What Golden Diamond Leaders are Saying

Brigitte, Germany I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what I have received, experienced with the Sacred Diamond Technology which you have brought to this planet with Alignment of the spiritual world. I cannot express in words how grateful I am and that so much has shifted in my life and I get more and more grounded here on this planet.

I feel so connected to YOU and All - such a gift - this Diamond Connection ... all my life I dreamed to be connected to this laser focused community - it is my home - my deep yearning fulfilled. I can also share that my financial situation gets better and bette and more substance - it is so fantastic - a complete new experience - I have again and again to say everything is beyond words -

Kim, Washington State Most of us are no strangers to being on the forefront of huge financial issues in a personal sense, but to step out in the density of the collective is the advanced Mastery game. Managing the level of density alone in the cutting edge work I have been doing for the last 7 years with the Banking system...

I am here to tell you could only have been done by visualizing every day my brilliant Golden Diamond Leader Community. It's an incredible gift to be with them all in this high frequency Unified Field, not having met any of them yet in person, adds a dimension of metaphysical magic that is literally blowing mind. It has allowed me to walk through the 3D density and still feel the Diamond Power and stay "VERTICAL" with Divine Power ... no matter what!

Bronach M., Northern Ireland 3 years after receiving first Diamond Installation I celebrate, celebrate, celebrate the utter generosity of your abundant Gift of Personal Diamond Installation!! Deep, Deep Gratitude. I could use a Dictionary of Hyperbolic adjectives to describe this totally unique experience and, they still wouldn't come close to what I felt as I listened and, still do feel; the likes of which I've never experienced before. This glorious Transmission was more Powerful for me, than even the most Powerful Journey. And, there have been many of them. It was also, to use your word, totally Visceral!!

I had this really strong feeling of being at a Wedding, MY wedding to this Wondrous, Marvelous, Amazing Diamond. The guests were yourself, the other Diamond Leaders, along with the Company of Heaven; Guides and Elementals. The Celebrants were White Buffalo Calf Woman, Beloved Jesus and Mother Mary. The Wedding Hall was decorated in Magenta, Emerald Green and Gold. A Massive Diamond was suspended from the Ceiling as a Centrepiece. The whole Ceremony was both in and out of this World; the Ceremony being your Transmission to us! What Joy was to be felt!

As the Ceremony unfolded, my Golden Child (I AM Raya), danced with Joy in her indescribably beautiful Cosmic Heart. My physical heart was uplifted with the realisation that this Cosmic Diamond Chamber is real, embodying the true Spirit of the Diamond and all that that entails; especially the Mirror protecting by mirroring negativity back out. This total awareness of the physicality of the Diamond was palpable. And so it went on.

Towards the end, I could see all of us united in this Hall ... our Field and the utter Power of the Diamond emanating from us all as one, is indescribable.

I felt the Energy, the Power, the Beauty of the whole Experience. I was both energised and calm; peaceful, oh SO at peace for the first time in Ages. Everything was SO right; so where I was meant to be.

My heart Jacqueline, is filled to overflowing. Words cannot express the Gratitude I have for yourself in my life and, this Golden Diamond Gift, bestowed on us, from you. I know I will listen to this Transmission over and over!

There are a lot of other things arose too. But the above provided the Theme and the Thread. It has blown me away!!

With Diamond Love and Golden Blessings,


On rereading my email, I realised I left out a couple of very important things!!

The first is that you were seated in the Centre of the Top Table, as the Guest of Honour. WBCW was on one side of you and Jesus the other. We were toasting you in Diamond coloured Bubbles as our Doula and our Leader. WBCW and Jesus were celebrating your Courage in seeing through, over many challenging years, the Birth of the Diamond Technology. They are SO proud of you. It all was so tangible, I feel I could have reached out and touched everyone!! You were SO happy that your body appeared to be incandescent; shining so brightly, you could hardly bear to look over at you! It's miraculous what one can see with our Newly personalised Diamond Eyes! And Hear. All during the Transmission the hums emanating from both ears was incredible; especially the left one.

For myself, this Experience was to be and has been a complete Rebirth. A Rebirth where I've emerged as a totally different person. As I emerged, the scales of my old body dropped away. I felt as if I was coming out of the Ocean, the Emerald green, Diamond Christ Aloha Wake, straight from the Mother Ship. Wow!! Is this for real? My vibration is operating at a completely new level, in a new way!!

Wow! There is no way Jacqueline I could have written these two emails from a 3D Perspective!! So, I AM indeed SO Blessed. Namaste ...

Cheryl Wright, Rhode Island, USA 4 years after receiving first Diamond Installation I LOVED LOVED LOVED the Diamond Installation yesterday.

It felt Soft, Sweet, Profound, even more Substantial, Silky. When I did my Golden Energy this morning I felt that my Installation as having more Depth, Expansion, and Silkiness.


Michelle, Northern Ireland 2 years after receiving first Diamond Installation Called to more Diamond stepping up to DIAMOND MASTERY THIS MONTH. Feeling diamond aloha power of joy and bliss, feeling really good, Joyous and Free, HOW DOES IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS???


Christina Golden, Texas, USA 4 years after receiving first Diamond Installation I realized during today's Installation that I have barely begun to Know the Diamond in ALL ITS FULLNESS!!!

It is Utterly Profound, Beyond the Beyond!!!

No wonder I have been focused on clearing..... so I could better receive this Installation!!!

I bow to You for delivering to us God's Diamond Heart!!! In Deepest Diamond Gratitude,

Ellen Simon, California 4 years after receiving first Diamond Installation Most Beloved, Precious, Golden Sparkling Diamond Being!!!!!

As Jesus tells us: "Nothing matters other than Love. If we really got that ... there simply would be no need for anything more." The Installation process today exuded nothing but Divine Love."

