Participating in a "LIVE" Diamond Journey with Diamond Christ Alignment's Spiritual Leader and Advisor, Jacqueline Joy, is the most powerful, intimate and FUN Diamond Energy Transmission platform that is offered in the Diamond Technology - and is available to "Diamond Connection" subscribers only.

All of the Diamond Journeys now offered as Audio Packages were originally transmitted "LIVE" via conference call in the Unified Diamond Energy Field, created by Jacqueline Joy specifically for each "LIVE" Journey Intensive. The recorded Transmissions of these "LIVE" daily events are just as effective as being on the "LIVE" calls.

In each day's recording, Jacqueline Joy delivers the most current, cutting-edge Activations and Transmissions in the ever-evolving Diamond Technology, as instructed by her Diamond Consciousness and her "Galactic Special Forces Diamond Team". The power of these Journeys is the consecutive transmissions that build on one another cumulatively to clear that which is suppressing the expression of your true Diamond Self and Joy and to raise your vibration.

Making a commitment with your Self to listen to and receive these daily Diamond Transmissions, in the sequence in which they were originally delivered, will establish significant and lasting changes in one's Being and contribute to building the momentum for igniting a Cosmic Wake of Diamond Christ Aloha Consciousness and Joy in you and on the Planet. Your Unequivocal YES to this commitment will enable you to receive the most from these powerful Journeys.

The recorded Diamond Intensives include:

  • MP3 audio recordings of Jacqueline Joy's "LIVE" daily Diamond Activations and Transmissions (30 minutes or more)
  • Instructions for "Remotely Receiving" the daily Transmissions via recording
  • Fulfillment of the prerequisite requirement for receiving Jacqueline Joy's "Diamond Installation"
  • Preparation for receiving Jacqueline Joy's "31-Day Cosmic Diamond Christ Aloha Wake Journey"

All Diamond Journeys are exhilarating, deep, and profound, and empower you to take an exponential leap in the embodiment of your Diamond Consciousness and Joy.

My greatest JOY and purpose is mid-wifing the Golden Children/the Diamond "I AM" Presence on this Planet - who will not be denied. They will be seen, felt, heard, and experienced .... first of all by them selves ... and then by others they are here to serve. These Golden Children are birthing their Multidimensional World on Earth!

- Jacqueline Joy

These powerful Diamond Journeys will:

  • Empower you to use this Sacred Technology to "Diamondize" your life in many arenas and at many levels.
  • Nurture and feed your Golden Child/ your Diamond "I am" Presence cellularly with the highest octane Golden Energy frequency - delivered directly to Jacqueline Joy by the Divine in 1999.
  • Cause an exponential leap in the embodiment and emanation of your high-frequency Diamond Christ Aloha Consciousness and Joy.
  • Take you into the womb of stillness from which all creation comes ... the space of pure potentiality ... that will awaken you anew to your infinite possibility.
  • Give you the direct visceral sensate experience of Diamond Christ Aloha Consciousness in your body, which will bring more ease, flow, sensuality and joy into all aspects of your life.
  • Introduce your cells to the powerful frequencies of the Golden Energy that activate Conscious Knowing of who you truly are, and the Joy, Worthiness, Deservingness and Ability to Receive that emanates from that Conscious KNOWING.
  • Amplify Diamond Love, Clarity, Light, Equanimity and Freedom daily in your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies
  • Release your human ego's control, fear, judgment, doubt and manipulation from your physical, etheric, emotional, mental bodies.
  • Take your human ego to the next level in its new, more fulfilling job: Absolute highest service to your Diamond "I AM" Presence.
  • Anchor your Diamond "I AM" Presence in your physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies, allowing you to live in Diamond Christ Aloha Consciousness and Joy.
  • Clear and transmute density, toxicity and lower frequencies within your physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies into your Diamond "I AM" Presence.
  • Prepare you for harnessing, integrating and flowing the higher frequency energies ignited by the 2012 Galactic Alignment and the December 2012 Cosmic Diamond Christ Aloha Wake that continue to fuel and build a "Diamond Christ Aloha World" for YOU and the Planet ... gracefully, gently and elegantly ... in 2020 and beyond.
  • Empower you to partner with the Multidimensional World of the Earth's new Diamondized Core and the Galactic Realms ... partnering with this Multidimensional Power makes "Creation" much more Ease-full, Magical and Fun!!

The recorded Transmissions of the "LIVE" events are just as effective as the "LIVE" events.

These recorded Transmissions are operating in the multidimensional realms of Diamond Consciousness, beyond time and space, and will be just as powerful when you receive them via the MP3 Audio Recordings as they were when delivered "LIVE" by Jacqueline Joy via conference call.

It is very effective for the conscious mind to hear the recorded Diamond Transmissions often. You may wish to listen to each day's recording more than once in a day, and as often as you like. Every time you listen and receive the Transmission, your ego will hear something new, and you will feel a vibrational shift ... a further integration. The recordings accelerate the integration of the high-frequency upgrade that you are receiving from Jacqueline Joy - in your physical cells and your personality selves.

Your "Diamond Connection" subscription is the KEY to receiving the most from your "Diamond Journey with Jacqueline Joy" Audio Package.

The consistent infusion of high vibrational support received through the 6-minute Diamond Activation (2 times a day is optimum) empowers you to maintain your alignment with your Higher Diamond Consciousness, keep your energy field clear, your vibration high and Divine Energy flowing freely in your body/mind ... no matter what is going on around you.

The daily 6-minute Diamond Activations work synergistically with the daily Transmissions from Jacqueline Joy to establish a strong vibrational foundation for the expansion of your Diamond Christ Aloha Consciousness and Joy ... and create Diamond Wealth of Being in your life; wealth enjoyed spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.

This vibrational support "feeds" and nurtures your embodiment of the new vibrational upgrades you are receiving on the Journey, in the same way that feeding a new plant sunshine, water, and plant food nurtures and accelerates the growth and strength of the plant.

Each action you take is a stronger "YES" to evolving your Diamond Mastery on the Journey. The stronger the "YES" to using the Diamond Tools, the more accelerated and amplified the results are.

If you have not signed up yet for the BASIC or PREMIUM "Diamond Connection" subscription (which is a prerequisite), you may sign up now for Subscriber Specials at: