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About the Diamond Mastery Transmissions

Christine W., Alaska, USA

Wow ... Half way through our DA Mastery activation call, a long shaking 6.2 Earthquake occurred ... A good 60-90 second intense shake It intensified the transmission to open my heart and feel the love around me deeper where I can feel the Power of the Diamond and crying out of the MA... With both the transmission and earthquake I feel stoned on Diamond Magic. I feel a new me... Who has a reunited passion for life and is perceiving though a new lens and who has a strong openness to show her heart to the world and Receive and Participate with life ... Thank you ... More to come...

Debra, MA, USA

Had to write. WOW, intense dreams last night. I resurrected from my old self, I could feel my old self being released from the heavy dense body into a light body, a body so free and empowered, I was now free to fulfill my purpose to be my "Christed Self". I cannot put into words the beautiful, free feeling, but it was absolutely amazing. Also, humbly feeling the Christ Consciousness very strongly bringing me so much serenity, and the 6 minute activation vibration seems to be so much stronger.

At another point, every time I went in my wallet there was another $100 bill added, I would stop and think, wait a minute, this isn't mine and then graciously accept the magic!!!

Have a beautiful Diamond Day Jacqueline, I plan on it! Diamond Love and Gratitude ...

Stephanie C., Iowa, USA

I had to share the funny "sign" I got today that I feel is related to the Mastery Clearing we did yesterday. For my clearing I decided to keep my focus on the things we had started clearing in this August journey. So I set the intention to clear the consciousness of lack or just enough. I asked to clear the old patterns stuck in the mind that are related to thoughts of lack including lack of time and lack of abundance.

So today I am sitting at my desk in my house and without conscious awareness I start becoming very bothered and irritated. I am too busy to stop and take inventory of what is actually bothering me until it reaches a pinnacle and I realize that I AM BURNING UP! I stop long enough to take inventory of my physical surroundings and realize that my house is very warm. I inspect the air conditioner and realize that my air conditioner is not working at all and my house has become an oven in this August heat.

I call the repair company and they send someone over within 30 minutes of my call - thank you Diamond! When I ask the repair man what the problem is he says "Your main circuit board has burned up. Basically the brain of your air conditioner has died." Upon hearing these words, I burst out laughing! Of course my circuit board in my air conditioning unit that brings circulation and flow into my home has died - that is exactly what I requested in the Diamond Mastery Clearing!! To clear the old mind and replace it with a new one!!! To use the Diamond fire to burn up the old and transform it into something completely new.

So the repair man had the parts that were needed in his truck and my air conditioner got a new "brain" within minutes - thank you Diamond. So I want to claim on behalf of myself and everyone in the Diamond community and worldwide that we all got a new circuit board today - a new way of creating flow. My house is cool and comfortable and I gladly pay the repair man for this most serendipitous opening to new flow. Diamond Blessings ...

Susan C., Canada

I really enjoyed the Diamond Mastery Clearing on Monday. I'm working on financial freedom & flow - clearing wanting/not wanting & expectancy of lack/just enough. I really liked the Diamonds doing their work in the mind. I felt so relaxed and calm throughout the transmission.

Today I experienced just feeling normal, not noticing any significant clearing symptoms. I hope that's okay, I wondered if I should be experiencing something more. Even when thinking about my financial issues, I didn't experience much polarization or upset or frustration in thinking about it like I sometimes do, more of just an acceptance of where things are at, while at the same time desiring breakthrough in this area. My mind feels clear & not foggy, and my emotions are calm & steady. Perhaps the Diamond is doing the clearing work while at the same time giving me the rest & rejuvenation I need. I trust the Diamond is doing its work & I so appreciate it.

I am very much looking forward to Wednesday's Activation because I love receiving the Activation of all those beautiful Diamond qualities. With equanimity ...

Christine W., Alaska, USA

Wow -- I feel as though I just climbed a mountain. My exhaustion is to be celebrated because I'm at peace internally and externally. And because I have climbed this high, it is my time to enjoy the view and experience without rushing to do something else.

I do believe I zonked out from the moment the call started. As I connect deeper to my emotional body, I feel the joy of life which is eloquent in the simplistic natural way of sitting on top of a mountain -- very freeing. Thank you from the depth within me.

I'm "gonna" savor this moment of sipping upon the Divine Drink that I feel quite drunk on. Yes Yes, Yes ...

Elizabeth D., Canada

I have to say the work- clearing - going on over the past 24 hours has been incredible.

