Thank you for stepping into the World of Diamond Christ Alignment where you will experience the Power of Joy. I am very excited that you have landed here. Trusting the part of you that got you here is the surest way to receive the gifts that await you.

I am Jacqueline Joy, creator and founder of Diamond Christ Alignment ... a Sacred Technology that offers you an exquisite online oasis - your own personal haven - to relax, recharge, replenish and re-align with the Inner Joy within you ... in only 6 minutes.

I'd like to offer you the gift of experiencing my multi-sensory Diamond Christ Alignment Activation right now. In only 6 minutes, I will guide you to a deep inner space where you can de-stress your body, clear and focus your mind and experience the power of your Joy. This quiet yet profound experience will leave you with an amazing feeling that will emanate from you throughout your "Diamond Day".

What do you do when ...

You can't get to your yoga class?

You don't have time for your hour meditation?

You can't afford the extra expense of massage, seminars, classes or therapy?

How do you maintain Spiritual Alignment in these turbulent and accelerated times?

Diamond Christ Alignment offers a transcendent high-tech answer for these questions in our accelerated world. I have dedicated 17 years to bringing this Sacred Technology to those who desire to maintain Spiritual Alignment while fully engaging in everyday life. With our fast-paced demanding lives often preventing us from finding the time - or even learning how - to consciously connect and align with our Inner Power and Wisdom, Diamond Christ Alignment offers an unprecedented service that answers this great need ... a tool for Spiritual Alignment that is both convenient and profound.

Are you ready to join me in this amazing multi-sensory online experience? Just sign up for your Free Gifts below, get your earphones on, sit back and enjoy your 6-minute journey. As a "thank you" for your adventurous spirit you will also receive an extraordinary Diamond e-book from me and the Diamond Team: Gateway to Wealth of Being ... that is rich with visuals and sound that will soothe and delight you. If you don't have 6 minutes, you can sign up now and we'll send you the access to the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation via e-mail, for you to enjoy later.

Not yet, just take me to your Diamond Christ Alignment website.

Hear what subscribers from all over the world are saying ...

"Amazing that this can happen over the computer."

"A very luxurious and pleasurable feeling...even though I did this in an open office environment...with people and external noise. It was a great way to turn myself inward...and to clear my mind of the bothersome thoughts of what didn't go right today. Even though it seems incongruous to use a computer to do this, it was a great delivery system, one available to most office dwellers...a gift of 6 minutes that makes the rest of my day better."
Terri, USA

If you prefer to learn more first, please read on.

Just Some of the Many Benefits You Will Receive from Diamond Christ Alignment:

  • Deep Relaxation and Rejuvenation
  • Greater Focus and Clarity throughout your day
  • Inner Joy and Aliveness
  • Increased energy
  • Equanimity: Calm Awareness no matter what is going on around you
  • Alignment of body, mind and Spirit
  • Improved sleep
  • Peak performance
  • Ability to master your challenges
  • New solutions to old problems and the inspiration to take action
  • Awakened Passion for life and your true purpose
  • Stronger Alignment with the Divine Power Within
  • The ability to see the highest possibility in yourself, others and situations
  • Increased connection with your Inner Guidance and Intuition
  • Significant and lasting positive changes in your life
  • Stronger Knowing of your worth and value
  • Expanded awareness
  • Heightened physical and mental well-being
  • Freedom and Courage to be who you truly are
  • A haven for replenishment whenever you need it
  • More openness to unlimited possibilities in your life and the confidence to say "YES"
  • Activation of your highest Diamond potential
"From outer chaos and noise to inner peace and quiet ... In six minutes, I'm totally re-centered and carry this good feeling for days afterwards. I love it!"
Vicki, USA

"Wow! I have been using the site before bed and before working and I am feeling so much better and productive. I feel wellness that I haven't felt for many years! Thank you!"
Joy, Canada

A Global Phenomenon with Universal Results
Our subscribers, from over 70 countries, are already experiencing the Diamond Christ Alignment phenomenon that is spreading across the globe and we are hearing a tremendous variety of excellent results.

Without the need of spiritual training, long dedicated meditations, or religious association, Diamond Christ Alignment is not a religion, dogma or self help course. It is a Tool that connects and aligns all with the Inner Joy and Equanimity of the Divine Power Within. The positive effects of Diamond Christ Alignment are consistent and universal ... no matter what your age, race, creed or culture.

