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About the 90-day Diamond Journey

Kay Wilder - Santa Cruz, CA

The recorded Diamond journey is more powerful than I could have imagined, and I'm very pleased to be on this path. It is exactly what I was looking for, a daily experience of transmission with lots of insight. Jacqueline Joy impresses me to no end.

I'm about to do the next live clearing on Monday, and consulted with the Rune cards, asking for a message to give me courage. The card drawn: Joy (Light)

Phoeby Sheldan - London, Ontario, Canada

I had the great privilege of participating in Jacqueline Joy's 90-day Diamond Christ Alignment Journey program.

This program did exactly what I had asked for and continues to do more!

It is taking me to higher levels of conscious awareness, purification, and spiritual flowering, while improving my daily life skills on every level beyond my expectations.

My capacity to forgive and let-go of past events occurs easily and effortlessly. Deep trauma healing is tapped quicker at deeper levels and released quicker. Long-held family relationship challenges simply shift, tension disappears, and hearts open. More importantly, I noticed that daily embodiment of Diamond Christ Alignment energy has an accumulating effect, intensifying the acceleration of my growth while strengthening my energetic radiance which is creating a positive ripple effect onto others and shared circumstances.

This program helped me discover and experience a whole new level of being in 'pure joy', way beyond anything I had ever felt before.

Even though the program ended in December 2010, the journey continues through Diamond Christ Alignment's six-minute experiences daily, off-line Diamond Christ Alignment activations, and listening to the archived 90-day program recordings. Quite frankly, I wouldn't miss my daily Diamond Christ Alignment routine for anything, it is as important to me as sleeping and eating.

Here are some examples of my amazing experiences:

Thank you.

Christina Golden - Idaho, USA

This Journey has been one of the most extraordinary experiences in my life. The last time I experienced this degree of peace, joy, love and clarity was in 1986 in Dharamsala, India where the Dalai Lama taught hundreds for 3 months. During the 90 Day Diamond Journey, I experienced states of consciousness I have never before experienced, drawing closer to the Heart-Mind of Mother-Father God and closer to Heaven on Earth. I have gained invaluable tools that ALWAYS WORK, giving me new confidence that I can actually embody my I AM Consciousness and that I can stay AWAKE, CLEAR AND ALIGNED with Divinity throughout the craziness of everyday life. My ego has become more gracious than I have ever known her to be as she is accepting her new role as a supporter of my True Self. The burdens of my life have been lightening as I have been living more in the Diamond Frequency. When fears, doubts and distress arise, I find it easier now to shift back into the Diamond wavelength of Joy and Equanimity. The Diamond Channel is the absolutely very best place to be!!!

Jacqueline Joy is a Spiritual Genius bringing in this most amazing gift to humanity, a way to stay connected to one's Innermost Being in the easiest way possible through the Diamond Technology.

More from Christina ...

I have new thoughts I've never had before---like "I rejoice that all my lost parts have been found and returned to me." My husband and I are feeling a swelling of love we've not experienced in a very long time.

Thank you, Jacqueline, for bringing us into the Land of Magic and Miracles!!!

You are a role model to us and many others. Your character is so exquisitely fine that it is a delight to be in your presence. You are truly someone that we wish to emulate. Your single-minded focus and passion for the Diamond has been an extraordinary gift to us and innumerable others. You are the most splendid embodiment of the Divine Mother!!!

We are grateful that you brought us into the Diamond on this Life-Changing Journey!

With deep gratitude to everyone for being so present in the Diamond Field where extraordinary things happen!

Maite Hernandez - Belgium

THANK YOU so very much, Jacqueline, for bringing us together to this exciting new Journey.

I would say I miss you but the real feeling I do have is that we are always connected through the Diamond. This 90 day Journey has been an amazing experience Jacqueline, and it is growing everyday in my Heart.

I wish to express a testimony of Divine Intervention through the Diamond concerning my almost 16 years old son who was pulling apart from my daily life for a very long time, more than 6 years, since we started our calls, our relationship is now back to life. And not only that, I have been so happy and free of all conditionings that it was like living in heaven with a Being that I deeply love and is so important in my earthly life, and beyond.