It is interesting that you mentioned there would be a component of clearing done on the masculine/feminine play. Since the transmission, two men in my life have come forward; one to admit that he has been dishonest, the other to come to the conclusion that we have no future.(Which I already knew). And all this arrives on my Fathers Birthday! He passed over in 2001 and since that time I have had frequent messages especially around the solstice (his Birthday-June 24). More masculine energetic involvement and clearing. I felt it very physically and a little uncomfortably in the form of a kundalini- Shakti- release from my second chakra/ womb. Sitting with it alone in silence for awhile then taking a walk in nature really helped to ease and release the Shakti! It felt like a deep un-coiling at my energetic core. I have to ask: What else is possible? Perhaps I will finally be free to more fully embody my I AM presence! I am tingling with Diamond Joy and a little dizzy with the Power of it all. Much Diamond Gratitude and Love ...

Christine W., Alaska, USA

Loved the clearing today!!! I am so CLEAR and Energized. A lot in me has cleared from last week. I am even more CLEAR than ever.

Interesting as I dialed into the call, my body was feeling a little tight from all the physical exercise I did in the last 72 hours, as I was allowing myself release, my body became more flexible as I was listening to you. With eyes closed and allowing your voice to bypass into my unconscious, I found myself moving and while sitting in my chaise chair in a mediation crossed legged position, I found myself stretching forward, to where my legs stayed the same and my forehead touched the chair and I was perpendicular and very comfortable. It was as though I didn't notice. It was a position that was natural for the child me.

The clearing was very visual for me. I was able to drop into pain that I have harbored and suppressed in a deep place with watching it clear as though I was watching a movie.

It was raining hard outside when we started the call. By the end, when I placed my feet on the floor and opened my eyes, the storm outside was in the process of clearing and now it is sunny, I can SEE the Mountains. And I also felt stronger and more grounded when I put my feet on the floor. I could FEEL the POWER in my Gentleness and noticed Venus smiling at me. She was inviting me to rub her belly. It was as though she did the clearing too.

Thank you for a beautiful transmission. Grateful ...

Dorothy Joy, Ohio, USA

Following is the statement of INTENTION for the Mastery Clearing and Activation:

"My focus is on letting go of all "Struggle." and OPENING to, RECEIVING, and ALLOWING "The FLOW" of my GOOD to come into my body, mind, finances, relationships, affairs, and Life, including the dreams and goals I hold in my heart and mind for helping build our NEW Golden Age World – helping children, parents, and families build COMMUNITY in EDUCATION."

The first thing that came to mind when you started the clearing was the words in Genesis where Adam and Eve are being "kicked out" of the Garden of Eden, and Eve was told that WOMEN from then on would STRUGGLE in PAIN giving BIRTH, and that man would toil and STRUGGLE in growing crops and food! I never even gave any thought to these until that very moment.

What it spoke to me was that we VIBRATE with the concept of "STRUGGLE" during BIRTH, and it continues growing as a BELIEF until it is so ANCHORED into our CELLS that it literally TAKES OVER as a WAY of LIFE.

Just as you were closing the clearing and slowing down the spin, something fell out of the tree right beside me. Rather startled, I opened my eyes to see what it was. A very DEAD bunch of branches with dead leaves.

I said, "Thanks tree for your gift; however, it's DEAD!" As I tossed it down into the wooded gully, I woke UP! "Oh, YES! Thank you tree!" The DEAD = the OLD that no longer works in my life is LEAVING !!! Thanks! - Now I get the meaning of your GIFT!"

You, Jacqueline, and the Diamond are such "wonderful" GIFTS in our Lives!! Many blessings and much love!

Lynn S., Montana, USA

I woke up this morning with a new feeling in my body and solar plexus. It was familiar in a distant memory sort of way, yummy, strong. I call it LOVE. I call it my I AM, my GOLDEN CHILD.

YES, this was the most powerful clearing and activation yet. Thank you. I experienced the vibrations in Technicolor! WOW. Beautiful... every activation was exactly what I inwardly wanted. A communion of souls.

My intent for the clearing was the removal of the ancient pattern of taking on the energy of others, particularly loved ones. I saw how "attachment" to the outcome played out. The chameleon tendencies come from the desire for approval and love, and not making any mistakes...the need to be right... the desire for control...to be safe. Even in the activation, I felt pangs of fear in allowing the total release of the old, yet, I Knew I could CELEBRATE its transformation. I honor my ego for letting go and moving even more into service. I feel so BLESSED . The Diamonds in my cells are shimmering GOLD and Magenta and Green.

