What People are Saying about Diamond Gifting

Mandy M., Sydney, Australia Firstly, thank you so much for bringing this new Diamond Heart Vibration gifting into being! Let me tell you that it is working and working beautifully.

The last three weeks have been a nightmare of arguments and sadness and bizarre hospital visits.

I decided I really must try the new Diamond Heart Gifting. So I sent $20 US (AUD $28) to myself. And almost instantly - certainly within 10 minutes - all sadness and bitterness and anger had evaporated. All the greyness and the murkiness had just fallen away and been transmitted into love and laughter and affection. Twenty-four hours later and the vibe is sweetness and light, creativity and fun ...

I knew you'd be pleased to know that this wonderful new initiative is having such a profound, simple and immediate effect. So thank you! And thank the Diamond. I'm sure I will be using it again and again - and not just for myself!

Cheryl Wright, Rhode Island I want to share with you what happened to me this morning. For me it was a VERY SUBTLE YET PROFOUND AWARENESS about the POWER OF VIBRATIONAL DIAMOND GIFTING.

When I was at the gym I talked to a gentleman that I see there often...I asked him what was "new"...he said "oh nothing", then for some reason I asked him again, "what's new?". He told me his brother had passed away last Thursday, as we continued to talk I noticed that the conversation became so much more Intimate and Rich. This is a man whom I've had lots of conversations with but mostly about sports and trivial things. Today was different, I WAS DIFFERENT!!

On the way home I thought I'm going to give him a "Vibrational Diamond Gift". Before I got home I stopped and had coffee with a friend. I had not talked to her in months and found out she was having some "scary health issues" happening. Again I thought I'm going to "Gift" to her.

THIS IS what IS REMARKABLE TO ME...I NOTICED in BOTH conversations how much MORE OF A PRESENCE I WAS. I shared more of me AND I ALLOWED MYSELF TO BE FULLY THERE. There was no inner chatter or distraction going on in my mind. I WAS THERE with both of them!

As I Reflected upon it throughout the day I realized that there has been this belief/program that's been "running me". I've unconsciously been "withholding/not being fully Presence" because I've felt that if I was FULLY there with someone in pain, sorrow or suffering that I then had to "do something" with it. The awareness of that belief/program isn't all that NEW, what's NEW is I REALIZED I DON'T have to feel responsible on ANY level to take care of it BECAUSE I CAN CHOOSE TO ALLOW THE DIAMOND TO "TAKE CARE" of it!!!!


IT IS PROFOUND. IF WE SIMPLY GIF, ALL and I MEAN ALL the energies that entangle us in unhealthy ways gets Transmuted INSTANTLY!!!


Elizabeth, Canada I want to share with you about my Diamond gifting experiences.

When it first came out I gifted myself (a one time gift) around my work and very soon after I discovered there were other opportunities for me and I went from working with youth in a detention center to now working with babies under the age of 3 years in a protection center. I am much more joyful here than in the other place of work.

I then gifted my son (a monthly gift) who has been out of work one year since he graduated from university. He started a job last week and is being interviewed for another job as well. Part way that month I gifted his girlfriend who was let go from her job suddenly and within 2 weeks she has another job. Both gifts are ongoing to help them find their way and find financial security and independence.

Kim, Colorado, USA Often when I have the impulse to Diamond gift I have been in a space of fear or desperation, kind of feeling at the end of my rope about a situation. Other times, it has been more of that impulse arising from my heart to gift another person. I haven't been able to track all the results (especially as sometimes my personality has in mind a specific outcome), but there have been some beautiful results and events to report. I gifted my father a few times due to his very intense health challenges and he has rather miraculously recovered a great deal of his physical strength and indeed some of the mental acuity that was severely compromised by the car accident he had and the subsequent month and a half spent in rehab.

I was back in Maryland last week visiting my Dad, who is now living with my brother and sister-in-law. It was an extremely intense and stressful experience for me for a number of reasons, including that my brother is now going to sell my Dad's house of 46 years, which was the house I grew up in. There has been some conflict with my brother over the way he wants to handle the process and the control he is exerting (that is especially about how we - the 4 kids - deal with the belongings). My distress over this resulted in a huge meltdown on the day I had to leave the old house and returned from my trip. It continued to disturb my thoughts intensely for some time so I decided to make a second Diamond gift around the situation - this time to the family around the sale and the distribution and handling of all the stuff. I followed your lead and wrote a letter to my brother (and Dad and sisters as part of the process) via myself outlining how I would like to see the process go (that is, with harmony, fairness, respect, and good feelings for the highest good of all). I have been able to relax more into trust that this process of selling the house and dispensing the stuff will be as gentle and positive for all of us. This is a very welcome result! I will report further as this situation develops.