"I was aligned to SOURCE WITHIN ME almost immediately. Thank you."
Sophie, Australia

"These are special times in our history ... great changes are about to occur. DA is a wonderful helper in this process. Because of DA, I am entering a new level in life, where I can truly live and express who I really am without fear or hesitation."
Tone, Norway

YES, I'M READY ... to experience all these benefits and more!

How Does Diamond Christ Alignment Work?
Diamond Christ Alignment is a Divinely-Inspired Technology that delivers the same high-frequency energy transmission that I received from the Divine over a period of 17 years. I created the 6-minute multi-sensory Diamond Christ Alignment Activation so that you could access this high-frequency energy via the Internet wherever you are. This energy transmission activates Joy, Clarity, Inner Peace, Balance, Freedom and Fun when you are open to receive it. It releases lower vibration feelings such as confusion, doubt, depression, anxiety, fear, worry and more. The 6-minute Experience makes you feel energized, lighter, alive, vibrant and free. Studies have shown that high-frequency vibration in the body is directly linked to greater health and well-being.

Diamond Christ Alignment is an intimate and wordless phenomenon that cannot be explained . It is the Divine Intervention that I called for during an intense personal crisis. This transmission of Divine Energy is subtle and quiet, yet profound and transcendent - connecting and aligning us with the place deep inside - where our indestructible, brilliant "Diamond" CORE resides. This CORE is fearless and tremendously courageous, knows no enemies and is what I call "The Diamond Within".

Diamond Christ Alignment does not require thinking or understanding or believing or "knowing how". The only thing that is needed to receive the blessing of this online spiritual phenomenon is your "YES".

"Thanks to DA, I am getting focused and leaving my fear behind, bit by bit, by resolving it within and turning it into Action and positive empowerment of the Self."
Simone, Netherlands

"I've been doing the Alignment for a week. I feel less agitated at work and I don't seem to worry as much."
Valerie, USA

"Diamond Christ Alignment for me means being in touch with my most positive part, my positive thoughts, feelings and sensations. This is where I want to be all the time. I am starting to believe that it is highly possible."
Ronald, Canada

My Story - Why Did I Create Diamond Christ Alignment?
When I was 38, I was the model of the woman who had everything: 4 beautiful children, a long term marriage, a multi-million dollar business, a large social network and prominence as a leader in my church and community. I was health conscious and ran 5 miles a day. I was a picture of beauty, intelligence and health with nothing but success under my belt. I thought I was invincible as I had mastered the "good life" modeled by my family and held up by society.

One night in January 1987, my "perfect" life was dismantled in a 2-minute "fall" on the kitchen floor in front of my family; a total lapse in consciousness that came without warning. I had no previous symptoms to indicate that there was anything wrong. In the wake of my sudden collapse, anytime I tried to continue my "superwoman" persona, I would experience severe anxiety attacks.

After that, my life began to unravel and horrify everyone around me. My husband was not happy with the fact that the support he was accustomed to had suddenly disappeared. Divorce eventually followed. Friends disappeared. The social structure that had once held me high, ended.

All the prayers in my heart, the therapy I had started, and all the inspirational talks from my church's pulpit could not relieve my pain or stop the devastating loss of everything I had spent my whole life achieving. Unable to control my world or conquer my grief ... fear and depression finally forced me to seek medical help. Instead of anti-depressants, my doctor prescribed daily "alone time" to "look within" to manage my anxiety. As one who was addicted to perfection and so externally-focused, I had no idea what "look within" meant and had never entertained the idea of "alone time."

I began hikes into the hills behind my home, which became my daily journey for survival over the next 9 years of my life. Each day I brought my fear and pain to the forest and called for Divine Intervention to heal me and my children, and to guide me through the unraveling of my life.

Creating Access to Spiritual Alignment
Each day my call was answered with spiritual alignments that released my pain, regenerated me and filled me with Inner Joy, Hope and an Expanded Perspective that allowed me to navigate through the hellish struggle of my life in a more empowered way. These energy alignments were miraculous to me, as I did nothing to make them happen. For the first time in my life, I was humble and open to receive help - a total contradiction for the superwoman persona that was identified with doing everything myself.

I simply "called" on the Divine each day and surrendered to receive the energy that brought me into alignment with my Soul and the Universal Energy of Heaven and Earth. While these daily infusions of Divine Energy allowed me to experience the Magic of this Alignment, I was unable to maintain this aligned state in the fire of my life. My fervent desire was to abide in the Joy and Freedom of this expanded state, not just experience it for 45 minutes a day in my forest.