Earlier this month I felt like quitting. I didn't want to do DA, or bathe, or eat, communicate, anything really. The Big Resistance was up in a way I have never experienced! My apologies to the Diamond Field, and I realize it is all a part of the Healing.

It is snowing here in the Bitterroot of Montana this morning. Soft and quiet, a blanket of moisture the earth needs here. It reflects the feeling I have of the Ma's holding me in what I need right now. In the FLOW.DIAMOND CHRIST ALOHA HUGS ...

Nieves, Maryland USA

The day after the Diamond Clearing, I felt very very sad with what was happening around me. I clearly was bringing up to the surface all those emotions that I felt. It was a whole bunch of intense emotions all at once!

I took care of myself and went to bed.

After the Diamond Activation I have felt much better, and again I went through some emotional upheaval, but this time I did not feel so affected. I wrote in my Diamond diary: Today I feel so much different. More calm, really good. It is a whole new world after the clearing.

I feel a great difference in my perception of the world, as compared to before I was doing the 6 minute activation. I see the world as a wonderful place and that I can bring so much light to it.

I feel profound gratitude for All that you do Jacqueline (and Sondra), we are all blessed. Thank you!


The tele-clearing today was so powerful. I really felt the energy so strongly. When I got off the call i found my husband very upset about a matter. It was nice that I was able to not get thrown off kilter by it but after dealing with him I nurtured myself by giving him space and myself space. Now, I have feelings welling up in me, a deep sadness. I know that it is time for release so I am allowing it to be ok. I am so grateful for this powerful diamond clearing. Off to soak in the tub....

Leslie M., Colorado, USA

I just wanted to take a moment to express how potent this month's clearing and activation was for me. The clearing brought up a ton of physical things in my body, and quite abruptly I might add (though it began showing up a little before the actual transmission of the call). It was beautiful to see such an extraordinary depth of clearing! YES! YES! YES! to that and so much love and gratitude for my ego and personality self to allow it to go so deeply! Even with SO much showing up physically, I was incredibly able to acknowledge it as clearing and to celebrate it and to give thanks for receiving such a clearing and again, for my ego/personality to be on board with allowing it to go so deeply.

I can't say just what my clearing was pertaining to, as I let my higher self choose the topic this month as I do sometimes. The many physical things were primarily areas that things have been physical for me in the past and even somewhat up to now, that I have done a LOT of work on for a long time (that have been much 'quieter' overall than they used to be from all of the work and clearing on them). So since everything seemed to jump so forward again and all at once, I would agree that it feels like it was working very much on a very core underlying issue (which could easily explain the magnitude of physical body-wide things I was noticing and experiencing).

I am really excited to have had such a clearing! So thank you for everything you do and to all the Diamond work. I can't wait to see how things shift and show up after this! How exciting!


I began to re-experience lots of old thoughts and feelings for several days, maybe a week, before the clearing and that has kept up until today when I finally have felt the relief of a mind clear of the endless chatter. I've listened to the recording of the clearing and activation several times and have been so grateful for the words and reminders to celebrate the clearing of these difficult thoughts and recognise the learnings. This hasn't been easy. There've been times when I've felt as though it's not working and that I'm back in the past again, as though it works for others but not for me. I've been so aware of how I've identified with these thoughts and interpretations and beliefs in the past. But today I am feeling the joy and the trust and the flow. I am SO grateful.

Cheryl, USA

Last night, right after the call, I started to cry and out loud, said "I AM so very fortunate and blessed".

Thank you for your journey and for following your knowingness that brought this beautiful and powerful Diamond Christ Alignment to this planet!

I've done energy work for years (both as a practitioner and client) and I've NEVER been as excited and clear as I AM in this moment! I've had a few of my clients use it and I can without question tell a big difference in their energy field.

My cells light up with joy! I know you can feel beyond the words how very grateful I am. Thank you! I love you!

Marie West, USA
Human Transformational Specialist

I am continually amazed by the Diamond technology. After yesterday's Diamond Mastery class, I am finding some very lovely occurrences happening.

I find myself speaking even more from my authentic authority. It is a place of love. My natural communication style is direct. The cool thing is I am direct with more developed empathy, love, compassion and confidence. I am asserting my soul's birthright and moving toward focused meaning.

I am amazed how easy life is becoming and how much love I have in me. Thank you so much Jacqueline for doing what you do and birthing this priceless technology. I am so grateful that the Divine has trusted you and you have been brave enough to say Yes to your higher purpose.

I AM the witness to seeing miracles in my world. I know I have a great purpose here on this physical plane. It is no mistake I was lead to you to prepare me to take a more active leadership role. I believe our world would be a better place if we approach it from a place of Love and Courage instead of Fear. I know I am in a better place and I love myself far deeper than I ever have. I AM amazing.

