"The Diamond Hour" will take place on:
Wednesday Dec. 5th, 9:00 AM-10:00 AM (California Time Zone)
Click the link below for your correct time zone:

Premium Diamond Subscribers:
We'd love to receive your "Diamond Questions" for Jacqueline Joy to address during upcoming monthly "Diamond Hour" calls. Please send them to Sondra@DiamondAlignment.com
3 ways to connect to the Conference Call:

WEBCAST Instructions:
To connect using the Web, go to:

DIAL-IN Instructions:
To connect using a landline or cell phone, call (206) 402-0100 OR to see a list of local phone numbers in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, go to:

When you are asked for the Conference ID, enter: 218565#

SKYPE Instructions:
In the Skype program, add "joinconference" to your contact list. You will have to type in the name with your keyboard - no country designation is required. Then click "joinconference" in your address list, and click the Call button.

Once the call is connected, bring up the on-screen Dial Pad. The icon/button to bring up the on-screen Dial Pad usually looks like a picture of 9 small dots. If you can't find the Dial Pad button, go to the "Call" menu and select "Show Dial Pad".

Once the Dial Pad is shown, enter your Guest ID: 218565# ... by clicking on the numbers with your mouse, or using your keyboard.

If the system doesn't seem to understand the touch-tone commands, you may need to sign out of Skype, and then sign back in and try the call again. For more detailed Skype instructions, see:

How to Get the Most from your Diamond Experience with Jacqueline Joy:

"Diamond Connection" Subscribers:
To amplify your receptivity to this powerful Diamond Transmission BEFORE "The Diamond Hour", we encourage you to stay active with your 6-minute Diamond Activation ONLINE - twice a day.

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We invite you to experience the Premier ONLINE 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation, by clicking the "FREE ACCESS" link on the left side of our Home Page at: https://www.diamondalignment.com/

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If you're ready to take your experience with the Diamond Technology to the next level, we invite you to upgrade to our "Premium Diamond Connection" subscription - to receive the flow of Diamond Energy to support your life 24 hours a day and Jacqueline Joy's daily Remote Clearings and Activations on your behalf 30 minutes a day. https://www.diamondalignment.com/store/subscription.html

"PREMIUM Diamond Connection" Subscribers:
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Each increasing level of Diamond Engagement expands the benefits you receive personally from "The Diamond Hour" and amplifies the Planetary Diamond Work for all.

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At any time before, during or after "The Diamond Hour"
please write Sondra@DiamondAlignment.com
with your questions or feedback