This laser-level of intervention is for an individual who desires a dynamic, deep energetic clearing of your home environment, at all levels, in order to clear lower vibration energies out and to Diamondize or install the Higher Diamond Vibration in.

The Diamond Installation grounds and anchors the high frequencies of Diamond Joy, Clarity and Equanimity in your home and property, creating a safe haven that allows you to feel vibrationally held and safe in the arms of Mother-Father God. It is the same feeling that you feel being energetically held by the Diamond, now "physicalized" in your home.

This level of Diamond Transmission makes your Home
a powerful Diamond Receiving Station!

Installing the Diamond in your home and property:

  • Clears toxicity, interference and dense lower vibration energies from the environment in and around your home, which can occur at many different levels - on many planes.
  • Diamondizes your home and property by infusing every square inch and molecule with powerful Diamond Energy
  • Exponentially raises the energy vibration surrounding your home, energetically charging the space, inside and out, with a very high-frequency Diamond Energy Field.
  • Serves as a "Multidimensional Shield" of Protection that emanates high-vibration Diamond qualities such as Joy, Clarity, Peace and Balance into your home and out to the boundaries of your property and beyond.
  • Uplifts the energetic quality of your home and property, positively affecting all the Beings who live in the space with you, as well as in the surrounding area beyond your property line.
Receiving Your Home & Property Installation
  1. After purchase, please send your specific request for the Installation with a brief, but detailed description of what is happening in your home/property that you are seeking the Installation for, as well as a photo(s) of your home/property to

    The Diamond Installation for Home & Property is $1,000 for a property of 1 acre or less. For properties greater than 1 acre, the cost will be determined on an individual basis. Please submit your written request to

  2. The date for your Home Installation with Jacqueline Joy will be scheduled, after receiving your written request and photo(s) of your home and property. We will let you know when the Installation is complete, so that you may set aside time to "Consciously Receive" the Installation into your Home and Property. "Receiving" instructions are included with your purchase.

If you have any questions or need more information about receiving the Diamond Installation for Home & Property, please contact

Your "Premium Diamond Connection" to the worldwide
Diamond Energy Grid is the KEY to receiving the most
powerful results from your Home Diamond Installation.

Your Diamond Installation for Home & Property works synergistically with the daily 6-minute Diamond Activations online and the vibrational support services included in your "Premium Diamond Connection" subscription.


It is very important to begin doing the daily 6-minute Online Diamond Christ Alignment Activations twice a day or more – BEFORE your home's Diamond Installation – to clear any resistance or other lower vibration energies held in your cells that may interfere with or block the high-vibration flow entering your home environment after receiving the Home Installation.

Receiving these DAILY high-frequency Alignments, together with the other vibrational supports - only available in our Premium Connection subscription - such as the Golden Energy Field Clearings before the online Activations, the Remote Clearings transmitted by Jacqueline Joy for 30 minutes each day, and the continuous flow of Diamond Energy coming to you 24 hours a day from the worldwide Diamond Energy Grid ... ALL prepare your body/mind to expand and fully receive and resonate with the vibrational upgrade that will be taking place in your atmosphere by:

  • Accelerating, Amplifying and Strengthening your Alignment with your Diamond Consciousness daily
  • Clearing your Energy Field
  • Raising and Keeping your vibration high
  • Keeping your Divine Energy flow strong
  • Ensuring that your own vibration resonates with the vibrational upgrade from your Home & Property Diamond Installation


The consistent infusion of high vibrational support received through the 6-minute Diamond Activation (2 times a day is optimum) and other vibrational supports, included in your Premium Connection subscription, empowers you to maintain your alignment with your Higher Diamond Consciousness, keep your energy field clear, your vibration high and Divine Energy flowing freely in your body/mind ... no matter what is going on around you. This high-vibration Diamond Energy Flow will emanate into your atmosphere and help to sustain the high-vibration Energy Field of the newly installed Diamond Chamber in your home and property.

Thank you for allowing your home and property to become a Diamond Portal
and for your "Yes" to taking this Sacred Diamond Journey with us!
- Jacqueline Joy, Founder