A Silent Hug (for lack of appropriate words)

Suzan F., North Carolina 2 ½ years after receiving first Diamond Installation I am still recovering from yesterday's transmission. I am blown away beyond words. I had difficulty staying focused and I could feel my mind/ego attempting to interject thoughts to keep me off balance. Then came the Roar of the Breath that swept everything away leaving me empty. At first I thought, I am not experiencing these feelings Jacqueline is talking about; then it hit me that I have truly 360'd into a whole new being; I have prayed to do this for so long ... well I have. I have no idea who this new person is or where I am going with this, but here I am one of a small but mighty force of 170" boots on the ground" soldiers. I Feel like the show " Heroes Reborn" except I am not here to save the world, I am the conduit, vessel to bring in the Multidimensional World into the physical. That is more than enough for me to contemplate today. Thank you Jacqueline, I have no more words at this time. Diamond Christ Aloha ...

Elizabeth D. Nunavik, Canada Right after The Diamond Installation It is marvelous. I feel like a child in a pyrotechnic park! I have been sleeping deeply on and off for 18 hours and having vivid dreams and waking with explosions of stars and diamonds and mysterious strains of music that doesn't go away! I am loving this experience and am so excited that I will be sustaining my Joy in the faces of negativity and despair (at work)...Thank you to Jacqueline Joy and all the group and other intrepid time travelers who were so brave to have the Installation! Love and Light Elizabeth

One month after The Diamond Installation I love the Diamond installation, I feel plugged into Mother-Father God all the time!

Having the Installation really has strengthened my Goddess Power, feminine strengths, and Emanation! I see some positive effects on the men closest to me; they calm down quickly and stay calm longer. There are so many subtle changes! I no longer feel alone...

I am having fun playing in the Diamond, with my tarot cards. It has only been one month; I cannot wait for the next year to unfold with its myriad of change! I am walking in Love!!! Higher Love, constantly, and it is so Awesome. Thank you to Jacqueline and her team and all her support people for transmitting Diamond energy to the world!!! I am seeing the possibility of a New World!

Gail, California, USA Right after The Diamond Installation I profoundly enjoyed the Diamond Installation and Jacqueline's gentle facilitation. Since then, I am savoring a deep experience of joy, strength, and equanimity, along with an inner vibration of vitality and expansion that is all new to me. Today I am celebrating and integrating.

Dan, New York, USA After a "Diamond Installation Review/upgrade" A special THANK YOU to Jacqueline for the Installation Review last Wednesday. It was exceptionally powerful, and your delivery was filled with deep and empathetic understanding of this Ascension process -- all new territory for each soul. That includes shedding light on the extremely joyful and painful polarity. For me, it has been so strong that I have felt alternately blinded, frightened, terrified and thrilled. Yet, the moments of revelation are sacred -- filled with the promise of joy and purpose. Each of us may experience moments of deep fear -- as old beliefs, dependencies, obsessions, etc. fall away, and leave us facing something far more immediate and real. Thus, I face things I have feared and avoided for lifetimes. Sometimes, it does feel like madness, but I am so grateful at the prospect of coming home to my Soul. We are certainly not traveling this journey alone. I have never sensed such a consolidated effort by LIGHT & LOVE to comfort and encourage each person's frightened or hurting/healing heart -- to infuse it with hope and loving reminders of our deepest purpose. We are each here during this sacred time, and we share our experiences -- including our cluelessness, irrational impulses or pain -- with each other -- as we gradually realize we are ONE. Thank you also for being a courageous, compassionate and wise leader, and shining light on the "road." This is particularly potent and poignant, as you are willing to courageously walk the road without pretense, defense or excuse.

Luda, Atlanta, Georgia, USA Right after The Diamond Installation I couldn't find the words to describe what it was that I felt that made me cry so badly afterwards, but now understand that it was vulnerability. My body and mind recovered beautifully. I listened to the Installation recording today and felt very clear and energized after that. I had an interesting dream today. It was in colors, very bright colors, a lot of gold. I don't have colorful dreams very often. In a dream I was with my mother and we were near a house. I said - "I used to live here and just moved out. The owner just did a renovation. Let's look in the window. I am curious how it looks now." We looked inside and it was kind of funny - a lot of very bright colors, not necessarily fit together very well, and lots of gold. We stayed there for a while and then I heard Jacqueline's voice explaining something about the house. I forgot what it was. Interesting thing, that it was the first time I hear Jacqueline in "my head". I guess we really have a better connection now.

One month after The Diamond Installation I notice subtle, yet profound changes happening after Installation. First of all, in my attitudes and self- image. My level of self confidence definitely increased. I was able to let go of some "people pleasing" patterns. I am better able to disconnect from people and circumstances that used to haunt me for days before. My ability to concentrate and stay focused seems to increase exponentially. Although I experienced a lot of emotional release after the Installation, it helped to open my heart and allowed me to gain some very important insights, for which I am very grateful.

Joanie G., New Jersey, USA Two months after The Diamond Installation When I had the Diamond installed, I was on the 90-Day Journey. What I noticed immediately was that I felt a much stronger connection to the Diamond. Also, I never had to call the Diamond to come around me. The Diamond just showed up around me. I really felt like I was inside the Diamond. I felt so protected and warm. "It is a beautiful feeling". After a few days, I began to interact with the Diamond. I often laughed because I would see the Diamond wink and smile at me.

Since then, whenever I do the activation, immediately, I see the Diamond in my third eye, and in my chest cavity. I immediately feel and see the golden connection from above to below and have the strongest surge of that power go right through me ... lighting up my chest cavity. It is beautiful. And then, as the activation of the words "I AM" show up, I have another very powerful surge of the Diamond energy go through me with a much stronger vibration and the light in my chest just expands way out of my body. It is the greatest feeling I have ever experienced.

