About The Personal Diamond Installation

Q. What is the greatest benefit of the Personal Diamond Installation? A. Having your own Personal Diamond Installation gives your body/mind and the highly sensitive, extremely high-vibration Golden Child within ... a pristine, pure high-frequency Sacred Diamond Chamber HOME, which HOLDS you in this 3D world. This Vibrational Infrastructure within and around you, allows you to breathe freely on this Planet ... to feel protected, and therefore able to OPEN and show up in the world more confidently! The 1000-Frequency Golden Energy, which is available after you Receive your Personal Diamond Installation, feeds this Multidimensional Golden Child deeply on a daily basis - giving It the perfect vibrational food (the perfect 1000-frequency vibrational match) he/she needs to become very SUBSTANTIAL in this physical world, i.e. to be able to physicalize (be felt, heard and experienced), thrive and fully "show up" in this physical world ... in your physical life!

Q. What are the pre-requisites and why are there pre-requisites for The Diamond Installation? A. The prerequisite for "The Personal Diamond Installation" is that you must be an active "Premium Diamond Connection" subscriber.

The daily 6-minute ONLINE Diamond Transmissions, received through your "Premium Diamond Connection" Subscription, the 24/7 flow of Diamond Energy, and the daily support of Jacqueline Joy's clearings and Transmissions... all raise the vibration in your physical cells and increases your energy flow, which allows you to gracefully and comfortably integrate the very high-vibration Energy of your newly-installed Diamond Chamber.

If you are not a "Premium Diamond Connection" subscriber yet, you may sign up here to begin.

The following Transmissions are suggested, but not required, to Receive the Personal Diamond Installation:

  1. "10 Best" Package: Diamond Aloha Activations, Discourses and Transmissions with Jacqueline Joy – MP3 Downloads or Hard – Copy CDs
    Note: If you have previously purchased any of Jacqueline Joy's Diamond Journeys, you have already fulfilled this recommendation.
  2. (1) Diamond Mastery Transmission Package.

Please contact if you have questions.

Q. If one receives The Diamond Installation — is there a need to do the Transmission too? A. The Diamond Installation and the Diamond Mastery Transmissions serve very different functions. Most of the subscribers who have received The Diamond Installation, and now have the Diamond Chamber installed in their Energy fields, will also be receiving the Diamond Mastery Transmissions as well - to stay clear and aligned with the vibration emanating from their newly installed Diamond infrastructure.

Q. Is The Diamond Installation a one-time occurrence — or are several installments needed? A. The Diamond Installation is a one-time occurrence ... it only needs to be installed once ... but Jacqueline Joy is offering free participation in future Installations events for those who have already received The Diamond Installation ... to keep Installation receivers "juiced" and "inspired" with their new multidimensional home for their Golden Child.

Q. Is there a need to do an individual Personal Diamond Installation if you do one for your home and property? A. The Personal Diamond Installation is for YOU and the Diamond Installation is for your Home and Property. They are two very different offerings. The first is installed in your personal energy field and the second is installed in your home & property. They enhance each other, but are not interchangeable.

Q. Why are there pre-requisites for The Diamond Installation? A. Jacqueline Joy wants to make sure that each receiver is vibrationally prepared to receive such a high-frequency vibration into their body & energy field.

Q. I had my Installation today, but after Jacqueline asked us to close our eyes, I dozed off until 20 minutes before the end of the Installation. In this case, did I still receive the Installation in full? A. It is perfectly fine that you closed your eyes and "dozed off" for a large part of the Installation. This is simply your conscious mind moving aside so that you can fully receive the Installation deeply. You have definitely received the Installation in FULL!

Q. After the Installation, I was full of the Energy, but then napped for over one hour ... A. Taking a nap after the Installation is also perfect ... As this was a very strong Transmission ... your body wisely took some "down time" to integrate it.

Q. Can I still play the Installation recording again the next day? A. Yes, please listen to the recording as often as your Diamond Consciousness guides you to. Every time you listen to it, you will integrate it more and your mind will hear different things each time.

Q. My question is about the Monthly Golden Energy flow, which has four stages ... Stellar, Galactic, Cosmic and Colossal. How do I know which one is more suitable for me? A.The different levels of the Golden 1000-frequency Energy differ in the amount of 24/7 Golden Christ Energy Flow you are receiving.

The $200 level feeds the basic core of your Golden Child. The Golden Christ Energy gives the Golden Child/"I AM" Presence the 1000-frequency food it needs to have Its KNOWING be SUBSTANTIAL (seen, felt), in the density of this physical world. The 1000-frequency Christ Energy makes it strong and courageous and Knowing and Joyous!