Receiving this Gift has been the most palpable manifestation of Divine Love and there are more and more everyday that I cannot believe it can happen to me. Now I am in the process of clearing old patterns with my mother and father and I am grateful to the potency of the Diamond Field, and I trust this is so.

I wish to share the following statements of Gratitude. It is a state of gratitude that comes often and I want to say it now.

Gratitude for this Journey
Gratitude to you beloved Jacqueline for Leading this wonderful group and for your absolute dedication that inspires us day after day.
Gratitude for how you convey the Consciousness in this so simple and so powerful way
Gratitude for your Generosity without limits
Gratitude for the Excellence and Impeccability of your Dedication
Gratitude for each and every one of us
Gratitude for all the qualities that each of us bring each day
Gratitude for the dedication that each of us demonstrates
Gratitude for our Dearest Presences
Gratitude for our I Am Presence that decided to take part in this group
Gratitude to you Stephanie for your Sweetness and much more
Gratitude to you Christina for your Strength and much more
Phoeby, Gratitude for your impeccability Embodying the Diamond and much more
Gratitude to you Ann for your Beautiful Presence and much more
Gratitude to you Donna for your Expression and much more
Mila, Gratitude for your Boldness and much more
Maite, Gratidude for your Enthusiasm and much more

And most Gratitude for my Absolute DIAMOND CHRIST ALIGNMENT, the source of this statements of Gratitude

In deep Gratitude to the Cosmic Energy of Love that pulls me through this Portal

Love You All


Lyudmyla (Mila) Kurenkov - Georgia, USA

Time isn't normal when you are in the Diamond field. Every day brought so much and yet I could handle it. This is the most amazing part. I am looking at what happened in my life during the 90 days, on every level - relationships, family, friends, my job, spiritual practice, new opportunities and challenges; it was a lot! And yet I am still here and feeling stronger than ever before. It is really a journey of empowerment, inner and outer on all levels ...a journey of integration and Freedom.

I didn't really expect to get some results in the area of money from our 90 day journey. I was looking for energetic protection and support ... to get stronger. However, I am happy to report that I not only happened to keep my job in spite of lay-offs, but my merit increased; my husband got a new better-paid job and things seem to get better every day.

My yoga teacher says that in our everyday life we are like electrons moving around the nucleus on the same orbit, and if we want to raise to a higher orbit, if we want to change the way we live our life, we need to accumulate some energy.

I see Diamond Christ Alignment as the tool that gives a direct access to source energy (which takes may forms - money, health, knowledge, clarity, awareness, love) with almost unbelievable ease and grace. These 90 days changed my life in many, many ways, and continue to change it even now. It is as though my life got upgraded in every area, and in ways that I cannot even comprehend right now. I know my orbit has changed and I look forward to experience whatever changes it brings to my life.

I feel so blessed to have been a part of this wonderful group and very grateful for the opportunity to have been in the magical Diamond Energy field.

Thank you with all my heart -


Ann Rambaut - UK

My mothers passing on and funeral have illustrated to me some of the miraculous affects of the 90 Day Diamond Journey. I have experienced such an outpouring of love and support from so many people - many of whom I dont know that well. I have 'seen' my Mother several times whilst in the Diamond along with several other family members who passed over many many years ago including my Grandmother. I even saw my Mother when I was in the church late on in the funeral service - I realised that she was no longer in her physical body and that she was looking down over the service, I shut my eyes and felt an inner peace and could see my mother smiling and I knew she was at peace. I know I would not have had these experiences before coming to Diamond Christ Alignment and probably not before the 90 Day Journey.

I also realise that my lower human ego is taking on its new role, Im not saying it isnt fighting back, but I am aware that the few remaining issues I had with my mother have gone. My Love to you all and I look forward to being with you soon.