Blissa, New Jersey, USA Right after The Diamond Installation My most profound conscious result from the diamond installation was the day after when Jacqueline said that we no longer have to imagine the diamond above us since it now resides within. I got such a HUGE "knowing" that it was indeed inside and holds such potential for me. I understood even better that the relationship to the new installation is interactive!!! WOW! That LIT me up even more inside! There is a major shift when I focus attention on it. I went walking in the woods after that, singing a line from a song that goes "I've got the music in me" which was coming out "I've got the diamond in me. Since the diamond installation, I have had the KNOWING that I am a healer, and am having amazing results using the diamond chamber within me to do healing on myself and others. I am incredibly grateful for this gift! I am laughing more (deep giggles), singing more, dancing more, etc. Big warm hugs

Georgina G, Alberta, Canada One Month after The Diamond Installation What an honor, what a great honor; the Diamond Installation has guided me to a place of "wholeness of being". The Diamond (Installation) fills me with a feeling of belonging and deep reverence for who I truly am and that "I matter."

Thank you, Jacqueline and your Diamond Team, for this great gift of Love. Much love

Sylvia Rabell, Mexico It has been very beautiful taking the Diamond Christ Aloha Leadership Journey, I can feel the energy flowing through my body most of the time, especially at night, I feel I need less food, I feel that the energy is like feeding my body, nourishing it. I notice a change in my house, the environment feels totally different, it feels like a new atmosphere, a new energy.

Kimberly Powell, Alabama, USA One Month after The Diamond Installation For me, the Diamond Installation was the best gift that I could give myself. I think the biggest thing for me has been the process of making all of the energetic work that I am doing more physical. I can feel it all more tangibly in my body, in my cells. I know that this is helping to manifest all of the changes in my physical world more quickly and for that I am eternally grateful. I go through periods of clearing, then expansion- coming out each time with greater Freedom and Clarity. Life is coming to me with more ease and grace. I am enjoying life much more. Thank you!

Viola, Austria As to my experiences with the Diamond Home Installation: My awareness is that it makes the personal installation a lot more physical and stronger. My being could expand even more with the Home Installation and it is a lot more relief at a physical, cellular level. My home is filled with such yummy vibrations, I am truly sad it is just for a few more days... It opens more to the higher dimensions and it reinforces multi-dimensional BEing and awareness. Everything is sparkling and there is a heightening of the senses, of all senses also beyond the 5 senses. My home is grounded, and at the same time connected to higher vibrational streams of consciousness. I feel like I live in a little star-ship in infinite space.

There is more spaciousness, like the place is so much bigger, almost infinite, wherever I move space seems to expand, or maybe collapse is a better way to describe it. There is this feeling of "no boundaries" with regards to space, like I could walk through walls and furniture into infinity. If it was financially possible, I would Diamondize all my life! I am extremely grateful for this technology that is ever expanding.

Kim, San Francisco Bay Area, USA Right after The Diamond Installation The Diamond Installation has to be one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. I received guidance to invite my lower human ego to sit beside my Golden Child during the installation ... she settled in after a moment. Words cannot describe the incredible sense of Being over the next few days. I've never been more present and solid in my Body. I experienced the Divine Love of Mother-Father God while absorbing a lifetime of nurturance all at once.

I continue to work with the Diamond almost non-stop since the Installation (including listening to the recordings during sleep). I am able to call the Diamond around myself again. My lower human ego is pleased to have a place in my Higher Heart. I have an absolute Knowing that the Diamond Installation has tremendous Power. I enthusiastically look forward to further integration of the Diamond and Being here on Earth, living my new life with Wisdom and Clarity.

The entire journey has brought more depth, meaning and possibility than I would have ever thought possible. (I've only been engaged with the Diamond since mid-August!) It is truly a wonderful new Life.

I have tremendous appreciation for Jacqueline, and her teams (higher and physical), and their continuous/tireless stream of support. I give great thanks to All of my Diamond Family, with whom I look forward to Living, Loving and Serving through the Diamond Grid.

One Month after The Diamond Installation Integration of the Diamond Installation continues to deepen over 30+ days. There is strength and solidity in my being with Diamond Christ Alignment activations. Remote clearings and activations seem stronger, easier to receive following the Diamond Installation. Family, friends and strangers respond to my new Being in an optimistic way. It's as though the Diamond I AM presence is emanating radiance to others, they then reflect calmness and smiles back to me. The Diamond experience is solidified in my physical body through receiving the Diamond Installation. It's as though I AM the Diamond.

It is an honor to be on this sacred Diamond journey with you.

Eleanor Smith, South Africa One Month after The Diamond Installation To Beautiful Jacqueline, I need to know which button do I push on my newly installed computer to turn down the uncontrollable laughter a bit. The bubbles of giggles and laughter are beautiful. I Am looking at the different parts of My Self emerging and cannot stop laughing. There's the beautiful Golden Child - so sweetly quiet. Then there's the Higher Soul completely rejuvenating, regenerating and rebooting in the bosom of the Divine Mother ... the big and practical matron who is so focused, practical and grounded marching across the planet with a decisive step on a mission. The adorable and sensuous maiden who only wants to dance and flow with life. The Big Bohemian looks at all of this and can't stop laughing - shaking her head and muttering - there's really nothing to do and nowhere to go, it's the beautiful movie called Life.

Please, I need All the Tools that there is to Master My Computer - I Simply LOVE IT!!! Its Multi-faceted, Multi - billion, Multi - Dimensional and it Very Unique. I am Very Grateful for this Divine Toy and Salute its Brilliant and Magnificent Creators. Love to All, Eleanor

4 months after The Diamond Installation Thank you again for a Superb delivery of the Sacred Diamond Installation. I have experienced my first one in November 2011 and enjoyed the subsequent upgrades and integration of those that followed. Since January 2012, I have been away from home for two months. I could not believe how centered, aware, joyful, free and most of all, how constantly I remained in my own power even though at times I have been in the intimate space of family members who had no clue of Diamond Christ Alignment. They do now. There were many occasions where I had no access to the internet ... however I Am in Awe at the Power of the offline Clearing and Aligning. It has become a daily Practice and Prayer. I Am Grateful and constantly excited with My Sacred Diamond Installation, the Diamond Blast and 6 minute Activation has greatly increased in Divine Power and Alignment ... Absolutely Exciting and immediately puts a smile of Thanks and Gratitude into my heart. I Love You as my Doula, every time I have to be online with you, I Marvel at how excited my Being becomes, My Golden Child jumps up and down with glee. I could go on and on... I had no idea I was going to write all of this.