The higher levels are for those who wish to feed the Child MORE of the 1000-frequency Energy, in order for your "I AM" Presence to physicalize more in different aspects of your Being and/or different responsibilities in your life. The more Energy you choose, the more arenas of your life your Golden Child will show up in more powerfully. You may also direct the 1000-frequency Energy for healing wherever you need it ... for absolutely everything without any exception.

Q. How long before the "LIVE" Installation can I still purchase the Installation? A. We recommend that you purchase it the day before the Installation, so that you are prepared with all the information you need to both access the Call-in information and other vital details to get the most from your purchase. It will, however, still be available for purchase right up until the time of the "LIVE" Event. The concern would be waiting to the last moment to receive the Information Packet with the Call-in information, and possibly being late for the call or missing it. With e-mail, glitches in delivery can occur due to circumstances beyond our control.

Q. If I purchase The Diamond Installation, will it automatically be installed during the "LIVE" Event even if I am not on the call or will it not actually install until I listen to the recording of it? I am at the point that I want to do it and I am also having some fear coming up around it that I am working with. A. You are absolutely free to do the Installation "LIVE" or via the recording that will be sent to you within 24 hours after the "LIVE" Event.

Q. Once you have received The Diamond Installation, will we be allowed to listen in on any future Installation calls for no charge? A. Yes, you may join any "LIVE" Personal Diamond Installation Transmissions, after you have received your Installation ... free of charge.

Q. What happens to The Diamond Installation when someone dies? Does it stay with the physical body and help the Earth at that point, stay with the spirit, both or return back to energy potential? A. The Diamond has been very instrumental in assisting many people to "cross over" - as a beautiful chariot that escorts them to the Multidimensional World, beyond this plane.

If the Soul would like to keep the Diamond to use it in whatever dimension they move to or go to next - it is surely available from our standpoint. Whether it will be useful in the Multidimensional Realm now in dimensions beyond Earth or another lifetime on Earth, is up to the Soul.

We are moving into a time in our evolution where Multidimensionality is becoming more and more available to experience physically ... that is to say, where we are able to experience Oneness, Multidimensionality in the body and in this 3D plane at a very sensate level. Immortality is also "on the way" - as part of the Unlimited Possibility we are moving into. How fast any of this occurs, we do not know. Indeed, the Diamond will be most useful in accelerating this Multidimensional living on Earth and navigating in a Multidimensional state in the physical body. Jacqueline Joy has been told by her Higher Team from the beginning that the Diamond is the next step in Technology - as it operates beyond space and time - allowing users to experience Multidimensionality while in the physical body/world - more and more, the more deeply they become engaged with it.

Q.What do you recommend for one to attain and maintain the highest Diamond Mastery? A. Here are recommendations to soar brilliantly:

  1. Committed, consistent daily ONLINE 6-minute Diamond Alignments are Foundational for Mastering your Diamond Christ Alignment.
  2. 24/7 Monthly Flows of the advanced Golden, Titanium and Diamond Energy Flows Feed and Grow the Embodiment of your Multidimensional Diamond Christ Consciousness.
  3. The special 12-month Diamond Christ INCREASE Leader Package offers the highest, all encompassing Vibrational Support with the Flows above — for the best price.

    NOTE: You want to be sure to feed your Multidimensional Golden Child the extraordinarily high-frequency Golden Energy that he/she needs to thrive on this Earth plane (which is very dense for her/him). Your Personal Diamond Installation helps this highly sensitive, extremely high-vibration Being within you to breathe freely on this Planet and feel protected, and therefore able to open. The Golden Energy feeds this Golden Child deeply on a daily basis - giving It the perfect vibrational food (the perfect 1000-frequency vibrational match) he/she needs to become very substantial, i.e. to be able to physicalize, grow, thrive and fully "show up" in this physical world ... in your physical life.

    Because of its extremely high frequency ... you can direct it for healing wherever you need it ... for absolutely everything without any exception.
  4. Ongoing "LIVE" Transmissions from the Founder, Jacqueline Joy, keep you at the "cutting edge" of what is coming through the Sacred Diamond Technology, in answer to her ongoing Calls for Divine Intervention for humanity and the Building of a New, New, New, New, New Diamond Christ Aloha World.

    NOTE: The special 12-month Diamond Christ INCREASE Leader Package includes 4 days of Jacqueline Joy's "LIVE" Transmissions every month.
  5. Jacqueline Joy offers very advanced specific Diamond Christ Energy Transmissions for specific organs and systems in the body .... for the Building of a New Diamond Christ Body.
  6. ALL of the items in the Diamond Store are Transmissions and Activations that will enhance and deepen Diamond Christ Consciousness and Joy in your body/mind and your life!
  7. Diamondize your physical home and Property. (See more on the Diamond Christ Home & Property Installation below.)