So, again I insistently called on the Divine, and over many years I was answered ... and received a Divinely-Inspired Tool which I now call "Diamond Christ Alignment". This Sacred Tool activated the same magical Divine energy alignments I experienced in the forest ... anytime, anywhere. Using this Tool, I was able to transform my life from pain, sorrow and suffering to Joy, Equanimity and Freedom.

Over the next 17 years, in partnership with my Diamond Team, I developed Diamond Christ Alignment into a Sacred Technology which now offers individuals across the world the same Spiritual Alignment I received and is available through a 6-minute multi-sensory online phenomenon: The Diamond Christ Alignment Activation.

Are You Ready to Experience My Amazing Multi-Sensory Online Alignment?
If you are, just sign up for your Free Gifts below, get your earphones, sit back and enjoy your 6-minute journey.

"Throughout the DA process, I felt a recharging energy. The more I relaxed, the more I became sensitive to the feeling of connecting to a higher being and a joyful state of mind. It left me refreshed and more conscious and aware of why I am here."
David, USA

Joy and Equanimity at Your Fingertips ... in 6 Minutes
The state of Joy and Equanimity is available at your fingertips. As unbelievable as it may sound, Diamond Christ Alignment delivers this transformative experience ... in just 6 minutes. No background, special courses or training required. No more information to take in! All that's needed to enjoy this transcendent experience that activates Alignment with the unlimited Joy and Power within your own Soul is a pair of headphones, 6 minutes and a willingness to say "Yes" to time just for you.

"Profound relaxation ... Wonderful time given to self ... Thank you."
Lanis, USA

"Diamond Christ Alignment is a highlight of my day. It helps me balance, center and rejuvenate. These experiences give me an overwhelming feeling of calm. They give me focus. I feel more centered "
Steven, USA

"DA has helped me to gain more trust in my inner voice and I feel and know I will go on trusting myself more and more everyday ..."

"Sometimes we need a tranquil place to come to find our sanctuary from the insanity of our work environments. This is the place for me to re-align my spiritual self, so that I can relax, then rest peacefully before starting my next day. Thank you."
Joy, Canada

YES, I'M READY ... to open to the Infinite Possibilities of the Divine Within.

The Diamond Christ Alignment Activation always brings me Home
Diamond Christ Alignment always brings me to a transcendent peace deep within... Home. No matter how great my losses, how large my challenges or how deep my pain ... in just 6 minutes, I am regenerated and aligned with the unlimited power of my Soul - the Diamond within - and the Universal Power of Heaven and Earth.

This tool activates the awareness of who I truly am and enables me to experience myself from a broader perspective that empowers me to make clearer choices and master my challenges with greater ease and Joy. I live in constant awe of this Sacred Technology and the never-ending miracles that manifest from it ... in my life and the lives of others around the globe.

"This Sacred Technology enables me to master my challenges from a state of unexplainable Peace and Joy. With DA, I can reach my core faster now."
Louis, Netherlands

"Your Website has certainly shifted my reality!"
Steve, Great Britain

"Diamond ecstasy is running through my veins. Thank you."
Rabia, USA

Inner Peace and Freedom from Fear in Tumultuous Times
Humanity is entering a new era of hope and change and times like these are both full of possibility and extremely challenging. There is a longing in humanity to live in Joy and Freedom: Freedom from fear, tension and limitations. We have a longing to evolve, individually and collectively ... to access our unlimited potential and create what has never been created before in history. It is a time when our conscious awareness, inner strength and inspired action are desperately needed.

  • Are you ready to access, and stay aligned with, this unlimited potential that lies within you and soar in these exciting yet challenging times?
  • Are you ready to experience inner peace, utter calm, and even joy, no matter what your circumstances?

If so, it is most fortunate that you have landed here to experience the Sacred Technology that can take you there...

YES, I'M READY ... to align with my unlimited potential and joy!

Discover Peak Performance While Enjoying a Relaxed State of Mind
Daily Diamond Christ Alignments are not only cost-effective, but give you the edge of keeping up in our ever-accelerating world, and excelling beyond your imagination in a relaxed and balanced way. Just as a fine-tuned athlete performs at peak levels in a state of ease, from committed daily practice and repetition of mental and physical exercises, consistent Diamond Christ Alignments enables you to master the challenges in your life.