During the Diamond Installation I remained conscious and ecstatic throughout, for once no zoning in and out. My experience was Absolutely Divine (I do not have words to express this). The constant Flow of Vibration through my body into the surrounding area ... even the trees outside were moving crazily and there wasn't a breeze. Absolutely Marvelous to behold. I Am still vibrating. On three occasions, I had this vivid vision of the Golden Christ appearing in such Glory ... I Am so Thankful that you constantly remind us to breathe throughout the Sacred Ceremony; Then as you were Gifting us with the most Exquisite Golden Energy ... I was bathing in it and absorbing this delicious vibration when OOPS! the whole city's powerline cut out. While the whole city was in darkness ... here I was still Connected to You and The Diamond Grid, experiencing and enjoying such a Sensate, Powerful and Delicious Golden Vibration, I thought I was going to vibrate off my bed ... it was almost midnight here in South Africa.

Any information regarding the Golden Energy will be most welcome. In January I ordered the middle package of The Golden Energy and found it extremely Powerful. I stopped after a month just to integrate because I accomplished and leaped forward at such a pace especially in business activities that it took my breath away. I needed to slow down a bit. WoW!!! I am ready and curious to avail myself of the Golden Energy and would love to hear you speak about it.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, I Love You and I Am Grateful and Very Very Appreciative of All that you do for Me, My Lineage, The Beautiful Earth and Everything Beyond.

Dorothy Joy, Ohio, USA I'd like to give you feedback on the GOLDEN ENERGY and what it is doing for me:
1. It's removing me out of the "TRANCE" of SUPPRESSION.
2. It's helped me move into the GODDESS ENERGY and let go of a "toxic" long-term relationship that still had me hooked into the "rescue" caregiver role, even after I had released myself from playing that role with my daughters.
3. It's connected me energetically to people — "Souls" I resonate with as "Family" - a Golden Family with other Golden Children like myself.
4. It's lifting me out of "Smallness" and into "Largeness."
5. It's given me FREEDOM and SUPPORT along with SAFETY to BE ME
6. It's given me the COURAGE to ALLOW my JOY, no matter what and no matter who is around. And I certainly FEEL more JOYful!
7. It's building a new energetic structure within the cells of my physical body, making me feel that indestructibility of the Divine. I feel like that caterpillar going through that transformation into my BUTTERFLY, and Yes! I DO have WINGS!
8. I feel more energetic, yet also feel more peaceful inside.
9. The damage/pain from the car accident of many years ago is diminishing.
10. My home/Temple appears to be "shining" more on the block and in the neighborhood.
11. My LIFE is taking on SO much MORE MEANING and more JOY!
As each day passes, I can feel the Golden Energy Flow and the Inner JOY grow, as well as, be more aware of the Diamond around me and how protected and safe I AM feeling. I AM rejoicing at how RELAXED and how SAFE I am feeling about just EXPRESSING my true Golden Child, Who is so, so full of Love, Light, and JOY!

I've been buzzing with JOY. Today at home, I was singing and dancing most of the day as I did my "chosen self-assignments", because I certainly didn't feel any of it was "work" in the least bit. I took down all the pieces from two chandeliers and washed them - something I hadn't even planned to do today, and which had not been done for two years. WOW! Do the fixtures SHINE now!

Then I did my 6-min. Diamond Christ Alignment. I was looking at the "I AM" flash on the Golden Child, and it flashed into my mind: "Oh that's me! That's what the Diamond Installation and the Golden Energy Flow have done to me - I SPARKLE now - I SHINE - and there's a natural smile on my face almost all the time now because I'm so HAPPY and so full of JOY and PEACE. I turned from the computer and looked at one of the chandelier fixtures - Yup! That's ME now! I"M a bright, shining DIAMOND now!

Thank you, Jacqueline for Being THE Diamond that we can all connect to and with all other Diamonds on Earth and within Earth Herself, too. Truly A JOY! I absolutely LOVE it! WOW! What a different Life this is for me to feel and experience! I certainly am very thankful for you and the Diamond technology in my life and celebrate that!

Z.S., Singapore Right after The Diamond Installation My experience is one that I will treasure and choose not to forget. What happened after the Transmission was beyond my imagination.

Though I did not sleep the whole night (transmission started at 4 am my time), I was fully energized to the maximum. I was also alert and peaceful. After the transmission, I had to talk myself into getting some rest before going off to work in about 2 hrs time. As I laid down, my mind was exceptionally peaceful and alert. When it was time to get up, I was fully energized and revitalized. I was actually fearful that my energy would be depleted after a few hrs. To my delight, the wonderful energy and vitality remained throughout the day.

During the day, while at work, I was able to execute my work rather well ... In fact better than in the past. Creative ideas flowed through me and helped to create more fun in executing my lessons in class. I received 3 acknowledgements (1 from my boss 2 from parents) for my contribution in getting my students to do well in their exams. This was unexpected but I accepted it with joy in my heart. It was indeed a joyous day for me. One that was beyond my expectation.

I would like to express my Gratitude, Love and Joy to Joy, Her Higher team and All Of Us who are in this 90 Day journey - for giving me an opportunity to experience my life the way it has turned out now- more peaceful and joyous.

One Month after The Diamond Installation With deep love and gratitude I can't thank you enough for what has been happening in my life. I am no longer the same person I used to be before the Diamond Installation. Soon after experiencing 24 hrs fully charged and revitalized, as soon as the installation had taken place, I became very quiet.

It started off with one morning when I woke up - out of the blue I understood what 'Bringing Heaven to Earth' means. I began to understand what the Diamond means and what it represents. It was followed by days of integration and I have this great need to be in silence. I went into deep meditation with great ease. The following are the transformations that took place in my life.

My desire to be noticed, to be heard, to feel loved and accepted gradually but surely is disappearing.