Thank you for birthing this wonderful new Diamond gifting process. And for all the work you do. Blessings and love

Michelle, Northern Ireland I wanted to share some Exciting news with the Diamond Gifting as you know I wrote to you it was three weeks ago when my mum fell and broke her arm and I sent her a Diamond Gift. She was told at the time that she would have to wear a sling for 6 weeks and was scheduled for another x-ray a few days ago. She was told that fortunately she did not need an operation on her elbow as there was significant improvement and she would be able to take the sling off altogether — that's 3 weeks early!!! My mum is so happy with the results as she is a very active lady and does not like having to sit about for too long. Thank you so much for making this Diamond Gifting available!

Z.S., Singapore Thank you so much for coming up with this project. It got me all excited. It is so exciting that my loved ones and many others can receive the energy without having to commit to do the 6-minute activation.

I had intended for at least 200 people to receive this gifts. However, as I can only put aside a certain amount of money that enables only 127 people to receive, I encounter a few resistance and challenges:

At first, I had difficulty in choosing the people going to receive the gift from my long list of names. However, after the completion of the whole process, I experienced relief and joy knowing that a lot of people will be supported by the energy.

Recipients' experiences: Spoke to my son. He felt light. He felt good. Everything flows and works for him. Smooth day.

Spoke to my daughter. She felt light. She is happier. She communicates better with her working colleagues.

My experience is one of quiet contentment peace and serenity. Had more energy than usual and am more active. I am doing things which I normally resist or just do not have the energy to do it. I am happy and things are working out well for me.

Thank You so much Joy for all the gifts you had showered upon all of us. Appreciate it very much.

A Diamond Gifting Story from J. Johnson, USA November 22nd, 2015
I was overjoyed to hear of your sister's tooth miracle!

I thought I'd let you know that I found out that my father will have at first it was going to be two teeth taken out and now it is four.

I'll diamond gift as soon as I hear when he will have the procedure, sometime after Thanksgiving.

December 5th, 2015
I wanted to let you know that my father had 4 teeth pulled BEFORE Thanksgiving. My Mother had told me it would be after. I was waiting to Gift it Forward when I knew of the date. Today, when I learned that my father had already had the surgery, I asked if he had had any pain. My Mother said no, he told her he didn't feel a thing. She said that he is normally sensitive to the shot for numbing and feels that but he "didn't feel a thing." Diamond Christ Aloha Gratitude & Blessings to the Magic Diamond Tooth Fairy!!!

Response from Jacqueline Joy
Yeah! The Diamond works Multidimensionally. You wrote to me before Thanksgiving, with your Heart's desire to Diamond Gift your father when he was going to have 4 teeth extracted. Even though your personality self did not know the timing ... the Multidimensional Consciousness of the Diamond did. It answered your Heart's desire before you paid for it ... Another direct experience to anchor your KNOWING of the Power of this Sacred Technology. "Diamond Gifting" continues to blow my mind with the daily reports of Its immediate delivery of Multidimensional Power and Magic!

Note: Janice followed through with her Diamond Gifting on December 5th.

Brigitte, Heidelberg, Germany I have such a joy with the Gifting it forward and it was not easy to start because my bank did not accept donating ... I do not know why but I managed it ... and I see whom I am gifting they are flourishing - that makes me so happy and fulfilled.

I can also share that my financial situation just gets better and better and more substance - so I could afford the Diamond Car installation - It is so fantastic - a complete new experience - my car gets alive - beyond words!

Elizabeth, Canada This short story refers to the diamond gifting program.

Last week my husband was stressing about two important work calls he had to deal with concurrently with very difficult and demanding clients. These agencies are well known for "NOT"hearing Both sides of the story and being very slanted in the direction of their own interests.

An hour before the first call I diamond gifted my husband and asked that he be heard and that the highest and best solution and outcome be found to serve all parties involved. Both calls happened with ease and he felt heard and appreciated for his input and suggestions.

He was amazed and pleased when I told him I sent him the diamond gift at 9AM before his calls; he said he doesn't understand how the diamond works, though, he does believe in magic!

