11-Day Diamond Journey with Jacqueline Joy
Financial Freedom and Flow - "BREAKTHROUGH"
MP3 Audio Package

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In this 11-Day Diamond Intensive with Diamond Receivers across the world Diamond Alignment's Visionary Founder and Voice, Jacqueline Joy, delivers groundbreaking Clearings and Activations to continue the journey to gracefully BREAK DOWN the constricting structures of the old "money" paradigms stored in your cells, while igniting a BREAKTHROUGH in your Financial Freedom and Flow.

With daily Transmissions laser-targeted on igniting this BREAKTHROUGH, the Diamond will powerfully illuminate all that is compromising your Freedom and your Financial Flow .... and deepen your KNOWING that you are the Creator of your world.

Consciously "naming" and identifying the limiting feelings, thoughts, beliefs and programming that are being illuminated by the Diamond Transmissions ... and Surrendering them to the Diamond Fire opens the Flow of Source Energy within, as you BREAK THROUGH to Freedom and Financial Flow in your life.

The support of the high vibration Unified Diamond Energy Field created for this Journey, fills you with the courage to allow the old structures to break down ... and holds you in the Unequivocal Trust that you WILL co-create the NEW, with the Infinite Love and Intelligence of your Diamond Consciousness!

Join Jacqueline Joy, Diamond Leaders and Diamond Receivers in this powerful Unified Diamond Aloha Energy Field to "Break down" the old structures that no longer serve you and to trigger a "Breakthrough" into Financial Freedom and Flow!

The recorded Transmissions of these "LIVE" daily events are just as effective as being on the original "LIVE" conference calls.

11 Days of Diamond Aloha Energy Transmissions will empower you to:

  • BREAK DOWN the constricting structures of old "Money" paradigms while igniting a BREAKTHROUGH into Financial Freedom & Flow
  • STAND in the Unknown of Infinite Possibility fearlessly
  • STRENGTHEN your Trust in the Universal Power of Heaven and Earth - TRUE POWER
  • ANCHOR your Knowing that you are the Creator of your world
  • STAY IN THE FLOW of DIAMOND CONSCIOUSNESS while experiencing the breakdown of the old that no longer serves you
  • TRUST the Magic of the Multidimensional world and your ability to create new structures
  • EXPAND your heart, body mind and Spirit to Receive the NEW
  • UNITE with Beings across the world who are an Unequivocal YES to the Joyous Power & Magic of Diamond Aloha Consciousness

This Diamond Intensive includes:

  • (11) MP3 recordings (60 minutes each) of Jacqueline Joy's "LIVE" Diamond Activations and Transmissions


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