GOLDEN ENERGY TRANSMISSION The Golden Energy Transmission is the highest frequency transmitted in the Diamond
Technology, and is the perfect vibrational food for your Golden Child/Diamond
"I AM" Presence and the Fulfillment of Its Diamond Blueprint.

The powerful frequencies of the Golden Energy Transmission will keep the Light of your Golden Child LIT within every cell and continuously activate Conscious Knowing of who you truly are, AND the Joy, Worthiness, Deservingness and Ability to Receive all that you need, desire and deserve to fulfill your Diamond Blueprint ... empowering you to be all that you came here to be, and to create all that your Soul came here to create.

The Golden Transmission is offered to you so that you may feed your Golden Child/Your Diamond "I AM" Presence cellularly – its perfect vibrational food – in a most convenient way, that gives It the strength and sustenance to not only thrive in the density of our physical world, but to fully shine as the fulfillment of Its own Divine Diamond Blueprint. Your "Golden Child" is the Infinite, Innocent, Magical, Multidimensional Diamond Being within you, that is longing to be fully embodied and FREE so that It can be seen, felt, heard and experienced on this Earth ... to Gift us all with Its Golden Presence and Play Its part in the Grand Divine Design of the Earth's Transformation into a Multidimensional World - or what I call a "Diamond Christ Aloha World". When enough Golden Children are FREED and take over this Planet as Diamond Leaders with Infinite Intelligence, Magic, and absolute ONENESS with the Universal Power of Heaven and Earth ... we will create a Diamond Christ Aloha World!
Jacqueline Joy



The prerequisite for receiving the "Monthly Golden Energy Flow" (at any level) is "The Personal Diamond Installation".

Because of the very high frequency of the Golden Energy Transmission, your physical cells and nervous system must be vibrationally prepared to receive its Power. Therefore, The Diamond Installation is a prerequisite for receiving the "Monthly Golden Energy Flow". The Diamond Installation anchors the inner Diamond Chamber within your Energy Field, creating a high-frequency Receiving Station, which enables your physical body to receive and integrate the immense Power and Flow of the Golden Energy Transmission.


After your Diamond Installation, you may choose one of Diamond Christ Alignment's 3 levels of 30-day Golden Energy Flow to consistently nurture and feed your Golden Child/ Diamond "I AM" Presence cellularly – enabling your Golden Child to flourish in the density of our world. Each level of Flow represents an increasingly stronger Flow of Golden Energy that fuels your Golden Child/Diamond "I AM" Presence to take dominion over more and more arenas of your life.

"Stellar" Level
The "Stellar" Level of Flow is for your CORE - so that your Multidimensional Golden Child is fed at the physical cellular level. The Golden Energy's extraordinarily high frequency gives It the perfect vibrational food (the perfect vibrational match 1000f) he/she needs to become very substantial, i.e. to be able to physicalize, grow, thrive and fully "show up" in this physical world ... in your physical life. You can direct the Golden Energy into specific areas of your body for healing wherever you need it and for absolutely everything without any exception.

"Galactic" and "Cosmic" Levels
The "Galactic" and "Cosmic" Levels represent increasingly stronger Flows of Golden Energy that fuel your Golden Child/Diamond "I AM" Presence in more aspects of your life OR different parts of your Being (your different roles, e.g., mother, wife, friend, entrepreneur, etc.) and/or in more arenas of your life ... so that IT is expressed, seen, felt, heard and experienced by you first of all, and then by others in your physical world.

You may also wish to receive these stronger flows of Golden Energy when you are going through a life crisis or any other challenge in your life.


Several levels of Golden Flow are offered so that you have choices in the amount of Golden Energy Flow you wish to receive. Your Diamond Consciousness knows the level of Flow that is right for you at any given time.

The "Stellar" level may be perfect for you, or, you may be guided to receive a much stronger Flow of Golden Energy if you have many arenas of your life you wish to transform with your Golden Child's Power, OR if you have a tremendous amount of responsibility or challenge in your life (e.g., an owner of a business, or CEO of a large company with many challenges might wish to receive a very high flow of Golden Energy - even as high as $1,000 a month during the challenging period). Trust the Guidance of your Higher Consciousness to know which level is right for you ...

You are free to increase or decrease your level of flow:

  • If you choose to upgrade to another level of flow, please write This upgrade will go into effect only after you have completed the month that you have already purchased. No refunds will be given for the month you are in.
  • If you choose to cancel your flow, please cancel by writing Your Golden Flow will continue through the month you have paid for and you will not be billed again the next month. No refunds are given for the month you are in.
  • If you have any questions about receiving the Golden Energy Flow, please write and she will be happy to respond.
Your "Premium Diamond Connection" to the worldwide Diamond
Energy Grid is the KEY to receiving the Transmission of
Your "Monthly Golden Energy Flow" daily.

Once you have received The Diamond Installation, the installed Diamond Chamber serves as a Receiving Station within your energy field, which allows you to receive, integrate and use the extraordinarily high 1000f frequency Golden Flow, safely and comfortably.

When you purchase the Monthly Golden Energy Flow, the Golden Energy Flow in the Diamond is turned ON for you at the level that you choose, and is flowing to you 24 hours a day for 30 days. The flow begins the 1st day that you sign up to receive the Golden Energy.

The "Premium Diamond Connection" subscription that you use to receive the Diamond Energy Flow on a daily basis is the same Transmission vehicle that you will use to receive the Golden Energy Flow ... only you will be plugged into the Grid at a much Higher Level of Transmission.