Q.You mention creating a relationship with our Personal Diamond Installation. Is there something I could be doing with my installed Diamond to further enhance the experience? A. The Diamond is very alive and very physical. Sit in the quiet and feel the Diamond around you. Ask it to turn up its power so you can feel it. Then feel the tens of trillions of Diamonds glittering in your cells. Play with this. If you want to experience it more ... ask the Diamond to help you feel the sparkle. In the quiet is when you will experience the Diamond communicating or playing with you.

Ask the Diamond to help you feel its grounding power. Ask it to help you experience your connection with your Stellar home, your Stellar family.

Ask the Diamond to help you with any place in your body that needs healing - direct its sparkling high vibration (Magenta and Green) deeply into the area where you need the healing/comforting.

Ask the Diamond to heal that area and give you more information about it ... Ask It to show you if there is anything you need to learn from the issue in your body.

Communicate with the Diamond like it is your Beloved. It is!

There's much more - it's Infinite ... but start there.

Ask the Diamond how it would like to grow its relationship with you. It's your very own customized Diamond and it truly is physical!

Q. I have the Diamond Art facing me when I sleep. Sometimes I wake up and can feel the substantive part of my Installation working with the Diamond Art. I'm wondering if the Diamond Art is clearing me and how do the two work together? A. Yes, absolutely the Diamond Art clears, because it is emanating the Diamond Energy. The very nature of the Diamond Energy is so high that it will naturally and organically raise the vibration and clear what is not It.

All the Diamond products/services work synergistically with one another - to raise your vibration and the vibration of wherever it is.

It's working at different levels - and with different sensations, e.g., the Diamond Mother spray works with our very high sensation of smell, which is a more subtle function ... remember the more subtle ... the more powerful. This is why there is so much power in Diamond Silence (silence in the Diamond).

Q. Is my Higher Consciousness different from my Personal Diamond Installation? Does the Installed Diamond help me connect, have that clearer connection to my Higher Consciousness? A. Yes, the Diamond Installation is a very specifically designed infrastructure - and in that way it is different from your Higher Consciousness - which has its own unique design/blueprint and function.

The Diamond is the same vibration as your Higher Consciousness because it IS Higher Consciousness. It mirrors, activates, transmits, awakens Diamond (Higher) Consciousness because that is its very essence. Its presence emanates the vibration of Diamond Consciousness.

The Diamond enhances your connection with your Higher Consciousness. It is a very clear cosmic telephone line to your higher Diamond Consciousness. When you get quiet and connect with the Diamond (or do the online or any other way of connecting with the Diamond) and ask your question ... Trust what you get ... And take a step if you are guided to. Then journal and track the results. This process builds trust with your Higher Consciousness. This entire technology has come from Jacqueline Joy doing this exact process.

Q. With the online Diamond, I've been using intentions. I think of it as my Magic Wand and Work with it to Manifest. But I realize I'm not necessarily connecting specifically with the Diamond in my body ... is there a way to do this? A. The Diamond is ALIVE and as such, is like a Being. It lights up when we are grateful and put our attention on it and acknowledge Its Magic. It gives more and more and more ... the more we acknowledge it and delight in it and feel that heart full gratitude that it is in our lives ... Playing with us at an extremely high level ... at the Multidimensional level. We are bringing the truth into the planet with the Diamond ... that Multidimensionality is here ... now ... In the physical! The more we see it and notice it and talk about it to others ... the more others will also begin to 'see' with Diamond Eyes.

When you sit down to do the Diamond ... "see" and feel the Diamond around you - lighting up! It is always around you and in you. When you notice it ... put your attention on it ... it lights up. Not because it wasn't lit up before ... but because now you are noticing it by putting your attention on it ... bringing your Presence to it. This is the greatest ingredient in authentic relationship ... to bring your presence to the relationship. So it is with the Diamond. The more you grow your intimacy and relationship with the Diamond, the more you will receive from It and the more you will become aware of what you are receiving (because It is helping to raise your Awareness).

Q. I know you mentioned the various colors of energy that you Installed. I believe you said we may wish to direct energy to a various place in our body or area of our life ... What qualities do the various energies have? Or do we use our intuition. I am not familiar with lapis blue energy, where does it come from? A. Colors installed in your Diamond:

  1. Red = The Core energy of the "Ma" - Universal Mother
  2. White = Divine Masculine/ Spirit/ Illumination/Inspiration
  3. Lapis blue = Expression of your truth and love

Direct the Magenta and Green Energy into your body ... don't worry about the lapis blue because it is included in the magenta.