I am a confident person now, walking tall with my spine straight. My voice has changed to a deeper tone and with strength. I no longer have the need to control the situation and yet I am actually more in control of the situation by flowing with life - whatever comes into my life - and taking appropriate actions there and then.

I no longer become impatient when I do not get immediate results. I simply let it be with the knowledge that all is well. It will happen in due time in full faith and with a smile. I'm not afraid of being angry... No longer afraid of what others think of me ... Simply have this need to be me and to protect myself cause I am worth it.

Had a great push to start giving my body what it needs. I did and the feeling was good. It was actually preparing me for the Day 58- Golden Drop for all the Chakras 1000 frequency. When I received the energy transmission- I felt the heat immediately. I love it and was recharged and revitalised.

During this time, I needed to rest a lot. I slept more. New challenges arose and I am working on it using my Diamond Chamber. I am getting more intimate with my Diamond. Using it the way I know how.

I fell ill for almost 2 weeks. During this time I only did my 6 min diamond alignment and the daily transmission without fail. Though I was very sick, I was very calm. What was obvious to me during this period, each of my family members especially my husband were very supportive and loving and kind towards me. I have never felt so loved and cared for by them when i am sick till now. It was indeed a wonderful experience.

As soon as I recovered, I noticed I have changed. It is as if I had woken up from a beautiful dream and back to reality. Everything seems to be the same and yet different. This time one shadow after another appeared clearly for me to deal with. It feels like I am using the Diamond Tools and getting to know the tools for the first time as I deal with my issues. Currently what I saw transform in my life are as follows:

I am clear of what I want
My mind is clear and focused I am able to speak clearly
I am no longer afraid to be angry
I take responsibility for my actions
Accepting more and more of my human aspect and the divinity in me.
I no longer have the need to beat myself up. Instead I see myself worthy enough to be loved protected and honored by me. This means a lot to me.
I have been working intimately with my diamond so much so that when I call for it now, I am immediately surrounded with warm energy, letting me know of its presence.
I am enjoying more and more using my diamond. It makes me happy and reminds me of my worth and divinity.
I feel secure having my diamonds with me at all time. It is truly a gift to myself.
What touches me most is the Love I have for myself now. Having hated myself for so long, it is such a joy to be able to love myself and to embrace the divinity in me and find the peace and joy that I have been seeking.

*** Would like to also express my deep gratitude for installing the diamond at my door. This is what I noticed - my family members are experiencing calmness and peace at home. There is no flare up and there is more acceptance and love for each other. Even my cats are spending more time at home.

With deep Love and Gratitude I am sending Love Joy Gratitude to Joy and Her Higher Team

Christina Golden, Texas, USA Right after The Diamond Installation I have been waiting for this Initiation for many lifetimes. It is utterly profound and complete. In Diamond Gratitude, Christina

One Month after The Diamond Installation Since the Diamond Installation, I am much more comfortable working in closer physical proximity to others in the hospital where I work. Before the Installation, I had greater difficulty keeping my field clear. Some days were too fast paced to be able to find private moments to Clear and Align as much as I needed. Then I would feel tired after work and have to spend my evenings releasing the day's energies and recharging my batteries with the online 6 minute Diamond over and over. With the Installation, I have more certainty that I can be in any situation and still maintain the integrity of my own energy field. It is quite liberating to be able to emanate my own Diamond! I have new confidence that I can "go anywhere I am needed" without losing my Connection to Source! Now I have more energy after work. Situations that used to throw me off balance are much less likely to disturb me.

The other Treasure I have received since the Diamond Installation is greater ease in communicating with loved ones who crossed over 25, 35 and 50 years ago. With the Diamond Frequency so much stronger in my body and my being, it has been a sweet reunion as I reconnect with family members and share the flow of love, forgiveness and deep appreciation for the journeys our souls made together.

Ann Rambaut, United Kingdom Right after The Diamond Installation Absolutely fabulous ... a real party. I kept moving in and out of being there and not being there ... Deep colours, waves of all the colours of the rainbow... many stars sparkling in the night sky like huge bright Diamonds. I have Clarity of thought and vision - everything seems to be so much 'larger' and clearer to look at. I would say I have a heightened awareness too ... Equanimity - so much Equanimity - so much Gratitude to Jacqueline and her Higher (and Lower) Team. I really feel now I can move forward in Grace and Equanimity with my Souls Purpose and my Diamond Journey Blessings Ann

Josette, Melbourne, Australia One Month after The Diamond Installation The installation has increased the energy around me. I feel so safe. I'm definitively stronger. I'm able to set my boundary - say no when I need to, whereas before I would always agree just to please. This is a big shift for me. No wonder I had made a mess out of my life at times. I'm rejoicing in the improvement I've made.

The more I practice, the stronger I become. I feel the light around me. My intuition has increased. I'm more aware of the guidance given to me, which helps me in my endeavours. It is extraordinary how our higher self is there for us ... only we need to hear, be aware and trust. This is also a huge leap forward for me. I feel so free, poised and light - so much release has occurred and I continue to peel the layers. I'm so grateful for the 90 days and the installation. It has been the best thing I've done for myself, now I'm looking forward to 2012 -for the awakening of the golden child. Many Blessings

Cheryl Wright, Rhode Island, USA Right after The Diamond Installation The transmission on our 90 day journey was so powerful for me, that I was in a very expanded state entering into the Installation. I could feel all kinds of energy shifts happening. Afterwards, I had the sense "nothing" was the same or would be the same ever again.

I've CALM, at PEACE, and a sense of WONDER that I always KNEW was possible but never truly embodied or felt this deep in my Being before. All last night and this morning I kept saying "THANK YOU" and hearing "THANK YOU!!!!" BACK from my Higher Team and the Divine. I feel and hear my Higher Team SO much more clearly. They don't seem to be separate from me but in me. I keep getting this message and feeling that this IS Real and here to stay!!!!

What's so wonderful is I feel such a gentle, visceral, and yet powerful knowing that I AM LOVED and SAFE! As I sit in this awareness I recognize this IS totally new for me and my Higher Team IS here for me and IS overjoyed for me!

