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About the "Diamond Christ Aloha Activation" Transmissions

Ana Z., Austria

Thank you so much for everything you do for us! Just before I decided to be on 21-Day Diamond ALOHA journey I got my Diamond installation. I became much more intimate with the Diamond and I feel strongly its presence. It is the closest Friend. In this Journey my energies are somehow softer, smoother but at the same time very strong, powerful, light and full of Joy. After the 5th day of the Journey, when the Diamond was around me I was connected with my galactic Family. I felt tremendous Joy and Love. The golden-white light was indescribably strong. The Archangel Metatron came to me with the golden Crystal sphere and placed it into my heart. It was so powerful an experience that I couldn't sleep that night, but I was in the best physical condition the next day. Today your story and transmission was a continuation of the experience which I had two days ago, so gorgeous and powerful. In Gratitude.

Lynne, Massachusetts USA

Today when we did the 1,000 frequency activation, I was able to see in my mind's eye a small child angel who ran with complete joy and abandon to an older father type angel in a wonderful greeting. He picked her up, smiled and held her close. They both were happy. I began to have tears come down my face. I then saw an older angel. I think it was me.

For this I thank you and the "energy" that you transmit. I have worked for a long time and my mind is quite strong and aligned with many positive spiritual beliefs of being a divine being and has been for years. But I have not been able to bring a terrified child along with me who received messages that she was not good enough - among other things. Somehow the activation seems to bypass something, which I do not understand with my mind, but it makes me smile.

I'll just continue with my journey and see where it takes me. I do love that it helps me with my work - which is helping others!! Thank you for your efforts on our behalf! Warmest Regards.

Deborah, Georgia, USA

Dear Jacqueline Joy, you had me at Lemurian Portal and whales, before day one. I have felt a lot of power and focus with these Diamond Christ Aloha transmissions. A three year ago situation involving my youngest daughter surprisingly got some graceful resolution on Saturday. It does feel like the transmissions are physically affecting my body. I am napping as needed and taking flower essences to stabilize myself, trying to do my bit to physicalize the transmissions. This is amazing.

Frank B., Australia

Today, when Jacqueline was giving the Diamond water Transmission, I was experiencing the most beautiful tingly pleasure radiating from my heart, never felt anything like it before. I could have stayed like that for ever. I could not focus on what she was saying as the feeling was radiating very intensely. Writing about it now is actually bringing back the pleasure radiating from my heart again ... it is a very, very nice feeling. I could get used to this. Diamond Christ Aloha!

Leslie, Colorado, USA

It feels wonderful to be back in a daily journey. I have dropped out during most of the calls, which I'm delighted to see happen, because I know I'm really letting go. I seem to be gaining some relief in some physical issues I've been having, so that is wonderful!!! I'm delighted for the support to my body during all of the changing energies!

Carole L., Vancouver, British Columbia

With day 6, I feel solid, grounded in my feminine power, serene, effortlessly smiling and with a sense of knowing Life without articulating everything into words. To realize and recognize that the more present I am in my body, and the more grounded I am/feel, the more I can easily hold light and higher energies, which was contrary to what I previously believed. It was such a surprise to experience and understand this.

While being guided in the diamonized water, I literally experienced a feeling of exquisite peace, within and without, while floating in a sea that ignited my body - my whole body tingled with soft energy well into the night. It was as if I had a finger in an electrical socket for 12 hours. During the transmission, I experienced a subtle scent of a rose. Most meaningful for me was a beautiful felt presence - of a whale energy, deeply honoring one another in the awareness and acknowledgment of each other presence.

Joanie, N.J., USA

I am experiencing such wonderful feelings in my body that I carry with me all day and that keep building in intensity each day of this journey. I feel beauty in the core of who I AM, absolute beauty. I feel peaceful. I feel joy and happiness. I feel safe. I feel connected and aligned with the Universe. I feel expansive, strong with an energy field that has the brightest vibration. Blessings ...