Stephanie - California

Jacqueline Joy's 90 day Journey ... a journey of self mastery and self discovery leading to tremendous healing and expansion of consciousness. This magical journey has completely transformed my life....The Diamond Energy and Jacqueline Joy's mastery, wisdom, clarity, grace, and love have illuminated my soul. I now know and feel that I AM One with All Life...Each day led to a new opening and awakening within myself. I now experience the following daily:

Tremendous Happiness and Joy
Ever-unfolding Wisdom and Growth
Clarity and Intuition
Divine Inspiration
Mastery over my thoughts and emotions
Self Acceptance and Love
Non Judgment of Self and Others
Increased Abundance and Wealth of Being
Increased Patience and Emotional Freedom
Magic and Miracles
Tremendous Sense of Calm and Inner Peace
Excitement for the Future
Love and Compassion for All Life
Ability to Receive
Increased Gratitude and Appreciation

I consider it an honor and a privilege to have had the opportunity to be a part of this journey....I recommend it to all beings who are ready to embody their I AM Presence....For this journey shall free you from limitation and bring you directly into partnership with the Divine..... Thank you Jacqueline Joy and Diamond Christ Alignment for the Gifts you bring to humanity....I celebrate you with all my Heart!

90-Day Journey Receiver

Dearest Jacqueline Joy and Diamond Christ Alignment,

I would like to express my immense gratitude for your presence in my life! Jacqueline, your tremendous generosity of Spirit is truly appreciated.....Each day you give to each of us with All of your Heart. I am grateful for every minute...I am grateful for every second....Each day you give us more than thirty minutes of your time....Know that each second is noticed...each second is appreciated...Thank you for your Love...Thank you for your Grace....

I am and will continue to be a YES to You and the Diamond Technology....

About the first 30 days ...

Lyudmyla (Mila) Kurenkov - Georgia, USA

30 days, it feels like forever and at the same time like we started just yesterday. Time doesn't work the same way when you are in the Diamond field, I guess. Every day brings so much and yet you can handle it. This is the most amazing part. I am looking at what has happened in my life during these 30 days, on every level - relationships, family, friends, my job, spiritual practice, new opportunities and challenges; it was a lot! And yet I am still here and feeling stronger than ever before. It is really the journey of empowerment, inner and outer on all levels. The journey of integration. I feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful group and very grateful for the opportunity to be in this magical field.

Thank you with all my heart,


Christina Golden, Idaho, USA

The last time I consistently experienced the kind of clarity I experience in the Diamond was 30 years ago when I did sesshin, 3 or 7 day retreats during which I sat in zazen meditation (following the breath or questioning "Who am I?") for 12-16 hours a day in a cross legged sitting posture. Since then, over the years, I have yearned to do sesshin again, but finding the time and the right spiritual community became obstacles. Since finding the Diamond, I now have great support in accessing that emptiness and razor sharp clarity that I loved so much from my Zen experience years ago. The first time I went into the Diamond I felt as though I had found a gateway back into the sublime Buddha realm. The Diamond is an absolutely fabulous Interdimensional Portal!!! Words fail to describe what a sweet homecoming it has been for me! I cannot thank you enough for your single-minded persistence in making this Portal available to others as you have. I know that the Masters and Buddhas are greatful to you, Jacqueline!!!

One of my favorite Tibetan deities (I also practiced Tibetan Buddhism in India and Nepal after Zen) is the Diamond Sow, one of the aspects of Vajra Yogini who carries the Diamond Sceptre, the Vajra Thunderbolts and is a fiercely powerful red dancing feminine divinity. It is most wonderful to be able now to reconnect with Her in this contemporary Sacred Technology!!

I am so grateful to share energies again with others actively seeking the life of clarity, wisdom, love, compassion, peace, joy and happiness! This uplifting gives me greater confidence that I can manifest my heart's desires! The Diamond has helped me enormously to clarify those desires and yearnings from deep in my soul. It is wonderful to be freer of the daily stuff from the mass consciousness that distracts and disheartens. I love being reconnected with my True Self and feeling free to express It without the ancestral, family and cultural influences that color my ordinary self.

What's very sweet is that my husband and I are releasing dysfunctional patterns and becoming more inspired to do the things we really enjoy---like photography together.

