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  • LIVE - Dates to be announced
    90-minute Diamond Energy Installations are transmitted "LIVE" by Jacqueline Joy via Teleconference call, in a group format.

  • Remotely via recording
    If you prefer to receive The Diamond Installation at a time that is most convenient for you - with no time constraints - you may receive Jacqueline Joy's Transmission of The Diamond Installation via MP3 recording. The recording is just as effective as the "LIVE" Transmission, as it works at the Multidimensional level of Diamond Consciousness. The recording will be available after the "LIVE" event.

    You will receive everything that you would normally receive when you participate "LIVE", including being eligible to participate in ALL future "LIVE" Diamond Installation events - FREE OF CHARGE.

Please write Sondra@DiamondAlignment.com if you have questions.

Receiving The Diamond Installation is about you. It is an empowerment process for you that will strengthen and accelerate your embodiment of your own Diamond Consciousness.

At the mental level, receiving The Diamond Installation results in the ego's surrender to your Higher Diamond Consciousness. When the ego feels the frequency of the Love, Grace and Power of your Diamond Consciousness, its previous need to control literally begins to melt, as it begins to more consciously feel nurtured, guided and supported by your Diamond Consciousness. Over time, the ego begins to say a full "Yes!" to your authentic Diamond Self and take its appropriate place in service to your Diamond Consciousness and your Soul's Divine Purpose.

At the emotional level, The Diamond Installation infrastructure serves as a Crystalline Higher Heart that holds and heals the previous pain of your wounded human heart. In this Space of Higher Heart Love, you are nurtured and replenished emotionally. In this Safety, you begin to release old patterns that have limited you and remember the natural child-like Joy of your Golden Child. From that Joy you manifest your Heart's desires and "Fulfillment" becomes your natural state of Being.

At the physical/energetic level, your body is "Diamondized". Your trillions of cells sparkle and emanate the Diamond's magenta, green and gold light energy, which exponentially increases your vibrational charge. The Diamond Installation essentially re-wires your nervous system to be able to handle more frequency and restructures/regenerates the physical foundation of your existence with the vibration of your Multidimensional Stellar Self/your Diamond Consciousness.

At the Spiritual level, the density of the veils covering over your True Diamond Self fall away and the fear of Being who you truly are is released. You will be more conscious of your own Diamond Emanation and the Diamond Energy field that extends from you as a visceral experience - because of the enhanced "Diamond receiving station" present in your cells. The Diamond Installation, when nourished and fed by your daily Diamond practices, will give you the freedom to be who you are meant to be in this incarnation and the courage to live in your natural joy and magnificence, aligned with your Divine Diamond Blueprint.

At the material/financial level, having the Diamond Chamber installed in your cells helps you to be more stabilized and in harmony with the Earth's changes. As her electromagnetic pulse changes, you will be held in sync with the Mother's heartbeat, connected to the Earth's magnetic core, as a conduit between Heaven and Earth energies. This connection naturally pierces the illusion that money is separate from the Infinite Flow from Divine Source, opens your receptivity to Divine Intervention in relation to finances/material life and assists your manifestation in the physical world.

Your "Premium Diamond Connection" to the worldwide Diamond Energy Grid is the KEY to receiving the most from your Diamond Installation.

Your Diamond Installation works synergistically with the daily 6-minute Diamond Activations online and the vibrational support services included in your "Premium Diamond Connection" subscription.

It is very important to begin doing the daily 6-minute Online Diamond Christ Alignment Activations twice a day or more ... BEFORE your Diamond Installation. Receiving these DAILY high-frequency Alignments, together with the other vibrational supports - only available in our Premium Connection subscription - such as the Golden Energy Field Clearings before the online Activations, the Remote Clearings transmitted by Jacqueline Joy for 30 minutes each day, and the continuous flow of Diamond Energy coming to you 24 hours a day from the worldwide Diamond Energy Grid ... ALL serve to clear any resistance or other lower vibration energies that may interfere with receiving the Installation, and prepare your body/mind to expand and fully receive the Installation by:

  • Accelerating, Amplifying and Strengthening your Alignment with your Diamond Consciousness daily
  • Clearing your Energy Field
  • Raising and Keeping your vibration high
  • Keeping your Divine Energy flow strong
  • Keeping the Diamond Installation charged and active in your cells


The consistent infusion of high vibrational support from the Worldwide Diamond Grid, received through the 6-minute ONLINE Diamond Activation (2 times a day is optimum), works with your Personal Diamond Installation ... to keep your energy field clear, your vibration high and Divine Energy flowing freely in your body/mind ... no matter what is going on around you. This establishes a strong energetic foundation for Diamond Mastery, and for creating Diamond Christ Aloha Wealth of Being in your life; wealth enjoyed spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.


After receiving your Diamond Installation, you are eligible to sign up for the highest level of engagement with the Diamond Technology: Monthly Golden 1000-frequency Energy Flow.

Monthly Golden Energy Flow

Contact Sondra@DiamondAlignment.com if you have questions or need more information.

I look forward to supporting your expansion into the
Empowerment and Joy of Diamond Mastery!
- Jacqueline Joy, Founder

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