About the "Financial Freedom & Flow - Breakdown to Breakthrough"
Diamond Journey

Zainon S., Singapore

Only after the day 10 transmission was I able to feel. It was only then that I got in touch with my heart and I was moved to the core of my being for the work that we are doing that helps humanity to shift to God's Gold Consciousness. I am speechless. No words can describe how I feel and the impact it has on me. I love who I am now. Yesterday, I heard a little girl's voice that says 'I am going to die tomorrow' and I heard myself saying, I don't want to die. There is so much to do and I am enjoying my life now. I want to continue doing this diamond work.

My diamond work fulfills me to the very core of my being and I am deeply grateful to you for having me as a member of the diamond community. Eternally grateful.

Janet M., Colorado, USA

At this, the end of our 11 day journey on the Financial Freedom & Flow (Break down & Break Through), I am in awe and feeling amazed that so much could have transpired in "only" 11 days!!

The person sitting at this desk writing this note is not the same person that signed up for this journey 2 weeks ago. A huge expansion has taken place...the only way I can describe it...is that I feel so much more alive.

Within this beautifully designed Sacred Diamond Technology I have finally found a connection that reaches a part of myself that only my Heart can feel. I began this journey with tears of release - I close it in tears of sincere Gratitude and Appreciation for Diamond Christ Alignment, your commitment to your life's call and the whole of this Diamond Community.

Jacqueline Joy, please feel and accept my heartfelt Joy, Love and Appreciation that I wish to share with you and this most Gracious Diamond Community. Yes, to a journey somewhere down the road on 'Time'.

Fawn C., California, USA

I offer my profound gratitude for the unequivocal knowing of the Wealth of my Being. The Harmony and Balance the Diamond Christ Aloha brings to me and everyone I radiate to. My unbridled appreciation for non-wavering connection to my true essence and the trust in following its guidance.

Cheryl W., Rhode Island, USA

What a PROFOUND and POWERFUL Journey!!! This sacred Technology IS BEYOND the BEYOND in the way it ALWAYS DELIVERS!!!!

Lynn S., Montana, USA

I wish to express my GRATITUDE for all I have received that I do have words for ...

Christine W., Alaska, USA

What I have Received:

Kim C., Colorado, USA

I want to share with you what I have received am/receiving from the 11-day journey:

Trusting myself at a very deep level. Truly knowing that I am held, loved, and provided for. Deeper understanding of the true nature of money. Joyful expansiveness. The knowing of my true purpose and alignment with it as such. Connection. Trust in the process. Going deep in love. Diamond awareness of the true power of money. Release of the reptilian brain's fear response.

I have truly appreciated and valued every second of content from you. And many times I have felt a deep resonance with the words and ideas you are expressing (as well as, of course, the beautiful energy). Many things you have said have spoken directly and very clearly to a part of my being, an answer to a question I didn't even know was there.

I am receiving my Self back, my passion, my heart, my joie de vivre (or in fact, my joy of being). I am beginning to shine forth in my unique and beautiful way. Thank you!

Roger T., Idaho, USA

I acknowledge that during this journey I have been released from or experienced diminished guilt/regret complexes. I seem to feel more optimistic about the changes that I need to see happen are in the loop! I seem to be able to come back to the present moment when my mind wanders. I definitely feel a stronger bond to my spiritual support team! And, I am not aware that during this journey, I am clearing any more than usual. Mainly, because I accept that as long as I have a physical body, 'clearing' is really all there is! And, if I desire to see this body transform into a Light Body,--I most definitely need to be operating in 'clearance mode'!

No doubt, I have waited my whole life for what was activated into my cells today. And, I can hardly believe this good fortune! What I am noticing on this journey is that my heart is opening more to life. I am coming into contact with people who I consider to have a 'heart of gold' in the past two days; in the work place. Also, I seem to have more physical energy and feeling more at peace with myself. And, being able to fall asleep with more ease.

Thank you Jacqueline Joy for your transmission of GOLDEN manifold blessings that were released on this journey today and into the money matrix of this planet!

Mandy M., Sydney, Australia

WHAT I have received from this journey so far.

Heart and grace and tolerance and patience and a new perspective. Higher, deeper clarity. Clearing emotional blocks. Celebration. A higher order, a higher perspective. Acknowledgement of God's love. The company of Christ and the angels and the ascended masters. Respect. And love. Lack of hardship. Awareness. Success and the potential for it. Erasing past mistakes and bad behaviour/choices. A new understanding of Christ's love and the hand of Buddha. Calm. You are now whole in a way you have never been before. There is a new light ray working with and through you. Thank you. Namaste. Blessings, dear heart, for your courage. You may go forward in peace."

Zainon S., Singapore

I love the clarity and this new level of strength in me. Even when I am with others, I could feel the stillness in me. I seem to be very quiet and yet very powerful.

Today, all my needs were taken care of even without my asking. Those that I had wished for, turn out good and satisfying. Another area of my life that I got to see clearly today is that I am no longer rigid. I am able to flow with what is going on at the point of time. Less stress and I had more fun. Since the Day 7 transmission - Titanium flow into the spine, my body has been releasing some of its extra fats. The same thing happened today. It is amazing because it happens like magic. No struggles and no effort had to put in. It just happened and I am loving it.

Luda K., Georgia, USA

Yesterday's clearing was the most powerful I've ever experienced. I can say the same about the whole journey. Usually I don't listen to any recording more than twice, but this time I made a library of activation for myself that I listen all the time.

Susan C., Canada

I feel like I've taken a big leap in my own evolution by embracing Diamond Christ Alignment. I trust my soul has guided me here. What gives me comfort are all the companions on the journey here & your supreme leadership. I have so much faith & confidence in you & your leadership.

Becca S., Pennsylvania, USA

Again , I Thank You Jacqueline With Immense Gratitude and Love and Respect, for Being HERE for US and with US, Guiding All of US the DIAMOND WAY! Allowing ME and US to Admit and Take Responsiblility for our Ways and Weaknesses and for Being our Conduit To Throw All of our no longer needed stuffs into the Diamond Fire via your direction - as you are the *Keeper of the Sacred Diamond Fire*, Transmuting All Unneeded Universal Garbage offered by us to be Transmuted into the Golden Magical Diamond Energy of useful and needed *Love* For All To Be Fed And Nurtured And Elevated in a way never before seen on Mother Earth!

Celio V., Spain

As you know I have been journeying for two years and must say that every Journey has been amazing, but this one is at least for me totally Crucial ... the timing, the time-space sequence, everything so profound and to the point.

As you know my Blueprint is so intensely geared to Finances and particularly to my financial situation that it is as if I am using a Diamond GPS that is directing my Financial Breakthrough at quantum speed.

Nothing of this would have been possible without my Tenacious and Committed Diamond work with You and the Grid. You have created such a Magical and personal atmosphere in this Journey that is breathtaking in its refinement, Practicality and Diamond Excellence.

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