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About the 30-day "Diamond Immersion" Journey

Janice Johnson, Maryland, USA

I'm grateful to Jacqueline Joy for the Hugeness of Her Consciousness, Generosity, and Willingness to Follow Her Guidance No Matter What...and to her EMBODIMENT of WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN WHO FILLS MY HEART and GIVES ME HOPE and KNOWING that Human Beings WILL KNOW & RESPECT the SACREDNESS of Their Being and ALL OF CREATION. I'm grateful to the Sacred Diamond Technology for Offering Me Divine Intervention that SUSTAINS MY YES TO LIFE. I'm grateful to know that the golden energy opens our channels to Receive and is transmitting Worthiness and Deservingness. I'm grateful to own my rank as PLANETARY LEADER and cosmic shaman and to have the diamond community as a platform/training ground for this aspect of my Being. I'm grateful for the Grace to Show Up and RECEIVE Miracles and Blessings, Acknowledgement, Celebration and Mirroring for 30 days. I offer Overflowing, Love, Gratitude and Appreciation for the Blessing of the 30 day August Diamond Journey.

Anne, Massachusetts, USA

How to summarize the 30-day journey in August? Amazing. Intense. Inspiring. Powerful. Moving. Liberating. Uplifting. Emotional. Strengthening. Fun. Exciting. Community-building. Healing. Opening.

This journey has strengthened my whole being! It is not that I was without challenges during the month, and definitely I felt stretched a little thin in my life, yet I could also feel deep within the equanimity, the integrity of my own field, the power and uniqueness of my own galactic signature, a feeling of freedom, excitement about working at the planetary level, and gratitude to be in such incredible human and divine company.

Dan, USA

I wanted to thank you again. Your love for people, and your vision for the planet -- an empowered/enriched "home" for each soul -- is breathtaking.

Michelle, USA

What an amazing month in so many ways it has been such an awakening and enlightening experience for me. Today is the last day of this 30-day journey and I'm so looking forward to more with the diamond installation and golden energy flow and I'm so glad I was lead and guided here. I thank Jacqueline from the bottom of my heart for everything received for myself and the planet.This will stay with me forever and i will continue to further integrate through listening to the recordings and writing about my experience - Much Love and Diamond Blessings and Smiles -

Janet Mattivi, USA

I have found it very interesting that while taking part in the 30 Day Journey I can have an experience one day and be pondering my way through the processing. The very next day Jacqueline will address a key concern of my ponderings. Amazing!!

Kalieen, USA

I had a knowing that the "storm" was a clearing out of consciousness on many different levels, lifetimes, ancestral stuff, and perhaps even my African heritage - I've never felt this kind of clearing so physically. This confirms to me the transformational power of the Diamond clearing cellularly and I am giving THANKS again and again for the GIFT of this sacred technology.

Jacqueline, this 30 day Diamond journey appears gentle & subtle in its transformation, but the transformations are huge as they have an effect in all areas of life and it is in recognizing & acknowledging the shifts that Joy is activated. I love the fact that it works on a cellular level as often in my healing journey I have felt that I have dealt with a particular issue over and over again but the scars/memory lives on and can continue to act as a trigger - through Diamond Christ Alignment this can be healed simply and easily by bringing it into the Diamond where it can be embraced by Cosmic Love and transformed - the scar/memory then becomes just an "experience" - a source of energy which can be used in service to others.

Jenina Charles, Hawaii

Notice I am changing, feeling more grounded, feel energy strongly in the body, pulsing & spinning....feeling quite expanded and calm and strong...the diamond is really becoming part of my practice without even having to formally activate it, I just intend for it to be with me in support and I feel it is there....so much gratitude....I am in awe....I notice great amazing shifts in my client, this past week Really feeling a huge shift in me...wow...can't express enough gratitude. I feel like I can really be of service now to others and I do make a difference. Feeling very fulfilled & content.

Rob Wisniewski, Canada

I'm quite amazed with the wonderful energies that I perceive during the live and recorded webcasts, and I appreciate very much that I can bring my energies into the Diamond Unified Field, to assist man-kind in shifting into a New Reality.

Christine, Alaska

Yes what a journey -- a lot of good is flowing YES YES!!! I AM Breaking FREE into a better way of being. Thank you. I am really focused on me. I am learning to love me in such a deeper more profound way. I am honoring myself and my worth.

Janice Johnson, Maryland, USA

I'm grateful for the green part of the diamond so I'm firmly planted in the Ma. I'm grateful to clear more NO to life. I'm grateful for my amazing body and its ability to move, flow, with grace, fluidity, and without pain. I'm grateful for more mental wealth that allows me to pay less attention to my lower mind's thoughts.

Maria del Rosario Hernandez-Toro, USA

DA is the best thing that has happened to my life, I received a miracle when Source gave me the opportunity to meet JJ, the I AM Presence lives in me daily giving me the power to continue forward in life. The other miracle that has occurred to me was to subscribe to the 30 day journey, I feel my energy soaring day after day and has given me the trust, faith, joy, equanimity that I am going to and I am receiving in a limitless way!!!!!!

Kimberly Powell, Alabama, USA

I feel as if I am starting to truly be seen by others and my willingness to be seen has increased 10-fold in the past couple of days. I feel as if something massive has shifted and the door has opened to actualize more Diamond Wealth of Being in this world.

Anne, Massachusetts, USA

I have deep gratitude for this sacred technology that is full of magic and miracles and transmutes all that is not cosmic love to it. I evidence it all the time and my heart is full of Joy. Life happens and all is transmuted. I embrace all the dense energies around me and see it transmuting into release and allowing Joy. It is so, so beautiful. My golden child is so happy to find a place to dwell and serve. I am overflowing with gratitude. The 30 day journey with all my fellow Diamond Beings and the daily live transmissions have transported me and rooted me through the Magenta and Green parts of the Diamond. I know this is home and I am safe. Diamond greetings, blessings and gratitude to you Jacqueline and to your team. What Joy.

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