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What's included in The Ignite Diamond Mastery Package:

  • Three Discourse Transmissions
    MP3 Audio Recordings - Value: $333.00
  • Three Specialized Remote Diamond Clearings
    - Value: $333.00
  • Three Q&A Coaching Calls
    MP3 Audio Recordings - Value: $333.00
  • Three Diamond Activations
    MP3 Audio Recordings - Value: $264.00


Jacqueline Joy transmits Diamond Information and Energy to raise your vibration and expand your awareness of the Diamond Technology. The intense contact with Jacqueline Joy's Diamond frequency will naturally stimulate the release of interference and lower vibrational energies that have been limiting and/or suppressing the embodiment of your Diamond Consciousness.

Note: The recorded Transmissions are just as effective as the original "LIVE" events.

When you follow our instructions, included in your Package, for receiving one of these "laser focused" clearings, your Consciousness will download the vibration of the specific Diamond Clearing (related to the topic of each recorded Diamond Discourse/Transmission) directly from the Diamond Energy Grid into your physical cells. These Clearings will accelerate the release of the lower vibrational energies, related to the topic of each Diamond Discourse, with greater ease and grace.

Note: These are not recordings, but are to be received "vibrationally" by following our Receiving instructions.

In each recorded Q & A Coaching Call, Jacqueline Joy answers participant questions to assist with the integration of the Diamond Information and Energy transmitted through each Discourse/Transmission.

These powerful Diamond Activations, recorded "LIVE" with Jacqueline Joy, fill the space in your cells created by your Specialized "Remote" Diamond Clearing related to each Diamond Discourse topic, with pristine high-frequency Diamond Energy.

Week #1: Experiencing the Aligned State of Diamond Mastery
We are here to master our alignment with the Universal Power of Heaven and Earth that Sources us and live in the vibration and ecstatic flow of this aligned state... no matter what is happening around us. In this week's Transmissions of Diamond Mastery, Jacqueline Joy activates the release of self-sabotage and feelings of unworthiness that block our ability to feel the high frequency of our own Divine Flow, and anchors the Embodiment of our Diamond "I AM" Presence, into our physical cells and personality selves ... the "Knowing" that we deserve to "feel great" and are worthy of Diamond Mastery ... of living in the high "Mastery" level of Diamond Consciousness and Joy with grace and ease.

Week #2: Lower Human Ego and Diamond "I Am" Presence in Sacred Union
The Diamond's Aligning Power powerfully connects us with Source Energy at an experiential level, so that we viscerally experience the Oneness of both our human and Divine selves through our heart center and in all of our cells. In this week's Diamond Mastery ignition, Jacqueline Joy activates the release of the lower human ego and its control over our lives, from our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, and gives the ego a new job of serving and surrendering to the Power and infinite Love of our Diamond "I AM" Presence, which can now take dominion over our entire being. In a spirit of celebration and gratitude, these Transmissions accelerate our full embodiment of this Sacred Union.

Week #3: Embodying the Divine Dance Of Human And Divine
In this final week of the original "Ignite Diamond Mastery" Series, Jacqueline Joy deepens the Call to Awaken and fully show up in full Diamond Presence, connected to our Galactic roots and the Earth's core, in this body on this Planet at this time. She powerfully activates our Diamond "I AM" Presence to take full dominion over all the cells of all of our bodies, so that this embodiment of Diamond Consciousness physically shows up in our lives ... in our words, our actions, our perceptions ... in our fluid and graceful movement .... in the expression of our Divine Purpose and the manifestation of our heart's desires ... the Infinite Love, Intelligence and Power in the Divine Dance of human and Divine.

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