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Jacqueline Joy, Diamond Christ Alignment's Spiritual leader & advisor, is globally delivering her Divinely-inspired Sacred Technology that aligns individuals with the Empowerment and Joy of Diamond Consciousness, through her transcendent 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation online and "live", through her powerful Diamond Energy Transmissions, Activations and Clearings. Her solid anchoring in the business world and her embodiment of Diamond Consciousness, awakened in 1987, allow her to lead, inspire and support individuals worldwide, from 185 countries, in mastering their embodiment of Diamond Consciousness and actualizing the highest Diamond Potential of their Divine Diamond Blueprint.

Item #1
(1) 90-Day Diamond Christ Alignment "Premium Diamond Connection" Subscription

NOTE: if you are already a subscriber, these additional 90 days
will simply be added to your account!

Daily High-Frequency Vibrational Support
on the Road to Diamond Mastery!


The Diamond Christ Alignment Activation is a 6-minute multi-sensory energy transmission delivered via the Internet that immediately connects and aligns you with the Divine Power Within and the Universal Power of Heaven and Earth. This transcendent experience relaxes your mind, clears tension and toxicity from your cells, and activates the flow of Divine Ecstasy in your body ... gifting you with a deep state of Inner Peace and Joy that emanates from you throughout the day. This powerful and convenient Sacred Tool is accessible whenever you need it: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your 90-Day "Premium Connection" to Diamond Christ Alignment, a Sacred Technology, includes:


The continuous infusion of Diamond vibrational support received through the 6-minute Diamond Activation (2 times a day is optimum) empowers you to master your alignment with Diamond Consciousness, keep your energy field clear, your vibration high and your energy flow strong ... no matter what is going on around you.

State-of-the-Art Energy Clearing before the
6-Minute Diamond Activation

This clearing assures that you are clear and fully present to receive the high-frequency Diamond Energy at the cellular level, and all other levels thereafter. Because everyone who enters the Diamond Energy field receives this clearing, you are assured that you are entering a pristine energy field and are able to open and allow yourself to receive more.

Direct Connection to the Worldwide Diamond Grid
The Diamond Energy Grid interfaces between the non-Physical and Physical worlds. It is a meticulously-designed infrastructure that harnesses high-frequency Divine Energy from the Heavens and the Earth through Diamond Portals that flow this powerful energy to the human body safely and comfortably. These Portals have been established worldwide, creating a Unified Vibrational Field of Diamond Consciousness. Being plugged into this high-frequency Diamond Energy Grid through your "Premium Diamond Connection" subscription accelerates and amplifies the manifestation of your intentions.

Your support and prayers for the transformation of our world are amplified dramatically when you are part of this Diamond global network. As each of us brings more Light and Alignment to our lives, we join the other Diamond Receivers in the Diamond Grid, accelerating the power of our Unified Energy Field to catalyze a global shift into Diamond Consciousness and Joy.

You will also be collaborating with Jacqueline Joy, as an active, conscious receiver of the Diamond Energy ... amplifying the Divine Intervention that she invokes through the Diamond Energy Grid daily to detoxify and raise the frequency of the Planet and "Diamondize" crises around the world, which contributes to the upliftment of the human experience.

*When thousands of you consciously choose to connect to the worldwide Diamond Grid, manifestation is exponentially accelerated. As we each focus on our alignment with Diamond Consciousness individually we are also receiving the Divine Intervention that the Grid is bringing in collectively.

Continuous Flow of Diamond Energy to
Support Your Life 24 Hours a Day

As a "Premium Diamond" Subscriber, the high-frequency Diamond Energy flows to you from the worldwide Diamond Grid 24 hours a day to support your life. Your commitment to the 6-minute Diamond Activation ONLINE (2 times a day is optimum) PLUS the 24/7 continuous flow of the Diamond Grid Energy, will enable you to maintain your alignment with Diamond Consciousness and keep your energy field clear, your vibration high and your energy flow strong.