Diamond Mastery Receiver

I am single and I am delightfully in awe of how many male suitors are paying attention to me currently. Social Media is a wonderful thing to connect with people we have known. Men from 20 years ago that I was gaga over and did not give me any attention are now contacting me. All these suitors are all communicating how vibrant and beautiful I am. The loving messages and VM I am receiving are simply amazing.

After yesterday's Activation call, I was x-country skiing and I am finding I am so much more tuned into nature and hearing the loving communication from the trees. I want to exercise more and eat for my body's needs. I am digging this!!! YES

Cyndy, USA

From the moment I said "Yes" life has not been the same. It's like this was the commitment that was waiting to be made.

Marie West, USA
Human Transformational Specialist

I have been facing IRS issues since late 2010 - their judgment letters in the past would send some deep fear that would paralyze me previously. When I opened their letter this past Friday, my fear was small. I see the entire IRS as small. After yesterday's 3/1 call I see the IRS as even smaller as my Fear is being transformed with loving courage. I feel the Divine wanted me to learn a lot from this experience to use later in my soul's purpose here. I am actually feeling love and compassion for the IRS.

Becca Szymoniak, Boston, USA

I have tried for so many years to reach a state of Peaceful Grace and Bliss ( physically, mentally and emotionally ) since My early 20's ... with so many Teachers and Classes, and Books, and have spent every extra penny I had on Spiritual Growth, even though I came from a family where my Father was Atheistic, and abusive. I will be 54 years old this June and your Mastery Program is the 1st Spiritual Program that has afforded me to feel any Spiritual continuity that I am consciously certain is palpable and REAL. I feel such amazing Blessings and Gratitude when I hear your voice and I am in the Presence of The Diamond Chamber and OUR kindred Diamond Light Workers!!

Know that YOU ARE SOO APPRECIATED! And Thank you for "BEING" with us, assisting in our AWAKENING, in this "TIME" and Evolution on Mother Earth. With Much Love, Gratitude and Light, Namaste.

Diamond Mastery Receiver

I have not had more than a 5-minute conversation with my brother in almost 9 years. I phoned him and we communicated for an hour. He was interested in my life. We had a mutually supportive loving conversation. That felt great. I could feel the mutual love between us.

Sharon Stallman, USA

Wow, Jacqueline this has been a thrilling Diamond Mastery event for me. These sessions with you are so powerful and wow can I feel the energy and movement. I just keep changing all day long. Because I do energy and healing work, it is amazing to me to experience the movement inside and outside of me. I literally just shed energy (feelings, thoughts, beliefs) and just change - just like that!!!! Thank you Thank you, Thank you.

Christine, USA

After the Diamond Mastery Transmissions, I am very focused on the inside of myself. I am recognizing with inner-focus how powerful I truly am. I love it. I have been trained and been through a lot of personal and spiritual development, energy work, studied various disciplines of psychology at the higher academic level, trained in higher self therapy, etc... I am so amazed with the Diamond Christ Alignment Technology... I have never experienced anything that has helped me to feel so authentic in such a short amount of time.

The event that happened right after Tuesdays call seems so long ago and so small. It actually is funny in a loving silly way. I feel happy and very loving. Right after the call, I was scheduled to give a public talk for a group. When I arrived at that organization, some people started sharing complaints about things that happened earlier in the day or haven't happened yet. I found myself only focused on what I was there for and not needing to interfere. Staying in the now, feeling love, I gave my talk ... giving to my audience from my heart.

Thank you so much for doing what you do and providing the world with this technology. I am very excited to learn more about myself and see what unfolds as I move into Diamond Mastery.

Maite Hernandez, Belgium

The Diamond Mastery is AWESOME. I just wanted to share about the Activation yesterday.

For a day or more, before the Activation, I was feeling very unbalanced and my body was itching all the time, even doing the clearing. The only thing that could soothe it was when I did the experience online.

During the Activation, I was knocked out for the whole session and do not know what was transmitted. Today I have been listening to the Activation recording in the morning and again I couldn't fix my attention on what was said, I could only listen and be. Now, after listening for the fourth time and following your words I realize how POTENT it is and why I was completely out.

I feel soooooooooo blessed by Diamond Christ Alignment! This Activation is beyond what I expected and I am extremely Grateful for this enormous step you are facilitating to the world, through us. With deep love, respect and admiration ...