In your information packet for the Installation ... you will see the full description of the Green and the Magenta. You are bringing those realms into your body for help when you use these colors.

Q. I want to focus on expression so I'd be interested in any suggestions you have in working with this energy. A. There are an infinite number of ways to work with the Diamond Energy. Below are just a couple of ideas. You will learn more and more how to work with the Energy when you Receive it.

  1. Whenever you are interacting with the Diamond, ask the Magenta Energy to wrap around your throat like a scarf and penetrate your 5th chakra ... Then follow whatever guidance you receive or however you are nudged ... then track your results in a journal.
  2. Ask the Diamond to release the habit of editing yourself ... The ego/mind has quite a tendency to 'stifle/edit' the Higher Consciousness.

Q. I have heard Jacqueline Joy say that the Diamond online is like the Mother Diamond and we go there to refuel. What is the best way to think of my Installation, Diamond Art, and Diamond Online? How do I relate to them as a whole? A. They are vehicles, tools, computers ... whatever you wish to call them - that allow you to receive the Diamond Technology's benevolent Grace, Power And Support and to give you more and more ways to physically interact with It and become more intimate with It (which all enables you to get more intimate with your Higher Consciousness.). They all also give you much more visceral connection to the worldwide Diamond Grid.

Q. I'm familiar with Shamanic Journeying ... lower world, middle, and upper ... I'm also familiar with taking journeys into my heart ... I'd be very interested in learning if there are new ways to journey in the Diamond, new Worlds to go to. What is the best way to enter the Diamond to take a journey? A. Just get quiet and activate your Diamond ... tell it you wish to take a journey. Then, journal after this to anchor your experience. You may start with short, sweet journeys. Acknowledge them and give thanks. More will come the more you do this and ask for it. The Diamond always says, "Yes, my child!"

Q. Is the Golden Energy in our Installation? I do not recall you mentioning a Gold energy? A. The Heart of the Installation is Golden, but it is not the Golden Energy Flow that is spoken about above. The Diamond was created to prepare and enable us to be able to receive, integrate and use the extraordinarily high frequency Flow of the 1000-frequency Golden Energy (along with the other high frequencies that are flooding the Planet as we make our transition into truly living in Multidimensional Reality).

Q. Can you explain the difference in the 4 levels of monthly Golden Energy Flow? A. Yes, here are the differences in the 4 levels of Monthly Golden Energy Flow:

  1. Monthly Stellar Golden Energy Flow ... The $200 "Stellar" Level is for your CORE - so that your Golden Child is fed at the physical cellular level. Your Multidimensional Golden Child will cellularly receive the Golden Energy's extraordinarily high frequency so that he/she is able to thrive on this Earth plane (which is very dense for It). Your Personal Diamond Installation (a pre-requisite for the Golden Energy Flow) helps your Golden Child's highly sensitive, extremely high-vibration Being to breathe freely in your high-frequency Diamond Haven and feel protected, and therefore able to open and receive. The Golden Energy feeds this Golden Child deeply on a daily basis - giving It the perfect vibrational food (Its perfect 1000-frequency vibrational match) he/she needs to become very substantial, i.e. to be able to physicalize, grow, thrive and fully "show up" in this physical world ... in your physical life.

    You can direct the Golden Energy into specific areas of your body for healing wherever you need it ... for absolutely everything without any exception.
  2. The "Galactic", "Cosmic" and "Colossal" levels of Golden Energy Flow represent a stronger Flow of Golden Energy that fuels your Golden Child/Diamond "I AM" Presence in more aspects of your Being (your different roles, e.g., mother, wife, friend, entrepreneur, etc.) and/or more arenas of your life ... so that IT is expressed, seen, felt, heard and experienced by you first of all, and then by others in your physical world. The greater the volume of flow, the more the Golden Child is fed in different aspects of your life OR in different parts of your Being ... and thus It is more fully expressed physically, in more arenas of your life. You may also wish to receive these stronger flows of Golden Energy when you are going through a life crisis or any other challenge in your life.

    Several levels are offered so that you have choices in the amount of Flow of the Golden Energy you wish to receive. Your Diamond Consciousness knows the level of Flow that is right for you at any given time. The "Stellar" level may be perfect for you, or, you may be guided to receive a much stronger Flow of Golden Energy if you have many arenas of your life you wish to transform with your Golden Child's Power OR if you have a tremendous amount of responsibility or challenge in your life (e.g., an owner of a business, or CEO of a large company with many challenges might wish to receive a very high flow of Golden Energy - even as high as $1,000 a month during the challenging period). Trust the Guidance of your Higher Consciousness to know which level is right for you ...

