About the "Opening Financial Flow" Journey

Celio, Spain

Incredible!! Jacqueline, not only in this Journey am I already experiencing the melting down of some of my financial icebergs, but I'm feeling a Force and Strength on how to deal with them that I did not even imagine that I had.

Yesterday was a particular test, as I felt in my physical limit (flu). I would have gladly stayed in bed, BUT I had important meetings and even a Court settlement! I wondered how I was going to deal with this situation. Pure magic, Jacqueline, everything was "diamondized" ... people transformed, situations improved, negotiations turned in a favorable direction.

I love the Journeys, and feel so proud to be in this Sacred Frontline!! Yes, this is The Unknown, and I love it! Thank you Jacqueline for letting us taste the New, New, New!!

Toula, Canada

The first night, after I finally joined, I got home after a weekend away and saw my gas and hydro bill... I felt the usual dread at the thought of opening them and even considered putting it off until the morning. I went ahead and opened them and rather than being bills, they were credits to my accounts! The gas bill was a $400 deposit they said they'd be holding until the end of August, and the hydro credit was for a $250 deposit which I don`t even remember putting down! Wonderful!

Anne, Massachusetts, USA

This has been a wonderful, deep, rich journey in which I feel shifts within myself as well as the collective. I can feel the iceberg cracking (making beautiful rainbow icicles, by the way), which should help it melt more quickly. I love journeying deep, deep, deep, and holding what we find up into the Diamond Light. I love the profound work with the golden energy in our bodies. I love how interactive this journey is, hearing journeyers' voices or their letters read, or seeing their artwork! I am so moved by our community and what each member has to offer, and feel so honored to be traveling with all these beautiful beings on a journey that includes our needs while also serving the collective. And I am so humbled and honored that the swimming in the deep waters that I do has been received and that you are willing to engage with the muck and guide us in transforming it. Money feels more friendly to me now, and the ancestors feel more cleansed and free. The skin of the snake-dragon is loosening, shedding, as we let go of what is over.

Cheryl Wright, Rhode Island, USA

WOW, what a POWERFUL transmission today was!

Today when you took us into the Diamond, and asked us to SEE money going into our Diamond cells, I had a HUGE Breakthrough!!! I saw my Diamondized cells open up and fully Receive Fresh, NEW, Crispy hundred dollar bills!!!! I've NEVER seen my Diamondized cells open up so easily. The hundred dollar bills just keep being fed into my cells, one after another. I then noticed it was generations upon generations of my ancestors feeding me. They LIT up my entire field and just kept feeding me the PUREST hundred dollar bills I've ever seen or felt! My Great Uncle, Aunt and cousin showed up on my left side. I could SEE my Great Uncle's beautiful wavy hair and the veins of his hands. What a MAJOR breakthrough that was!!!! Why...Because he was extremely RICH and most of my family had major judgments about him and his wealth. It wasn't as if anyone really fought with him, they simply had judgments about him behind his back. I AM SO Thankful to ALL of my ancestors who came today to heal our lineage around the judgments of "HAVING MONEY".

Christine, Alaska, USA

I have a lot of tears of release over the last week. This journey has been a riding a storm that removes dust and dirt from my mind to cleanse my soul from my past and to allow me to see the LOVE within the network of souls who desire to connect and provide me support. The key to Freedom and Wealth is Neutrality, Visibility and Openness. I have been given the gift of Influence and it is my time to STEP UP to be Responsible in a whole new way. The first step is with me.

Jenina, Honolulu, USA

Yesterday, my husband comes home from work and says to me that 'there's something wrong with our water bill, something seriously wrong'...I thought, oh oh...as we have had very expensive water and electricity bills lately, for a long while actually...we've had gas leaks recently too which sent that bill sky high...

Anyway, he showed me the bill and on the graph which shows usage, our water bill has dropped, dramatically since Christmas but especially in March and April...more than half. We have had crazy bills, ranging from high $190 up to $400's... This bill came in at under $80!

Kristine Graham, Salisbury, Connecticut, USA

"Y E S" ... I just say it all day long now....this rich golden energy flow is like a generative nourishing glowing goo...that just enraptures my ever cell.....I really called my diamond to me and meditated in silence for several minutes and then invited the golden honey like substance to again soak into my bones and then focused on the joints and my connective tissue....I have huge gratitude in my whole being as I finally have TIME to really SOAK in all of this and FEEL it ... an interesting side note, I also started my period.

Christina Golden, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Yes, HUGE SHIFTS in consciousness are happening!! When I re-listened to Day 24 where you and Cheryl discussed her AWESOME breakthrough, we all went into the Diamond where you spoke of the money coming into our cells. I became an alert infant sitting in the lap of the MA and hungrily nursing from her breast---as if I'd been STARVING all my life for Her Milk---which nourished me to the bone and in my soul. Her milk contained the crisp clean $100 dollar bills Cheryl had described mixed in with all the nutrients to build a NEW IMMUNE SYSTEM that not only kept me vitalized and free of disease, but it also gave my body IMMUNITY TO THE TRANCE. What a gift! Her Milk giving the body the Divine Substance to slough off the old consciousness. She made it so clear that money is Her food and sustenance that She provides for us!


Then during today's Transmission, I felt us all around the world as Diamond Shamans moving trillions of dollars worth of currency through our cells. We were in clear Resonance with the Fifth Dimensional Money Elemental as this money flowed through our bodies and circulated around the planet in a most beautiful pattern of energy. It was magnificent to behold! What was exciting was to realize that this is occurring outside of time and space and that it continues on and on. It is our consciousness of it that is bringing it into our physical world.

Stephanie Cook, Burlington, Iowa, USA

Wowy Wow Wow! This has been an amazing journey. So many things showing up and being dragged into the light. I have been most astounded by how much this journey has played out in my physical world – everything from body discomforts to things in my physical environment.

What I have gained: Freedom, a sense of power, Clarity, Confidence, Momentum

It feels like a huge road block has been removed from my road. I feel less scared. Less hesitant. I feel like I can breathe fuller. A deep sense of gratitude and appreciation. Joy in my heart. A sense of playfulness.

Diamond Eyes – the ability to witness the unfolding of my life with greater clarity and understanding.

Julie Andersen, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

I have only traveled on 2 other of Your Diamond Journeys besides this one, ALL were Magic and so Powerful - but this one feels life changing, not only for myself - but the whole. When I truly 'See' what in fact we are accomplishing, my entire body feels as though it is releasing Tears of JOY through every Diamondized cell, purifying the whole - and how precious they all are. It is as if my body IS the MA, IS the World, the People.

Also just before I wrote this email to you I needed to check my bank account. It feels and looks different to me, JOY was shivering up my body as well as Excitement. The Green color bars lining the sides of the web page took on a different hue. There is MAGIC Emanating from my bank account!

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