Diamond Mastery Receiver

Since the Mastery Transmissions, my two German Shepherds are even more loving and tuned into my soul. They are a mirror of love. I am also finding myself to be more silly and playful. My inner child is dancing joyously.

Patti, USA

Just wanted to share the power of the diamond ... I have a 1 1/2 year old lab, Emme, who is full of piss and vinegar. I resolved myself that her high energy level was who she is. But since I started these Transmissions, she radiates a calmness and peacefulness. Even my daughter commented and was surprised by Em's new energy! So this energy is so powerful that even our animals can feel its love, joy and intensity. So thank you from my heart of hearts for this wonderful gift!

Diamond Mastery Receiver

Thank you Jacqueline for your generosity of heart and for seeing my value. These clearings and activations are already making a deep impact. The most amazing shift is seeing the situation with my daughter, who has been using crystal meth for nearly 20 years, in a new way.

My heart seems to somehow be healing this last week! I have just reconnected with her (after not having spoken with her in several years) ... and feel I am no longer in fear about the lower frequency energies that seem to always be around her. I feel the support of the Unified field, and feel protected in her presence now [or in the presence of the dark forces that come in with the meth.) I used to get knocked so far off, that I would be in bed for days/consumed by negativity and doubt...in what I would call "being hit" by the dark forces. I am happy to report...this level of psychic attack did NOT occur when we connected via the phone this week. Thank you!


I am finding after yesterday's Diamond Mastery that I am feeling a lot lighter. I feel an open space inside of myself expanding just for me. I am seeing my world with much more pristine eyes of clarity. What appeared not so long ago as difficult or large is now becoming exceptionally manageable and exciting. I have an inner playful desire to complete what is in front of me. I am so honored to have the challenges that I have to help me to grow and evolve while helping others around me. I am very excited to expand into the woman I really AM. I feel more loving and far more in touch with me on the inside. I AM more than I ever knew. I AM better than I have known. I feel much more in charge of me and connected to the DIVINE presence that lives in me. With the pure connection to DIVINE SOURCE I am open to receive more and AM feeding off the LOVE. I AM grateful. I have COURAGE. I have BELIEF. With this Courageous Loving Belief - I AM. In loving gratitude,

Diamond Mastery Transmission Receiver

Thank you, I especially noticed today the increased peacefulness when I spent 4 hours today at HR Block getting my taxes done.

Ann Rambaut, England

The Mastery Transmissions have taken me to yet another level. I had an experience of deep deep grief about my mother's passing. It was so deep it was quite scary for me (my father died suddenly in my late teens and then about 18 months after his passing I entered a depression which was to last for many months, and so I was very anxious that I may be entering another similar phase). However, the Diamond helped me lighten my grief, and I recognized it as a positive experience.

I am now attracting souls to me who are fellow light workers, a couple of people I have known for a long time but until recently have not been aware of their light. It is so good to share with like minded souls in the physical as it is being in the unified field with you all. I've also come to realize how much more in the moment I am and I realize this is my I AM PRESENCE - fabulous. Much gratitude and thanks.

Marie West, USA
Human Transformational Specialist

In the clearing yesterday the Divine reminded me of my purpose here. The Divine spoke to me and provided a more detailed vision than I have witnessed in the past. I was aware of my purpose previously yet not to the detail revealed yesterday. Through Diamond Mastery, I was willing to receive the sensory experience of it in a more expansive clear manner.

In my business practice - Deals are moving closer to closing the sale. Relationships are stronger and lighter. I can see the FLOW. People are telling me they are so attracted to me and they want to know how to model my Courage. Last week I am an Industrial Organizational Psychology Practitioner and Alternative Therapist ( Hypnotherapy / Huna Practitioner (energy-work to include higher self therapy) ) One of my products is a blowout-breakthrough intervention service. I gut the values, beliefs and behavioral patterns that no longer serve the client and reprogram that person to be who they want to be.

I was working with a woman who had a lot of Fear, low self worth, big procrastinator. She came to me because she wanted to learn how to model my Bold Courageous Confidence and start her own business. I found by using the Diamond offline with Huna to introduce this woman to her higher self - WOW the results were amazing and powerful. By using the Diamond to help me hold the energy with my other tools, I was able to guide this woman through a deeper penetration and for her to see for the first time a vision of her true purpose. And I wasn't worn out like have been previously by working with others at this level.

We started the procedure on last Tuesday and I completed it on Friday 2/25/11. She looked younger and more confident. She felt lighter. I received a loving gratitude letter of how expansive she feels and her willingness to take courageous action. Adding the Diamond to my work with individuals is a beautiful miracle. I am so grateful.

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