of Diamond Energy Transmissions will empower you to:

  • BREAK FREE of the 3D mental distortions and overlays on Jesus Christ
  • CLOSE THE GAP between the 3-D perspective of Jesus and Multidimensional Heart of Christ Consciousness
  • EXPAND your mind beyond 3-D polarities
  • STEP INTO the Consciousness of being fully human and Divine
  • ANCHOR the vibration of forgiveness in yourself
  • ACTIVATE Unconditional Receiving of the Cosmic Energy of Love in your cells
  • REVERSE the belief that we must "suffer" to be close to God
  • OPEN your heart to Return to Innocence
  • UNITE with Beings across the world who are an Unequivocal YES to creating a New, New, New, New, New Diamond Aloha World

Note: Throughout the Journey, there will be days of Silent Transmissions in which the vibration being transmitted will clear out the distortions, without the need for words.

This Diamond Intensive includes:

  • (11) MP3 recordings (60 minutes each) of Jacqueline Joy's "LIVE" Diamond Activations and Transmissions

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2-Payment Plan: $111.00/month