Remote Energy Work by Spiritual Leader
Jacqueline Joy, 30 Minutes per Day

Jacqueline Joy uses advanced energy technologies that she has mastered over the last 20 years to serve you 30 minutes daily. These powerful energy clearings and transmissions accelerate your embodiment of Diamond Consciousness, empowering you to maintain your Diamond Christ Alignment and create true Wealth of Being - Wealth enjoyed at all levels; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and materially.

NOTE: The daily Remote Clearing is not a recording nor is it received via teleconference call. The daily Clearing is transmitted "remotely" by Jacqueline Joy at the vibrational level, and therefore, it is not necessary to be in contact with her in the "physical" or do anything to receive it. However, if you wish to become consciously aware of the Transmission, we recommend that you follow the "Remote Receiving" instructions that are included with this level of subscription.

6 Minutes (Twice a Day) Transforms Your Life
All levels of your life will be supported by the benevolent power of the Diamond Energy. Magic and Miracles will occur in your life daily. Note: Diamond Christ Alignment is NOT a religion, spiritual practice, dogma or self-help course, and it requires no effort, background or belief on your part. Anyone in the world can receive this powerful energy regardless of age, race, creed or culture. Diamond Christ Alignment IS a Divine Energy Transmission that activates the Highest Potential within each of us, allowing us to thrive from a state of Joy, Equanimity, Clarity, Fun, Freedom and Wealth of Being in this increasingly challenging and accelerated world.

Our fast-paced demanding lives often prevent us from finding the time to consciously connect and align with our Inner Power and Wisdom. Diamond Christ Alignment offers an unprecedented service that answers this great need - simply, gracefully and effectively. This revolutionary energy technology is convenient yet profound - an exquisite high-tech oasis available 24 hours a day, for those seeking to maintain connection with the Joy of the Divine Power Within, while fully engaging in our everyday world at optimum levels.

Whenever you need to align, center, relax and recharge ... this high-powered Energy Transmission and Activation is always on for you. All you need to do is put on your headphones and receive the expansive energy of Diamond Christ Alignment.

NOTE: if you are already a subscriber, these additional 90 days will simply be added to your account!

Item #2
(1) 60-minute "LIVE" Group Diamond Energy Transmission/
Activation via Teleconference Call with Jacqueline Joy

Wednesday July 27th, 3-4 PM
(California Pacific time zone, US)


This 60-minute "LIVE" Transmission of Diamond Energy and Information, delivered by Spiritual Leader and Advisor Jacqueline Joy, is filled with multi-dimensional insight and wisdom. Jacqueline Joy transmits specific Diamond frequencies, as directed by her own Diamond Consciousness and the unified field of Diamond receivers on the Call, to accelerate your embodiment of Diamond Consciousness and Joy.

This will also be an opportunity to have your Diamond Questions answered directly by Jacqueline Joy. Participant questions are submitted prior to the call. Any question (even if it is not yours) that is addressed in the Diamond's Unified Energy Field, with Jacqueline Joy's intention to serve the highest potential of the group, will call forth an answer from Jacqueline Joy that will benefit All. It will be a question that your conscious mind did not think to ask ... but your Higher Diamond Mind will recognize and receive the transmission of the answer as something your Being needed to hear.

Item #3
(1) MP3 Audio Recording of the "LIVE" Group Diamond Energy Transmission/Activation above

Listening to this recording as often as you are guided to by your Higher Consciousness, will accelerate your embodiment of the Diamond Energy and Information that was transmitted by Jacqueline Joy LIVE ... as it will assist the integration of this new higher frequency in your physical cells and your personality selves.

Item #4
(3) MP3 recordings of "LIVE" Diamond Mastery Discourse/
Activations with Jacqueline Joy

diamond-2 Each Diamond Discourse/Activation is an MP3 Audio recording of a Diamond Mastery Transmission delivered "LIVE" by Jacqueline Joy that works synergistically with its related Specialized Remote Diamond Clearing. (See "Instructions for Receiving Remote Clearings" included in your package.) These Transmissions of Diamond Energy and Information activate Diamond Consciousness and Joy in your cells in the following foundational areas for Diamond Mastery:

Expanding to Receive
Our fast-paced demanding world often prevents us from finding the time to consciously connect and align with our Inner Power and Wisdom, leaving us stressed and often overwhelmed by the density of the world. Not being aligned with the Divine in ourselves can diminish or literally pinch off our ability to receive the abundant flow from Source. Jacqueline Joy's "Expanding to Receive" Discourse/Activation and Diamond Remote Clearing activate the expansion of your receiving channel to the flow of Magic, Miracles and Gifts that your Diamond Consciousness has for you.