They are reminding me, the need for gentleness and quiet. And that there is no need to rush the process, the integration or the journey but simply to FEED myself and my Golden Child (which doesn't feel separate from me anymore) and allow the nourishment to take me where I've always known I was going and where I was always intended to BE.

Thank You from the deepest, most intimate, and expanded energy of my Being. Cheryl

One Month after The Diamond Installation It's been five weeks today since the Installation and as I sit here and reflect ... ALL that I wrote IS still so very true! What's different is I've embodied more of my Golden Child, and more of my Divinity is alive. I feel joy, happiness and contentment simply because I AM.

If anyone is concerned about getting the Installation, consider it an investment in YOU. For me it's been one of the MOST important decisions , that I've ever said YES to....because I AM saying YES to everything I AM and there's no greater gift you can give yourself and the planet then BEING who YOU TRULY ARE.

What a world this would be if more and more people got the Installation.

Patricia Copeland, Ruston, Louisiana, USA I am flooded with Divine Grace pouring into my being this morning ... My deep, deep gratitude to you for bringing forth these transmissions in the Diamond. Removing the overlays of Jesus in my heart has been a delicious gift to my Golden Child. I was not even aware of the blocks that were there before these 33 days of Christ Journeys. What a gift to myself to receive many of these daily transmissions twice during some days.

One day as I looked through my picture window at the exquisite camellia tree bursting with beautiful blooms in back of my house/Wellness Center, I saw two yellow butterflies playing in the sunshine near the tree. I sensed and knew" my Golden Child is playing with my ego." I am by nature serious; I seem to always be on a mission to anchor and emanate love, light and peace wherever I am. The Diamond Installation enables me to hold my alignment in more joy, lightness and expansion. At some time during these Christ journeys I completed a book.

Most of what I am experiencing is beyond my ability to put into words. You and our fellow journeyers have articulated so much that is balm to my Soul. Thank you for opening yourself to bring forth Diamond transmissions that expand us and allow us to embrace the All That Is.

Stephanie Besmehn, California, USA This magical journey has completely transformed my life. The Diamond Energy and Jacqueline Joy's mastery, wisdom, clarity, grace, and love have illuminated my soul. I now know and feel that I AM One with All Life...Each day led to a new opening and awakening within myself. I would like to express my immense gratitude for Jacqueline Joy's tremendous generosity of Spirit ... Each day she gave to each of us with All of her Heart. I am grateful for every minute...I am grateful for every second ... Each day she gave us more than thirty minutes of her time ... each second was noticed and appreciated. Thank you for your Grace ... I am and will continue to be a YES to You and the Diamond Technology.

Maria, USA DA is the best thing that has happened to my life. I received a miracle when source gave me the opportunity to meet Jacqueline Joy. The I AM Presence lives in me daily giving me the power to continue forward in life. The other miracle that has occurred to me was to subscribe to the 30 day journey. I feel my energy soaring day after day and this has given me the trust, faith, joy, equanimity that I am going to and I AM receiving in a limitless way!!!!!! I give great thanks, I celebrate this as so and so it is!!!!!!!!!

Christina Golden, Connecticut, USA This Journey has been one of the most extraordinary experiences in my life. The last time I experienced this degree of peace, joy, love and clarity was in 1986 in Dharamsala, India where the Dalai Lama taught hundreds for 3 months. During the 90 Day Diamond Journey, I experienced states of consciousness I have never before experienced, drawing closer to the Heart-Mind of Mother-Father God and closer to Heaven on Earth. Jacqueline Joy is a Spiritual Genius bringing in this most amazing gift to humanity, a way to stay connected to one's Innermost Being in the easiest way possible through the Diamond Technology.

Kimberly Powell, Alabama, USA I am constantly in awe about how my life is changing in such a positive way since the 90 day journey, getting the Diamond Installation and now receiving the Golden Energy Flow. Overall, my life is just better in every way. I can just FEEL that 2012 will be my year to bring my Divine Life Purpose into being here in my physical world. It feels so wonderful to see and know that it is really happening. My life is MAGIC. I am so grateful every day for all of it. In the 30-day Journey I feel as if I am starting to truly be seen by others and my willingness to be seen has increased 10 fold in the past couple of days. I feel as if something massive has shifted and the door has opened to actualize more and more Diamond Wealth of Being in this world. It is a glorious time to be here! I am willing to be HERE. Thank you! YES!!!

Z.S., Singapore I feel a veil has been lifted off me and I have begun to understand the work of this technology much easier. It has been going on practically every day. This journey has been an amazing one for me. I felt reborn. There is confidence and an inner strength that I have never experienced before. Thank You Joy for this amazing journey. Never before have I enjoyed a ride as much as this one. It was so exciting.

Kalieen de Souza, United Kingdom It was with great joy that I received ALL the gifts, transmissions, sharings, guidance, healing, blessings, love, surrender, courage, vulnerability, heart and soul that you, Jacqueline Joy, have personally poured into our sessions on this wondrous 31 day Journey. And to all of us Diamond Christ Aloha Journeyers - we have championed this Aloha Cosmic Wake with our hearts, mind, soul and spirit and have been Victorious - what a privilege and honor to be here with you, Beautiful Galactic Beings, at this crucial time in humanity's history. I bow to your Excellence and Magnificence.

The Diamond journey appears gentle & subtle in its transformation, but the transformations are huge. I've never felt this kind of clearing so physically. I love the fact that it works on a cellular level as often in my healing journey I have felt that I have dealt with a particular issue over and over again but the scars/memory lives on and can continue to act as a trigger - through Diamond Christ Alignment this is healed simply and easily by bringing it into the Diamond where it can be embraced by Cosmic Love and transformed - the scar/memory then becomes just a neutral "experience"- a source of energy which can be used in service to others. I feel gratitude for my emotional stormy weather, as golden sunshine follows. From my heart, sending you Diamond Love and Diamond Blessings.