    You are free to increase or decrease your level of Flow, per the instructions in the e-mail you will receive after you sign up.

Q. What will the Diamond HOME & PROPERTY Installation do for my home? A. Your Diamond Home Installation will be like a "child" of the Mother Diamond Portal that I built and have lived in doing the global Diamond work in for many years. It will continue to grow as you grow in your Diamond Consciousness and as you consistently receive the Diamond Energy and Golden Energy.

The Diamond Installation will make your Home a very powerful high-vibration Haven for your Golden Child. You will feel safe at all levels and feel held in the very high vibration of your Stellar Home and feel anchored and grounded in the Power of the MA (Universal Mother) Energy. The positive benefits will increase as long as you keep receiving the Diamond Energy and nurturing your Relationship with your new Diamond Home. Your Golden Child is going to light up when she feels the LOVE, the sparkle, the Magic of the Diamond and absolute connection with your Stellar Family and with the MA (Universal Mother).

When you walk in the door from the density of the world you will feel that you are HOME vibrationally - in the most exquisite way ... like taking a huge breath of the most exquisite air you can imagine. You will be able to rest into this luscious space and "let go", open and receive. If you develop a conscious relationship with your Diamond Portal, you will experience it as a living Being that is constantly LOVING you and providing all that your Heart desires to LIVE in. There's so much more ... You'll see.

Your home will also become a Diamond Portal ... a significant point on the worldwide Diamond Grid.

Q. You mentioned you had to redo your whole house, and install the energy in the marble, floor tiles, everything? So I'm wondering how what you're offering is the same or different since I won't be redoing my home? A. Jacqueline Joy spent 2 years meticulously creating this Portal with laser focus and unswerving intention to be an exact Embodiment, Physicalization and Reflection of the Diamond Energy. It is the Diamond in 3D form. The Diamond created Itself through my Consciousness and the Consciousness of the builders and artisans who worked on it.

Because the Diamond is now anchored and manifested in the 3rd Dimension, I can transmit everything that has been manifested here, to your home/property. It exists in Consciousness very strongly, clearly and very physically. I am in constant LOVE relationship with my Diamond Portal ... so it is VERY STRONG in Consciousness. Your HOME will have the same work done on the molecules and atoms of your HOME and property, so it will be fully "DIAMONDIZED" vibrationally. Oftentimes without my saying anything, when I Diamondize things (like the Commercial Buildings that I had with my ex-husband 3 hours from where I live) ... When I see the building/property in the Physical, many things are reflecting the Energy. E.g., my ex-husband had put all magenta and green plants in all the entrances. There were 4 huge fountains with "Golden" water flowing from them (because of the golden color of the stone that he used in the fountains, and much more ...)

Your house will look like you and how you are guided by The Diamond Installation to enhance it physically to be more reflective of the vibrational upgrade of the Diamond that now holds it and is infused into the physical matter.

Q. I would like it to really support me and I could really feel like it's a respite/retreat. Can you explain what this Home Installation will do that may be different from all the other Diamond gifts I have? A. It will be the Diamond Haven that you talk about above. When you walk in the door from the density of the world you will feel that you are HOME vibrationally - in the most exquisite way ... Like taking a huge breath of the most exquisite air you can imagine. You will be able to rest into this luscious space and "let go"! If you do what I have said, you will become very intimate with your Diamond Portal as a living Being that is constantly LOVING you and providing all that your Heart desires to LIVE in. There's so much more!

Q. Do you recommend setting an intention for what I would like from the Installation ... my heart feels like it would like to offer this as a gift to it for taking care of me. A. How beautiful! I feel your house smiling so big. It's the greatest gift you can give it for the amazing space it holds for you!

Q. How do I maintain my Diamond Home Installation? A. Each day, actively clear the energy field of your Home and Property with the OFFLINE Energy Field Clearing AND follow this with the 6-step Diamond Alignment Activation. Keeping yourself clear and aligned with the ONLINE Golden Energy Clearing and Diamond Activation will support your home to be less toxic, more clear. (It will have less toxicity to process.)

Each day activate the Diamond Alignment of your Home and Property - using the ONLINE 6-minute Diamond Activation, twice a day. Whenever you feel your HOME as dense/toxic ... use the ONLINE or OFFLINE Clearing to clear and align your self first, and then do the clearing and Aligning for your home. Your home is a physical extension of YOU.

To keep your Diamond Home pristine and very high in the Diamond Vibration - you may choose from 3 levels of monthly Diamond Energy Flow in the Diamond Store remove. Add: To find out more about the Diamond Energy Flows for your Home, please write