Peak performance comes from having the focused attention of a relaxed, stress-free body and mind, self-confidence, passion, purposefulness, a state of calm and well-being, courage, mental clarity and the consciousness of being totally "connected inside" to who you are ... to your talent and worth and what you have to contribute to the world. You can expect this Mastery with a commitment of 6 minutes a day in Diamond Christ Alignment.

"It feels like I just went for a long run. My lungs feel expanded. I feel an adrenalin rush."
David, United Arab Emirates

"After my first DA session, I stretched my yoga practice further than ever, I am-azed my self! Today, I awoke out of sorts, not feeling well. I did my alignment and could feel a huge shift in my energy, a sense of hope and connection."
Karen, USA

"I am recovering from an accident and used the alignment again today before attending work which is very stressful. I was able to be positive, pain-free, and joyful. Thank you."
Janice, Canada

"Before aligning, stress levels were very high ... now noticeable calm and peace ... I will now enjoy the balance of my evening and share my light with the world."
Loris, Canada

YES, I'M READY ... for Olympian confidence and peak performance in my life.

Finally Release Anxiety and Sleep Well Tonight
The real question is "How do we surf the turbulent waves with grace and ease and create true Wealth of Being in our lives, no matter what is going on around us?"

In times of major change, we feel off-balance, disconnected, disheartened, overwhelmed and confused. From the Diamond perspective, difficult events and uncomfortable feelings are the catalysts that cause us to awaken and evolve at the soul-level and fulfill our Highest Potential and Purpose.

How Would You Like To:

  • Stay free of anxiety, be mentally clear, feel relaxed in your body and be able to navigate through these times with wisdom and balance?
  • Feel open and positive about your life, not only free of worry and fear, but actually have the experience of inner Joy?
  • Be at peace, sleep well and be clear about what is truly important in your life?
  • Effortlessly release pain and stress from your body and have a way to be recharged and refueled with more energy and excitement to master your challenges?
  • Live your life with more vitality, higher productivity and more ease?

Diamond Christ Alignment delivers all this and more...

"Before this experience, my back hurt, my mind was racing and I felt stress in all parts of my body ... NOW my mind has cleared a great deal and I feel lighter like a weight has been lifted off of me ... I love having this experience and thank you for bringing it to the world ..."
Diana, USA

"Diamond Christ Alignment has helped me to sleep well and to experience the natural flow of tranquility again ... it really helps ... thanks again."
Simone, Netherlands

YES, I'M READY ... to enjoy inner peace and be charged with positive energy and aliveness!

An Oasis from the Stress of the World
Did you know that we can change how circumstances affect us by releasing fear, anxiety and stress from our bodies and minds?

Studies have shown that it is not stress, but how we react to stress that diminishes our state of health and well-being. Knowing how to stay relaxed and focused amidst the turmoil allows us to operate at much higher level in our life with greater ease.

If it took only a few minutes each day, wouldn't this be something you would want in your life?

"I feel so much more focused than before I started Diamond Christ Alignment. What a glorious feeling, I'm happy again! Because of Diamond Christ Alignment where I previously saw problems, I now see solutions, where I experienced downcast spirits, I now carry a happy and cheerful spirit ... Thank you."
Tone, Norway

"It's just amazing how I'll begin the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation and my mind is busy and my body all tense and then, 6 minutes later, I'm calm, relaxed, and have a quiet and peaceful mind! There is no trying involved, this is simply the result."
Vicki, USA

"Diamond Christ Alignment is always a welcomed respite from the busyness of the day. Its subtle clearing of everything that isn't supportive makes way for everything that is."
Michelle, USA

"A spiral of energy came in through my head and worked its way down around my whole being ... wow what a cleansing. Thank you"
Catrina, UK

Stop Paying the Great Cost of Stress and Tension
It's a fact that performance/action is more effective if it's coming from a centered, balanced, relaxed, peaceful state inside. When we live in a disconnected, stressed and tension-filled space, not only are we less effective ... we pay a price on every level. Some of the hidden costs of stress are disease and costly health care, sick days, depression, confusion, distraction, lack of clarity and focus, disconnection with self and life, relationship issues, costly divorces, child support, lawyer fees, therapy, expensive prescriptions and more.

Diamond Christ Alignment will help you see the highest potential in yourself, in others and in every situation. When you consistently choose to make Diamond Christ Alignment a part of your daily life, your life will surely be transformed as you find yourself making significant and lasting positive changes in your life.