Jenina Charles, Hawaii, USA Since the LIVE Journey has started I've been very aware of visceral experiences. My body/mind is not the same one today that started this Journey. Not even close!!! I can feel aliveness coming to different areas of my body, like my feet, ankles, legs, and arms. It almost feels numb, but it's not. It's the Divine waking up in every cell of my being. I am noticing that I am getting little lessons or awarenesses and then you speak about it on the next call ... I love it ... feels good. I am really feeling the connection to this journey and the flow of what is happening in real time ... I LOVE IT!!!! I feel the movement, feels like Diamond Determination, very powerful ... Thank you so much Jacqueline

Christine, USA All the calls and activations are more than increasing my awareness of the vibrations flowing thru my body. For once, I feel fully aligned with my Body, Mind, Soul and the Universe. I've worked most of my life to get to this point and now I am starting to truly experience what I have been wanting for so long!

Kay Wilder, California, USA Jacqueline Joy's Transmissions have accelerated the opening of my heart to life itself. The Yes inside of me became so powerful today as the Knowing emerged. Knowing that this Life Force is Love, and is moving me through all of my anxieties and fears and doubts to Be that Force. We are off to a whole new adventure now.

Anne, Massachusetts, USA I feel great bliss during the LIVE Diamond Transmissions. Recently I have become surrounded at work and in family by people who are suffering or going through difficult times, and they are turning to me for support. I find I am able to be with them in a very compassionate and loving way without losing my own boundaries, which I was not able to do before. Holding my boundaries energetically feels both liberating and fulfilling, for I want to be of service in a way that is not negatively affecting my own energy.

During Diamond Monday, when we activated our diamonds until the end of the transmission, I had a visual experience of each of us in our diamonds, journeying around the earth as if in diamond hot-air balloons, meeting up with one another in the sky, greeting each other joyfully from our own diamond sovereignty, happy to see our diamond community friends.

Anne, USA The daily live transmissions have transported me and rooted me through the Magenta and Green parts of the Diamond. I know this is home and I am safe. I have deep gratitude for this Sacred Technology that is full of magic and miracles and transmutes all that is not cosmic love to it. I evidence it all the time and my heart is full of Joy. I embrace all the dense energies around me and see it transmuting into release and allowing Joy. My golden child is so happy to find a place to dwell and serve.

Michelle Russell, Northern Ireland I have noticed my finances have improved very much. I just seem to have more money and more opportunities to save money with special offers and deals as well as clearing debt owed. It is such a welcome relief with less pressure and financial peace- I AM so grateful for the grace and ease with which this has occurred. I have been able to purchase new clothes, sign up for a course I Love and give to my family and friends as well. Thank you for this amazing Diamond Transformation xxooo

Shelley, Pennsylvania, USA I wanted to thank you for this amazing December Leadership Journey. You have given so much. I love the daily connection. Each day I have been bowled over by the generosity of what you gift to us. It is like a cornucopia of consciousness, a magnificent daily feast that mitigates the starvation diet of the trance, and buoys me up from the continual undertow of the 3-D world. I cannot believe my great good fortune in finding you and Diamond Christ Alignment. I just marvel that anything like this even exists, here, now. And yet it does. I never thought it possible to be so blessed. So much for the confines of the mind! I look forward to whatever comes next and will surely join up whenever you return from Kauai, or wherever the Diamond takes you. Love, Shelley

Dorothy Joy, Ohio, USA Thank you, Jacqueline Joy, LEADER of US GOLDEN CHILDREN, for leading US on this MAGICAL JOURNEY - these most PRECIOUS 31-Days of this "Aloha" Wake Diamond Christ Alignment Journey at the end of this extremely unique time on Planet Earth - the ending of almost 26,000 years, ushering out the "Old" and welcoming in the "New" DIAMOND WORLD with lots and lots of Golden Children! I AM so, so very privileged and extremely grateful to first: be on Mother Earth at this awesome time, second: have been called to BE at Light worker, and third: have been drawn to you and the Diamond Technology to have been a part of this miraculous Journey and fully BE My Golden Child with Her very OWN DIAMOND! What an HONOR! What a JOY!

I AM thankful to have the recordings of both Journeys and will be playing them frequently to keep reminding myself of HOW to more effectively interact with You, the 6-minute activation, the 30-minute daily clearing, my Diamond installation, and the MAGIC of this Sacred Diamond Technology.

The last two Journeys have both taught me HOW to BETTER USE my Diamond Installation and the Diamond Technology and HOW to INTERACT with this "LIVING" Entity! How to interface, communicate, request, release, call on, and have an intimate RELATIONSHIP with MY Diamond! How I can ask it for the help to tune in and be more aligned with Universal dimensionality, and also ... to remember NOT to "take it for granted" and HOW to "actively" APPRECIATE it and GROW the relationship.

One of the most powerful transmissions during this Journey for me was that of 12/28/12 - that of Being a DIAMOND LEADER: "I transform lives by my POWER to SURRENDER and ALLOW the Cosmic Energies of LOVE to FLOW THROUGH me as a "Transformative Energy.

Cheryl Wright, Rhode Island, USA As I listened to today's call for the second time, I felt a DEEP sense of AWE! I AM so very Humbled by this Sacred Technology, this Sacred Journey and this Sacred Diamond Community! I'm Humbled in the Knowing and Awakening of WHO I AM! I am filled with the KNOWING that My Beloved Diamond LOVES ME, and that I AM ONE with My Beloved Diamond. Every cell of my Being is Filled with this Amazing Cosmic Energy of LOVE! OH HOW BLESSED AM I!!!!

I've more to share about this journey but I wanted to tell you this one thing that was Profound for me!

This holiday is the first time in five years that I've been with my family. I noticed some pretty significant changes. Mostly, I didn't have a need or impulse to go into judgment, or to be separate from them.

