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About the 2012 30-day November "Diamond Christ Aloha Power" Journey

Eleanor, South Africa

My Sacred Journeys with you and my Beloved and Sacred Diamond have Awakened within me Worlds and Dimensions of Exquisite Depth, Beauty and Joy. I Love it! Most of all, My Diamond Christ Aloha Doula you have helped me to remove the layers and layers of Illusions so that I could experience My Magnificent Self. You have shown me who I Am.

This month of November, the Diamond Christ Aloha Power, Beauty, Joy, Expansion and Flow, has penetrated my cells at an even deeper level. I Am constantly in a space of point zero - a vibrating atom, at One and at Peace with All. Fully grounded in my physical body. How Blessed I Am and Eternally Grateful for the Exquisite and Glorious Sacred Diamond Christ Aloha Technology. What a Magnificent Leader YOU are.

Christine, USA

Jacqueline, thank you for DA. More and more vistas are opening to me and expanding. All the calls and activations are more than increasing my awareness of the vibrations flowing thru my body. I was very appreciative of the request for the blockages, etc to be addressed for our golden children as I have been very discouraged that I felt I was not connecting to mine. The 21 day journey was amazing but this 30 day journey is magnificent. I have been going "in and out" during many of your calls and could feel the vibrations increasing. For once, I felt fully aligned with my Body, Mind, Soul and the Universe.

Thank you again for DA. I've worked most of my life to get to this point and now I am starting to truly experience what I have been wanting for so long!

Elizabeth, Canada

Thank you! Much gratitude to the Magnificent, powerful beings you and your Team Be! This Journey so far is taking me over the top, through the glass ceiling! Joy and gratitude as I do not remember experiencing such clarity and expansion! It feels like a I am in a new game, in a new park in a new world! It is fabulous, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Wendy, USA

I am in such deep appreciation and gratitude for you, your work, your team, and all the others joining in this beautiful and Divine experience. It fills me with hope for the world, the Mother planet/Gaia and for all of humanity. I do feel a big difference since joining the journey. It has accelerated things for me. And again with the Diamond installation. I am so calm and centered these days. Yes I was in the hurricane on the East coast in the Mid-Atlantic, and so grateful for the Diamond holding me calmly in the center of the storm. The neighborhoods all around us lost power and had trees come down. My neighborhood had no problems whatsoever. We never even lost power! We are only 3 feet above sea level.

Since beginning this work, I have watched my work place transform from a place full of contention, politics and discord, into a cooperative, smoothly flowing team. Impossible assignments fall into place and are handled often by others literally handing me the completed work I need to do!

Christine W., Alaska

I can certainly note over this past 30 days I have received a Divine intervention to be introduced to the world in a manner that only existed in the depths of some fairy tale inside of my imagination. Now my golden child is FREE to express herself in ways that is being applauded and rewarded with support and love. I so love expressing my Outrageousness and I AM so well received by others. I love stepping up and no longer seeking anyone's permission or approval.

Celio, Spain

First of all I want to tell you how great it is to be on this November Journey. Just begun and yet so intimate. Like you said the first day we can feel each others' energy at a very high frequency. I am on the Journeys since August, and find this November start quite amazing. I feel this is a tremendous Honour and Divine way to spend the most auspicious time of decades, maybe centuries...Dream come true.

Akiko, Switzerland

I want to thank you so much for EVERYTHING!!! Thank you, Jacqueline, for the amazing transmission today calling in the ancestors & whales! I also just received the diamond installation last week & I'm feeling the diamond inside me all vibrating & shimmering amidst all that is going on the outside. We had a couple of my husband's family members pass on this past week and normally I would get inundated by the grief and heavy energies of the others and would have to clear myself over and over again, but I felt that it was not necessary this time. I also kept on seeing a light emanating from behind me but whenever I looked behind me, there was nothing. I felt glowing. Perhaps it's the diamond glowing from inside me...mmmmh! So thank you thank you thank you!

Z.S., Singapore

Today I felt very strongly that my life is full of adventure through this 30 days of Diamond Christ Aloha Journey with you. Would like to thank you for this. I had a whale of a time with the dolphins and the whales. I saw the dolphins (there were so many of them) and they were very very happy and playful. I had always wanted to have a close encounter with the dolphins and I had the experience during the transmission. I was playing with them too. What an experience! It feels so real.

Since the day you broke the glass ceiling of resisting Joy, I was able to experience more JOY in my life. However I had a strong resistance to be in communication with anyone till I played with the dolphins. My energy shifted and I have a strong urge to let you know my experience. I felt like a little girl once again, being playful and feeling excited about my life. 'My life is full of adventure'- this was the thought that ran through my mind right after the transmission. Thank You Joy for bringing JOY and Excitement into my world.

Anne, USA

I am loving this journey - the playfulness of children and the seriousness of spiritual warriors. The last few weeks I have found myself revisiting old stories as they reared up in my life again, ones I had thought were buried. Each time they spiral around again, they lose their grip more, and this time I also was able to use the diamond to help me not get stuck when I was experiencing some of the old feelings.

It feels as if a shift has been made. While I was out shopping for Thanksgiving, I was overcome with joyfulness and gratitude and a desire to spread it all around in a natural way. That felt like part of the cosmic Diamond Christ Aloha wake, to feel this immense joy while doing mundane chores in a crowded store, and perhaps bringing some of that vibration to the others in the store, workers and shoppers.

I continue to clear and align, clear and align, and to listen as best I can. And I am remembering more and more to give things, problems, situations, over to the Diamond, feeling gratitude that even little problems are okay to bring to the Diamond! I am so excited about the upcoming days on the journey and about next month. Feeling such immense gratitude that you have followed your calling, followed your bliss, and shared the gifts you found with all of us and the entire planet. With sweet Diamond Christ Aloha love.

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