Joy in the Body
Staying charged with the high vibration of Joy has the ability to alchemically transform lower vibration feelings, such as stress, confusion, doubt, depression, anxiety, fear and worry into Diamond qualities, such as Inner Joy, Peace, Equanimity, Clarity, Fun, Freedom, Grace, Ease and Wealth of Being. In the body, the frequency of Joy is experienced as a very refined energy current running through you, which shows up as strength, confidence, gracefulness, fluidity and radiance. In this Transmission, Jacqueline Joy activates your innate power of Joy to transmute old limiting thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that have been held in the body ... empowering you to feel the Joy of your true Self and the flow of your true vibration. ... "Joy in the Body".

Energy Field Clearing
We live in a world that is pure energy and as such, we are susceptible to the invisible thoughts, feelings and energies that are circulating around us. It is important to awaken to this phenomenon that has gone largely unnoticed because it is INVISIBLE. Just as we consider it good hygiene at the physical level to bathe and brush our teeth every day, it is extremely important that we establish excellent habits at the non-physical level by clearing our Energy field daily to feel good and to stay in our own vibration. Jacqueline Joy's Transmission will awaken your awareness and activate your ability to use advanced technologies to keep your Energy Field clear and your vibration high.

Item #5
(3) Specialized Remote Diamond Clearings related to the
(3) Diamond Mastery Discourse/Activations above

The Specialized Remote Diamond Clearings

Jacqueline Joy, Diamond Christ Alignment's Spiritual leader & advisor, uses her advanced energy technologies to transform and clear lower vibration frequencies that are "clouding" your true Diamond Nature, freeing you to manifest and express from your Diamond Self in the foundational areas of Diamond Mastery covered in the recorded Diamond Transmissions above.

These Specialized Remote Diamond Clearings are part of the vast multi-dimensional Diamond Christ Alignment infrastructure, or Diamond Energy Grid, that Jacqueline Joy has developed and refined for more than 20 years, with her higher Team.

How It Works:
When you follow our instructions for receiving one of these "laser focused" clearings, your Consciousness will download the vibration of the specific Diamond Clearing directly from the Diamond Energy Grid. Your cells will then release the congealed energies - long-held thought-forms, beliefs, patterns, programming, imprinting, conditioning, and false images of yourself that have limited you in the specific area of your life addressed in the MP3 audio recording that you have purchased.

The Diamond vibration transforms lower vibration energies that are releasing from your cells by raising your frequency, thereby accelerating your release process and making it more gentle and comfortable: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Since these "Remote" Clearings have already been established by Jacqueline Joy at the vibrational level in the Diamond Energy Grid, it is not necessary to be in contact with her in the "physical" to receive the Clearing. What IS important is that you set aside time to fully and consciously receive the Clearing.

The Diamond Energy is not bound by linear time and space. It works at the multi-dimensional level of Diamond Consciousness, in response to your choice to receive it (by purchasing it) and vibrationally clears that which is not in alignment with your Highest Diamond Potential.

What Is Being Cleared:
What the Diamond Energy is clearing remotely is related to the topic of the Diamond Transmission recordings included in your package.

"Remote Clearings" vibrationally clear the lower frequencies in the:

For example, for "Joy in the Body", that which currently prevents/limits you from experiencing Joy in the Body will be transformed and cleared.

90% OFF
Jacqueline Joy's Diamond Christ Alignment Special Offer includes:
  • 90-day Premium Diamond subscription
  • 60-minute "LIVE" Group Diamond Energy Transmission/Activation via Conference Call
  • MP3 Recording of the 60-minute "LIVE" Diamond Energy Transmission
  • 3 MP3 Recordings of "LIVE" Diamond Mastery Discourse/Activations
  • 3 Specialized Diamond Remote Clearings


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