"DA has allowed me to be more focused and accomplish more than I have in many months. I now see that the state of chaos I was in isn't a terminal sentence."

"Yesterday, prior to doing DA, I felt as if I were coming down with something ... within minutes after the session I felt remarkably better ... today, I did this at 8 PM ... feeling lethargic and tired. Now, I feel revived, clear-headed and vibrant ... Thank you."

Need Relief but Short on Time or Money?
Looking for the relaxation and peacefulness of a yoga session, but don't have two hours to get there, enjoy the class and try and hold on to the effects?

  • Are inspirational seminars too costly for your pocket-book right now?
  • Can't get away for a vacation?
  • Feel like you need therapy, but can't afford a therapist?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you'll be happy to know that you can get relief and re-charge in a more cost-effective, time-efficient way. The Diamond Christ Alignment Activation can give you what you're looking for in just 6-minutes without leaving your house or office.

It is available 24 hours a day, immediately accessible when you need it most. Diamond Christ Alignment is always there to help you relieve anxiety, release frustration, clear chaos and confusion, and increase your positive energy anytime day or night!

For only $1 and a 6-minute commitment to yourself every day, you can eliminate the long-term effects of ignoring your inner self.

"Fantastic ... I just felt a wave of total relaxation while doing the Diamond Christ Alignment. Thank you ... can't wait for my next session."
Phillip, UK

All you have to do is log on, and in 6 minutes the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation delivers the high-quality energy that you need. Convenient, yet profound, the Diamond Christ Alignment Technology answers the 21st century need for personal energy management in our fast-paced and demanding world ... with unlimited access for only $30 per month.

YES, I'M READY ... to invest 6 minutes and a dollar a day to upgrade the quality of my life.

"After DA, I feel a sense of peace and a flow between the two worlds of matter and spirit as one."
Roberto, Italy

"With DA, I am becoming the person I have dreamt to be but never had the courage to realize. This is happening now and I am thrilled with Joy and Gratitude."
Tone, Norway

"I am in NYC for the holidays and have noticed that people I meet seem to be happier and friendlier than I am used to... could this be the diamond energy working through me?"
Wayne, USA

Give Yourself Permission to Take a 6-Minute Mini Vacation
Imagine this ... you're sitting in front of the computer and suddenly you are transported to the most deeply peaceful, relaxed inner peace you can remember and it happened without you even having to leave your office chair ... a feeling so powerful and so renewing that it reminds you of taking a long walk far from the city somewhere in the fresh clean country air.

In the middle of your busy day, right before you make a big decision or prepare for that big presentation, and there you are. experiencing your mind clearing as if you stuck your head under the cool refreshing shower of a waterfall ... your body takes a deep breath as your shoulders relax and your spine becomes more upright as if leaning against the trunk of a great tree, or as if you just experienced a delicious stretch in your yoga class ... a feeling of internal spaciousness so profound that even in the stress of your world, you can't help but spontaneously utter an "Ahhhh" or "mmmm" sound of pleasure.

When you come back to wherever you are, what a surprise to find it's only been 6 minutes. You can't explain it but you feel lighter, uplifted and somehow more connected to your deeper Self, to the part of you that is greater than your personality. You recognize that you've had that experience before ... when you've been deep in meditation or prayer ... or completed a long run without effort ... or dropped into the "zone" ... or maneuvered a win-win business deal beyond your imagination.

"Diamond Christ Alignment is the most amazing tool I've discovered. When I take six minutes and do the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation, I notice a real shift in how my day unfolds. Diamond Christ Alignment is a moving reminder of the unseen power that is always around us. In the often frantic pace of my life, I forget that I am connected to that divine source. It's like a mini-vacation that completely restores and regenerates me."
Tomas, USA

Just imagine having this experience right at your fingertips and rewarding yourself with good feelings when you need them most ... It can change your life.

Stop Thinking About It! Just take the next step in your Soul's evolution!

Diamond Christ Alignment Always Works
What I have learned over these years is that it always works - transforming my feelings of repression, depression, suppression, failure, hopelessness, confusion, powerlessness and emptiness to inner joy and freedom. This tool has been the Divine Medicine that continuously frees me from my "trances" - the unconscious beliefs and patterns that have limited my full potential. It always brings me into Alignment with my Soul and re-connects me with my inner truth. This Alignment and Connection has enabled me to create success beyond anything I have experienced before. (View The Diamond Story on our Home Page for a more in-depth understanding of how Diamond Christ Alignment works.)

