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About The Diamond Installation for Home and Property

Celio Villalba, Spain

Just a few lines to let you know, how fantastic I have felt these last days with my brand new Home Installation. I already tasted it when you presented it in the Wake Journey, and I knew this was the next step. I feel so prepared, Jacqueline, to transform my life and the life of those who surround me, in a way that I never thought possible.

Z.S., Singapore

Day 2 of the Home and Property Diamond Installation- I realized that as the time passed, I became more and more grounded. I could feel it is strongly grounded to earth, as if there is a pull from mother earth. Today as I was watering the plants, I saw the difference in them - they are healthy and very much alive- They are full of vitality and healthy and they look beautiful especially the fern in my house. I began to see abundance flow in my life- I bought fruits at a very good price. I felt like it is a gift from nature. Thank You to both my beloved diamond and Joy for all the wonderful things that are happening in my life. Thank You all. I Love you All.

Janice Johnson, Maryland, USA

Morning after Hurricane Sandy 10-30-12:

I AWOKE to DIAMOND EQUANIMITY this AM. I had to remember there was a "hurricane" as in my MIND all was CALM and I did not hear any wind or rain. I opened my windows and the trees were STILL.

I have power and my house is dry. ALL IS WELL, ALL IS LOVE, ALL IS JOY. I TRUST you feel my LOVE and GRATITUDE for you and the Diamond and the MIRACLES and gifts of this experience. I am in such a state of Stillness. My Diamond Home Installation really stands out for me in this experience. I experience its buffering effect for sound and its strength to hold the waters. The strength and support I FELT was so Palpable, again it's hard to put into words the gratitude I feel. In humbleness I SALUTE YOU and I BOW to the Diamond's Magenta and Green Power.

Cheryl Wright, Rhode Island, USA

Morning after Hurricane Sandy 10-30-12:

I am Good, Safe, and have not lost power at all! There were parts of coastal Rhode Island that got hit pretty hard. In the midst of the storm I was in a deep sense of calm. I THANK my personal and home Diamond Installation for my being HELD so strongly by the Unified Field!!! Jacqueline, I FEEL SO BLESSED and HONORED to BE a part of this Diamond Family! The POWER, MAGIC and EASE of the Diamond IS TRULY EXQUISITE! My YES gets BIGGER and LOUDER ALL THE TIME!!!!

Louise Dobish, Michigan, USA

Even before I heard that my Diamond Home and Property Installation was complete, I began to feel and see changes! I felt more comfort and less disturbance under similar circumstances. I also feel much more frequently the alignment and Diamond flow throughout my body. I was also shocked when my Mom (who lives with me and has been ill for over a year) wanted to talk. We had a very good conversation. It cleared the air.

Viola, Austria

As to my experiences with the Diamond Home Installation: My awareness is that it makes the personal installation a lot more physical and stronger. My being could expand even more with the Home Installation and it is a lot more relief at a physical, cellular level. My home is filled with such yummy vibrations, I am truly sad it is just for a few more days... It opens more to the higher dimensions and it reinforces multi-dimensional BEing and awareness. Everything is sparkling and there is a heightening of the senses, of all senses also beyond the 5 senses. My home is grounded, and at the same time connected to higher vibrational streams of consciousness. I feel like I live in a little star-ship in infinite space.

There is more spaciousness, like the place is so much bigger, almost infinite, wherever I move space seems to expand, or maybe collapse is a better way to describe it. There is this feeling of "no boundaries" with regards to space, like I could walk through walls and furniture into infinity. If it was financially possible, I would Diamondize all my life! I am extremely grateful for this technology that is ever expanding.

Lynn Schroeder, Montana, USA

THANK YOU for these gifts! The home installation is heavenly, as my visiting children called it Christmas day! I am looking forward to the day when my finances will allow it to become permanent. I know that the diamond energy's visit here will continue to be felt because I so appreciated and loved it as did my pets and the land ... sparkle, sparkle! This morning as I was in bed, waking up, I felt a difference in my body. I'm not certain as what to call it, though I can describe it as an inner sparkle, a bliss, a tangible sweetness I have never felt before.

Ana Zobel, Austria

The Diamond Home Installation brought strong clearing and much more stability of friendly, light and harmonic energies. Now starts a new period with ease, clarity and joy. Happy X-Mas and New ALOHA Year and Age!!! I am in deep gratitude for your Power, Courage, LOVE for us and Planet Earth.

Akiko Etoh Vogel, Switzerland

I feel like things have shaken out. It's been mostly a clearing out process so far. Internally, I feel more and more this big desire to beautify and create a beautiful peaceful home that is like an oasis. We had some people come over and they love it - even the children love it here and feel very comfortable and happy here. One friend commented how warm and full of love our home feels. So, it feels like it's definitely sparkling more and more...

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