Anne, Massachusetts, USA

As before in the August journey, I feel great bliss during the diamond transmissions related to the Garden of Eden or Lemuria. I am so profoundly grateful for the work you are doing with the plants and animals and minerals and soil and waters of Earth, and that you listen deeply and respond to what Earth and Source ask of you.

During the transmission on water, I felt my insides moving like water, like rivers. It felt as if my insides were also my outsides! I felt: I am water. I have long had a loving relationship with water, have felt so lovingly held and cleansed by water.

Recently I have become surrounded at work and in family by people who are suffering or going through difficult times, and they are turning to me for support. I find I am able to be with them in a very compassionate and loving way without losing my own boundaries, which I was not able to do before. Holding my boundaries energetically feels both liberating and fulfilling, for I want to be of service in a way that is not negatively affecting my own energy.

Dan, USA

Dear Jacqueline: Thank you, as always, for your great gift. I'm loving this particular series of transmissions. Since your travels to the whales, the energetic work is warmer, more tender & more penetrating. It nourishes the cells in a deeper, more delicious way. The unspoken messages are truly persuasive and rousing. The love conveyed melts resistance with greater ease. There is also a message of deeper hope for our Oneness. It evokes the joy, long obscured, of the world's future.

I'm exhilarated at the prospect of being a vehicle of God's love. Since the whales, the experience of love is more expansive. You incorporate the sweetest parts of nature into the delivery of energy. New spiritual influences and support are now apparent. Since Oneness includes everything, I always appreciate that you exclude no creation.

The water healing was one of the sweetest deliveries, as I felt forgiveness for myself and the entire galaxy, as water (within and outside) was transformed by love. As always, I thank you for your kindness and generosity, along with the great flow from Source.

Dorothy Joy, Ohio, USA

I can't begin to tell you, Jacqueline, how very THANKFUL I AM for this Aloha Journey. And the timing of it is SO perfect! My Golden Child SO, SO wants to SHINE all of her Light, Love, and JOY, to LIVE her true POWER and BE FREE to GIVE her GIFTS and talents in service to Humanity; I AM SO THANKFUL for you and this Diamond Christ Aloha Energy - to move me through the fears accumulated since childhood and to BE the GOLDEN CHILD that I AM. As I write these words, my Heart literally is "crying tears of Joy and Gratitude" just knowing that there is HOPE! I have worked so hard to get here!

Akiko, Switzerland

My body has been vibrating in ecstasy after tonight's (daytime for you) transmission - like orgasmic waves of shimmering light & joy from my heart out to my finger tips!!! It also feels like each day, the transmissions are getting stronger and stronger, or at least my experience of it.

This journey is so much filled with rockin' aloha power! It also is much clearer now when I am feeling this alignment, aloha and ecstasy and when I am not. If I can do the clearing and do the 6min online alignment then everything is clear, light and magical and if I don't, then it is the opposite. It's incredible, the contrast ... like day & night, heaven and hell. So thank you thank you thank you for all your work!

Ana, Vienna, Austria

Thank you for a such powerful 21-Day Diamond Journey. Each of us during the journey had our own storm "Sandy". I stayed in equanimity with everything in and outside of me. I could clearly see in all my actions the possibility to act out of my lower human ego or out of my Diamond I AM. Now I have choice! I was choosing with such ease, joy, tenderness and grace to act out of my highest Diamond consciousness. My lower human ego was without resistance surrendering and I could feel great joy of my golden child. They became a good team supporting me and my surroundings with a gentleness, love, ease and joy. In a deep gratitude ...

Cheryl Wright, Rhode Island

Diamond Blessings to all of you!!! Thank you Jacqueline for your courage to go on this journey and for your ability to SO receive and allow all of us to walk beside you!!!! I'm forever grateful and honored to have been on this journey with ALL of you!!!! In today's transmission I could so feel and sense the POWER of the whale energy. They have endless love and deep gratitude for all of us for Being on such an Amazing journey. I Know their work with us has only just begun.

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