"Diamond Christ Alignment has made a profound impact on my life and has worked when all other modalities have failed. Within a few days of doing Diamond Christ Alignment, I felt more energized. With consistent daily Diamond Christ Alignments, I now feel hopeful, safer and yes, even happier. I am no longer taking prescription drugs. Thank you."
Nancy, USA

Say "YES" to Your 6-Minute Transformation
The subtlety of Diamond Christ Alignment belies its power to take us to ever-evolving levels of grace, expansion and productivity. A daily 6-minute investment will keep your energy focused and clear. Each time you return from your Experience, you will be recharged, centered, grounded and able to master challenges in unexpected and surprising ways with Joy and Equanimity emanating from you throughout the day.

If you want to feel increased positive energy in your body, release limiting thoughts and patterns, open your Heart, fuel your passion and purpose and hone the ability to handle your life in a more empowered and relaxed way, then it's time to experience Diamond Christ Alignment.

The only thing required to experience this Joy and Wealth of Being is to just say "YES" and experience your Diamond Christ Alignment.

Your first "Yes" transforms your day. Your consistent "Yes" transforms your life.

"Great way to get back to center and tune up my vibration! Always a great experience, every time! I always feel energized and replenished after the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation, I love it and use it frequently."
Jill, USA

After your FREE 3-day FREE Gift Pass, there are three Subscription Packages for the 6-Minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation to choose from:

  • 3-time Access - $10
    This sample package allows you to access the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation 3 individual times.
  • 10-time Access - $24
    This package allows you to access the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation 10 individual times.
  • Unlimited Access: Auto Renew - $30 per month
    This package offers you an uninterrupted flow of Diamond Energy and unlimited access to the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation.
    Note: To ensure uninterrupted service, your Unlimited Access subscription will automatically renew at the end of each one-month period, and your account will be billed at that time (you may cancel anytime, effective the next billing cycle, by visiting My Account).

Special note:

  • First time: This first "gift run" allows the mind to get familiar with a process that is new. Healthy skepticism may occur because the mind can be uncomfortable in unfamiliar territory. Don't be concerned if you don't feel much this first time.
  • Second time: When the mind is more familiar with the process, it will allow you to be more present in the moment. This presence allows you to experience the vibrational quality of the Diamond Energy being transmitted. This time you may feel the effect that it is having on you more viscerally.
  • Third time: With the mind now comfortable, you will be able to fully enjoy the 6-minute Experience and come back to your daily life relaxed, re-centered and replenished.
"I love my unlimited package. It is a great feeling to know that this Diamond support is available to me whenever I need it ... day or night. I feel freer to use it several times a day or even twice in a row when life is really challenging."
Rabia, USA

Consistency is the Key to Inner Peace and Alignment
Remember ... When you're hungry, one bite of the food isn't enough to satiate your hunger or when you're thirsty, one sip of water is not going to quench your thirst, a "taste" of Diamond Christ Alignment will not have the same effect as the cumulative results you get with consistent, daily spiritual alignments.

With consistency, only 6 minutes a day, you will receive all the benefits, build your ability to achieve a masterful state of calm awareness and make significant and lasting positive changes in your life.

"I'm finding that the more I use it, the more I relax into a deeper level. Love It."
David, USA

In your 6-minute Alignment, you will experience flow in your body, freedom in your Spirit, calm in your mind, balance in your emotions and peace beyond all understanding. All within a space that is unconditional, subtle, transformative and always available to you ... no matter what.

The only thing you need to receive it ... is your "YES".


Not yet, just take me to your Diamond Christ Alignment website.

I look forward to "seeing" you in the Diamond World.

May the Power of Joy fill you –

Jacqueline Joy

P.S. If you haven't already, be sure and sign up for the FREE GIFTS!

Please note:

  • Use headphones to fully experience the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation.
  • After the 6-minute Experience is over, there will be a short pause to assist you in transitioning from this inner Experience to your outer world. Don't jump off here. There is more.
  • A page will come up for your feedback (we'd love to learn from you) as well as a convenient way to sign up for a Diamond Christ Alignment subscription.
"Beautiful, supportive and on BOSE headphone it was so transformative ... I can hardly wait to see what the day will bring."
Teri, USA