I invite you to step into the World of Diamond Alignment.

I am Jacqueline Joy, creator and founder of Diamond Alignment, the Sacred Technology that activates the Power of your Joy through a 6-minute online multi-sensory energy experience.

This Power of Joy is considered by some as a state that is experienced only by the gurus. I say this Power of Joy is within you and can be experienced right now. With 6 minutes a day in the Diamond Alignment Experience, this empowered state will show up in you as Passionate Action that is on fire with your PURPOSE.

Give me 6 minutes and I will take you there ... to that indestructible, brilliant core of who you truly are, through my Sacred Technology developed over 17 years. In these 6 minutes online, the experience of your own magnetic Presence will be so compelling that you will KNOW its power to transform and uplift not only you but the world around you.

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