Even though I didn't always agree with their points of view, I didn't make them wrong or feel a need to push them away. I wasn't 'looking' for a way to make us "separate"... I simply felt comfortable BEING me and allowed them to BE who they are. When we were saying our good-byes, without a thought I said, "so next year, how about Christmas in New England?" Everyone said YES! I don't know if it will or will not happen, but what I do know IS I could have NEVER said that BEFORE. I NOW FEEL SAFE...I AM ONE with my BELOVED Diamond, therefore NOTHING feels separate or threatening to me like it once did.

Blissa, New Jersey, USA The Biggest shift for me was on 12/12/12, when I felt the energies more intensely and beautifully than ever before! Then my experience with the archangels was quite profound, as I felt (and continue to feel) their unconditional love in a most spectacular way. I feel the golden energy flow for the first time, and therefore will stay at the $400 level (I was at $200) before. Because of all these upgrades to my experiences, I feel my YES is even more emphatic than before!

I am so looking forward to communing with my home installation in new ways...as we create together.

I want to thank you from the depths of my heart for the exquisite being that you are. You have such an incredibly loving and gentle presence, and you share your stories and information in such an authentic and clear way. I am touched deeply by your presence in my life, and am excited about what is coming in 2013.

Christine, Alaska, USA Loving all that I have received from the 30-day journey. Thank you!!!! Thank you YES!!! The Diamond is so powerful -- beyond my imagination - I AM such a believer in the miracles it creates- When Alaska was hit 3x with hurricane 100+ mile hour winds and massive Flash flooding and I called to all of you and the Diamond Community for help, my property and electricity were fine when 35% of Anchorage did not have electricity for 1 - 7 days. I am so grateful to be part of this ride to raise consciousness in myself and those around me. I AM on FIRE and here to INSPIRE in everything that I AM here to do. I AM Grateful to the highest pinnacle of JOY!!! I so appreciate you and the Diamond.

Ann, Denmark I just wanted to give great thanks to you for the wonderful journey. I have generally difficulties to notice and feel any kind of cosmic energy (it shows up in dreams instead) but as the days went by I have been feeling more and more of the loving energies surrounding your voice and for the first time this day Dec. 28 I felt a pink very loving energy pouring out of your voice and into my space when you did start repeating: I transform love, by my power to surrender and allow the cosmic energies of love to flow through me. I felt a soft humble intent to receive and allow. Not strong, and something that I should treat with care for it to stay and grow, but a wonderful beginning for me to go from dreams to the physicality. I really don't know how I will be able to do without your daily transmissions through your voice! Blessings

Anne, USA I have deep gratitude for this sacred technology that is full of magic and miracles and transmutes all that is not cosmic love to it. I evidence it all the time and my heart is full of Joy. Life happens and all is transmuted. I embrace all the dense energies around me and see it transmuting into release and allowing Joy. It is so, so beautiful. My golden child is so happy to find a place to dwell and serve. I am overflowing with gratitude. The 30-day journey with all my fellow Diamond Beings and the daily live transmissions have transported me and rooted me through the Magenta and Green parts of the Diamond. I know this is home and I am safe. Diamond greetings, blessings and gratitude to you Jacqueline and to your team. What Joy.

Ana, Austria This month didn't look like it would be so intensive on so many levels before I signed up for the 30-Day Diamond Journey. During the Journey, all the problems got so intense. All together I couldn't plan my life any more ... it only let me be in flow with a trust that this is the way it has to be. I am in a peace with all of it. I have a lot of energy, strength, and clarity. I am in ease and relaxed with all that life brings. Amazing is that I am full of joy. I love the powerful 30-days Diamond journey. It opened a new space for me when we embrace our NO and the NO of others. I could feel that Africa is now in a process of healing like the mother Earth. In gratitude...

Bronach, Northern Ireland No matter what lies ahead of me, on any level, I will never, ever forget my Diamond Christ Aloha Leadership Wake this December with you. How blessed I am that the Universe nudged me toward DA this month. In the months leading up to December, my big concern was how to remain centered and grounded to welcome in these very powerful energies. Of course, that's exactly what has happened to me with the DA Journey and will now remain with me for the rest of my life. But Boy! was it so so much more that words can't describe what, as our Spiritual Leader, you've shared with us. The depth, the profundity, the very awesomeness, of all that we've taken on board is unreal. Obviously the main thing of course, is the recognition, the knowingness that we are now in a New World. It has a really tangible feel, knowing, understanding to it. We are now multi- dimensional Beings, seeing the World through our Diamond Eyes. Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude!

Like everyone else I'm sure, the month has been a roller coaster of a Ride. Being allowed to live in Joy and even Bliss at times is an amazing gift. Allowing myself to be dragged down again to the small letter world etc. however, I do say and acknowledge BIG TIME, in most areas I was able to remain centered, provide Love with capital "L" and compassionate detachment. I am now, most of the time, totally aware of staying in my Golden Energy Flow. As a family, we've been very challenged over the Xmas period. I've managed to rise above it; all due to the Journey and DA.

I have to wait for the Universe to tell me what I've to do next as a Way-shower! I can only do this through DA WITH TOTAL SURRENDER! One of the other things I'm totally grateful for was your insistence (I know we've free will!), regarding keeping a Journal. I resisted that one. Over the years I'd kept a Spiritual Journal, but always gave up because I was repeating the same pattern. But I decided to go the whole hog with you. I'm so glad I did because my Journal, as you said, has shown me how far I've come this month. Diamond Christ Aloha Blessings.

Amy Mei, New York, USA I am Chinese and I'm new to the Diamond Community. I am so excited and grateful to be a part of this amazing 30-day Diamond Journey. I remember day 1 when I just YES, I don't why I got tears in my eyes suddenly- maybe my soul is so resonate with this 30 day journey? I feel the flow of energy in my body very often. I love your Golden Child and she is so powerful, even though I didn't feel her during the transmission, I downloaded your Golden Child picture as my phone wall picture, after I look at her for few minutes, wow! I can feel the energy very strong flow on my body, that's amazing, thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I thank you from my bottom of heart for bring this Diamond Sacred Technology to this world. I love you.