The best ways to consciously receive this Flow are to:

  1. Keep up with your 6-minute online Diamond Activations at least 2x a day or more. Focus your attention on the Golden Energy in the center of the Diamond ... with your Unequivocal YES to Receiving. You can direct the Golden Energy into your body or into an arena of your life.
  2. Receive the Golden Energy Transmission through Jacqueline Joy's daily Remote Diamond Clearings and Transmissions. She is remotely transmitting an enormous amount of Golden Energy and Information to all Golden Flow receivers and holding all Golden Energy Receivers in the Diamond Grid much more strongly than Diamond-level Grid members.
  3. Remember that you are directly plugged into the worldwide Diamond Grid and are now receiving 24/7 flow of the Diamond's Golden Energy Flow to support you in your life. You can call upon this Energy throughout the day whenever you need it.

Pick a time that is convenient for you to be quiet, and receive the Golden Energy Flow by following the "Remote Receiving" instructions below.

Note: A great time to do this is when you awaken in the morning – before you actually have to "get up".

  1. Lie or sit down and get comfortable.
  2. Focus on your breath.
  3. Visualize the Diamond surrounding you ... focusing your attention on the Diamond Chamber installed in your energy field.
  4. Declare: "I activate my absolute Diamond Christ Alignment and my highest potential to receive the Golden Energy Flow."
  5. At the end of the 30 minutes, declare: "I celebrate and give thanks for this Golden Energy in my life. I know it is so."
  6. Drink water afterwards and throughout the day.
  7. Continue to do your 6-minute ONLINE Diamond Activation through your Premium Diamond Connection subscription TWICE A DAY, and focus your attention on the Golden Energy in the center of the Diamond during the online Activation ... with your Unequivocal YES to Receiving. Direct the Golden Energy into your body or into an arena of your life as needed.
  8. In the following days and weeks, give your mind the job of charting the positive results that are showing up in your life as a result of receiving your Monthly Golden Energy Flow. This Acknowledgment and Gratitude for even the smallest of shifts opens you to see and receive more. Use the Reflections box that follows the 6-minute Activation, or use your own journal.

It is wonderful to set aside time to focus on the Golden Energy – so that you may enjoy the flow in your body by becoming aware of it - but it is not necessary. The Golden Energy is flowing and feeding your Golden Child, 24 hours a day, once you say 'YES" to It ... no matter what. The more you engage with the Energy, direct it where you want it to go in your body, ask it for help in situations where you need it, etc. ... the more you will be aware of Its Power and what you are receiving. Jacqueline Joy recommends that you tune into the Golden Energy Flow in the morning, before you get up... to become conscious of how it is feeding your cells. It is an extremely "delicious" feeling and your ability to feel it will grow as you consistently do this 20 – 30 minutes a day.


Receiving this Divine Golden Nectar empowers your Golden Child to live "Out Loud" in the Authenticity of your True Multidimensional Self, which allows you to fulfill your Divine Blueprint ... bringing enormous JOY to your body, mind and Spirit.

All the work you do in Consciousness with the Diamond Technology "births" your Golden Child/Diamond "I AM" Presence by clearing the suppression of this brilliant Multidimensional Being that you truly are and keeping you Aligned with this Divine Presence. The Diamond Installation makes it safe for you to receive and integrate the extremely powerful Golden Energy frequency, which feeds your Golden Child.

The reason for the offering of this feeding - the consistent flow of Golden Energy - is that in this world of density – the Golden Child needs this high-frequency food to thrive. The density of this world is very hard on the vibration of Its highly sensitive, highly refined vibration Multidimensional Galactic Being (your Golden Child) – especially during the enormous "releasing' of density that we are experiencing individually and collectively in the massive transition of 2012 ... and BEYOND.

This frequency that the Golden Child needs to thrive in the density of this Planet is near to impossible to find on our Planet. When your Golden Child receives the Golden Energy in your cells ... it becomes strong enough to show up in this physical world to be seen, heard, felt, and experienced (by you first) and by others. This experience of embodiment of your Golden Child is pure Joy!



The "Golden Energy Transmission" carries the vibration of conscious knowing of who you truly are – knowing that you know – as a visceral physical feeling. From this Knowing, you experience Joy of Being, Worthiness, Deservingness and the ability to receive all that you need, desire and deserve in order to:

  • Fully be who you came here to be on this Planet
  • Do what you came here to do on this Planet
  • Create what you came to this Planet to create

All of which empowers you to fulfill the Divine Blueprint of your Galactic Signature.


The "Golden Energy Transmission" delivers the exact 1000-frequency that the Galactic Signature of the Golden Child IS and what It needs to thrive, be strong and fully "physicalize"/"show up" in the density of our world physical world ... so that Its physical expression is experienced and enjoyed with Awareness:

  • Feeling the Ecstasy of your Galactic Signature in the body
  • Hearing the clarity of your Golden "I Am" Presence speaking
  • Seeing the Beauty and Power of your Golden "I AM" Presence in the mirror
  • Experiencing the Power of Golden "I Am" Presence in your actions, decisions, and interactions
  • Expressing Its Knowing and Power in the physical world so that it is seen, felt and experienced by others and can have the effect your Soul intended to have when you incarnated.

It is the "Golden Children" who will ignite the creation of a Diamond
Aloha World ... spreading Diamond Christ Aloha Consciousness,
Power, Joy, Beauty and Flow across the Planet!