I am finding that I've been able to tell him about the Diamond and the Archangels easily and he has had no resistence or sarcasm. This is a significant sign!! And this morning he told me, "I had a dream last time about diamonds...I can't remember it yet, but I feel it was a very important dream!"

With deep gratitude,


Stephanie, California

The last 30 days of the 90 day journey have been truly profound. I have greatly enjoyed the group experience and I feel held and supported daily. I have been releasing old stored pain, conditioning and programming. The clearings allow me to know that All I need is within me! I feel Clarity, Freedom and Peace daily! Every cell of body feels alive and completely connected to this planet..our Mother...My days are filled with opportunities for me to surrender, shine or speak my truth....I now have the courage to Shine, to Speak Truth, and to Surrender....I know that I am One with All Life and that I am completely supported by the Universe! To feel Joy daily has become the norm...To see magic and miracles all around me has inspired me to Love my human ego Free! I AM Grateful, I AM Grateful, I AM eternally Grateful to The Diamond and Jacqueline Joy for this tremendous opportunity! I know that as I AM lifted up, All Life is being lifted up with me! Thank you for allowing me to BE the I AM Presence!

Ann Rambaut, UK

Many thanks for your companionship on this 90 day journey. In many ways I too feel Ive been on this journey for a long time. Ive found it difficult to know what to write about my Journey so far. I think its difficult because the experiences I have been having have been all encompassing in that they have affected every aspect of my life in subtle ways which have accumulated and produced some profound changes. The subtle ways are in the way I relate to people, I have found the experiences I have been having with both people I know and strangers have been more open and people have been more receptive towards me. I am beginning to know the Truth of who I am and therefore feel more self confident and self love. I have reached a major crossroads in my life and over the past year have been trying to find a sense of direction with both my work and with my closest intimate relationship. The past 30 days have given me Clarity and a Knowing that I am larger than my circumstance. I really do feel that whatever path I am taken down everything is going to be just fine.

Overall, my Diamond Journey is giving me much Joy and Equanimity. Life still happens but I feel I can deal with what it throws at me from a far better and stronger place than I did 30 days ago. I love being in the Diamond and the intense experiences it is giving me. I feel at One with Myself and certainly part of the Universe rather than at odds with both - that is probably one of the most valuable affects the Diamond Experience has given me. I look forward to the next 30 days and where I will be then in my Journey.

Heartfelt thanks to you all for sharing your Journeys with me and to Jacqueline for Guiding us along the road.

Much gratitude and appreciation to you all.

Individual Stories during the 90-day Journey ...

Phoeby Sheldan 12-29-10 London, Ontario, Canada

My father has endured various health complications since his cancer treatments in 2005. At age 73, he hasn't quite 'bounced-back' in strength.

One of his challenges was continual bleeding for more than a week in his gastro-intestinal tract. Fearing the worst prognosis by doctors, he chose to refuse to seek any medical attention. And so, I decided to do my part and bring the power of Diamond Christ Alignment to help him.

I sketched an outline of the entire gastro-intestinal tract that I had found in a medical textbook, and overlay the diagram with individual, activated diamonds, tiny exact replicas of Diamond Christ Alignment's activated Diamond (in colour and form). While drawing this, I focused intensely on the healing power of the Diamond in helping my father.

Once completed, I brought the drawing to my father's home, my nine-year old niece discovered it in my bag. Out of curiosity, she asked me what this was, I told her about Diamond Christ Alignment's power and with child-like grace she knew exactly what this meant and what to do with it. She took the drawing and scotch-taped it to the medicine cabinet door of my father's bathroom. My father asked what this was, and I asked him gently with great compassion to just gaze at this drawing for a few minutes and meditate to the God of his understanding. Surprisingly, after a short moment of silence, he said 'ok, yes' to my request and to the help of the Diamond.

Three days later, my father's GI tract bleeding stopped. He couldn't wait to tell me, he shared the news right away, early in the morning.

The bleeding has not returned in the past five consecutive days. My father believes he is cured. He feels relief, elation, and gratitude.

His fear about his health has diminished significantly.

All of us know that a higher power, through the Diamond, physicalized in the drawing played a central role in this healing process.

Three short stories from Mila, Georgia, USA:

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