Energy Healing with Diamond Christ Alignment

Your search for Spiritual energy healing has been answered ...

WELCOME ... I am Jacqueline Joy, creator of the online 6-Minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation, a cutting-edge multi-sensory online energy transmission and Spiritual technology that activates alignment with your Inner Energy and Power, raises your vibration, clears your energy field, balances your chakras, activates energetic healing where you need it, focuses your mind, and delivers the benefits of meditation and more ... in just 6 minutes.

As a pioneer in online energy consciousness techniques for the 21st century, Diamond Christ Alignment makes spiritual energy healing possible in an effortless and enjoyable way, through a guided meditation and energy transmission that clears and balances your energy, from your home, office or anywhere you have online access.

There is no need to learn how to meditate, no books, CDs or complicated instructions, and no special background or training required.

To awaken and experience the vibrational healing energy of your Soul's Higher Consciousness, simply log in to, and let my 28 years of experience helping people connect and align with the healing flow of Cosmic Energy be your guide.

All you need is a computer with high-speed internet access.

Stop paying the great cost of stress and tension

It's a fact that we are more effective, successful, healthy and fulfilled when we are living in an energetically clear, connected and relaxed state. When our energy field is not clear and our energy flow is low, not only are we stressed and less effective ... we pay a price on every level. Some of the hidden costs of this stress and tension are depression, confusion, distraction, relationship issues, therapy, expensive prescriptions and more.

Experience Energetic Healing Now

For only $1 and 6-minutes a day, you can eliminate the great cost and long-term effects of stress and tension, and live in the Joy and Freedom of alignment with the crystal clear Divine Energy within you.

With consistent use, the 6-Minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation gives you the power to hold your connection with the Divine Within and move beyond just surviving to thriving, while fully engaging in our fast-paced, demanding world. Diamond Christ Alignment subscribers have come from over 198 countries and every continent ... and have reported universally positive results. . I invite you to connect with the worldwide Diamond Energy Grid and experience the power of Diamond Christ Alignment in your own life. Each time you enter the world of Diamond Christ Alignment, you are one step closer to to effortless Spiritual Energy Healing and a stress-free, Joy-filled life.