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Jacqueline Joy's Diamond Discourse Transmissions and Activations work synergistically to establish, amplify and accelerate your Diamond Mastery in key areas of your life.


Diamond Discourse and Activation #1: Diamond Consciousness in Relationship

The Soul often calls us "home" through pain to awaken us physically and emotionally out of a path that no longer serves us and causes us to seek something higher. This happens in relationships when we are disconnected from ourselves and not speaking our truth. The coagulated, stuck energy of old relationship patterns held in our cells can not only keep us from connecting to our truth, but also from experiencing the natural flow of our Soul's Joy and effortlessness in relationship. In these Transmissions, Jacqueline Joy activates the release of this overlay at the core energetic level, freeing us to relate in the most joyous, effortless and successful way ... from the Clarity and Joy of our Diamond Consciousness ... the Diamond way!

Diamond Discourse and Activation #2: Diamond Consciousness in Financial Flow

Many of us carry individual and collective misperceptions and programming around material wealth, which suppresses our ability to manifest in the physical world. It is only when we are consciously Connected and Aligned with the vibration of the Universal Energy first that the flow of absolutely everything we need occurs beyond our wildest dreams. In this Discourse and Activation, Jacqueline Joy pierces the illusion that money is separate from the Infinite Flow from Divine Source, and triggers the release of these limiting impressions from our energy field. Her Transmissions raise our vibrational frequency, open our receptivity to Divine Intervention in relation to money and activate Diamond Consciousness in our physical cells to attract financial flow into our lives.


  1. Listen to your Diamond Discourse Transmission MP3 audio recording first to raise your frequency and stimulate the release process of the lower vibrational patterns and programming, held in your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies, in the topic area.
  2. Listen to your Diamond Activation MP3 audio recording second to activate Diamond Consciousness in the topic area and to flow pristine Diamond Energy into your physical cells to assist the integration of the new higher-frequency vibrational pattern.
  3. Jacqueline Joy advises waiting a few days in between receiving each paired Discourse Transmission and Activation to allow for the body to go through any release process and to integrate the increased vibration and activation of the new pattern physically.
  4. Since everyone is so individual in terms of how much time is needed for integration, we recommend that you trust your Guidance from your own Higher Consciousness to determine when you are ready to listen to the next paired Discourse Transmission and Activation recordings.

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