I am thrilled by the outcome, and diamond aloha happy to have this tool in my toolbox! Diamond gratitude

J. Andersen, Hawaii I have been going through so much this whole month with something I picked up physically. I was given the wrong antibiotics. I am now on 2 new ones. After so many trips to the doctor and the let down of being misdiagnosed, today my nerves were so resistant to going to the doctor again. Trust was a big one coming up. I was so nauseous when I came home from my nervous stomach and the one wrong antibiotic I've been on for a few days now. I needed to go to work and just felt horrible. It was then I decided to Diamond Gift myself for a month to get through this and heal. I kid you not within less than 10 minutes the nausea went completely away and I have had a very chipper and positive outlook - just incredible! I'm so so grateful.

Hours later, I am still feeling good ... mentally especially ... less fear and feel like I got lifted up many levels where I can think about other things besides the medical issue that has been going on all month.

Catherine D., New Zealand I have a share about the Gift it Forward program. Some time ago I had been in contact with a friend who is a very good house sitter to see if she would look after my house and elderly cat for over a month at Christmas. But things had sounded complicated and I was hesitant about contacting her again for fear of putting pressure on her.

Time went by and I really needed to make sure I had someone organized. So I did the Offline Clearing and Activation, and gifted my friend. Then I sent her an email.

She called me the very next day, and she was happy, ready to do the housesitting ... it was all easy and straightforward. She just wanted to confirm the dates and some practical details! She even offered to take me to the airport and noted the date and time! I've never been so organized so far ahead!

It was wonderful! There was so much ease, clarity and flow in our exchange, and I felt supported and looked after. When the call ended, I was slightly surprised, somewhat wondering what was going on...

After a couple of hours I finally remembered that I had gifted my friend, and everything became clear, I knew it was the Diamond Energy at work! A big thank you!

Jacqueline Joy, Founder, Diamond Christ Alignment I'M SO excited-Diamond Gifting is giving me a tangible way to FREELY and JOYOUSLY LOVE. Anytime I FEEL a need, or gratitude, or want to celebrate someone or just LOVE for LOVE's sake, I can DO something about it.... anonymously or not ... in a way that is empowering for me and for the other.

This keeps my vibration in Diamond Consciousness: Not 3D worry, concern, caretaking: When I give ... I RECEIVE.

We are subject to the laws of whatever state of consciousness we are in.

I am consciously CHOOSING every time I "gift" ... to be subject to the Infinite Possibility of Diamond Consciousness.

Michelle, Northern Ireland It is such a relief to Diamond Gift - it feels like the Greatest Diamond Support for any challenges that come up-especially when it seems like an entrenched repeat pattern.

Shelli, Nevada, USA Thank you for the Diamond Gifting....

Wow, did I have resistance to that! I was baffled by it, however knew that if there was resistance, it was definitely something to participate in.

I started by gifting to a friend who had lost her Grandmother, then myself, my children and then my ex-husband....I then gifted based on intuition and whenever someone crossed my mind.

Today the Diamond gave me a brilliant idea! To gift to politicians (presidents), government officials (in all countries), billionaires, CEO's of big corporations and anyone else who was "public" or in a position of power....

I had been getting the awareness to play BIGGER in the world and this is one way I can do that....I'll begin this gifting by gifting our President.

Can't wait to see how this births, blossoms and unfolds.

Catherine D., New Zealand Last week I went through the Gifting it forward process and found it really easy to use. It all worked beautifully and I love the sheer simplicity of it. Thank you!

I donated 30 days of continuous flow to my 84 year old mother who lives on the other side of the world, and hasn't been very well. I call her at least once a week, or more. She gets depressed and lonely, and sometimes I find the call quite painful.

This morning when I called her, she didn't sound too good at first, but after a while she was able to hear that I might be going through some challenges myself. She became more present with me and was able to listen. She lightened up and even cracked a few jokes. I could experience her caring side.

The call was easier than last week's, and I experienced sweetness afterwards.

Celio, Spain I want to Thank Jacqueline for this Fabulous Project and absolutely agree its a Big Break Thru in the Diamond World, allowing it to directly arrive to persons and situations in a way that is so Direct, Smooth, Powerful and Elegant, and making it Simple and Diamond Easy and definitely Cost Diamond Efficient.

Susan Calligan, London, Canada I give great thanks for the Diamond fortification & help & assistance with my work meeting today & that I was able to clearly express my concerns to my leaders, & to seek solutions. I thank the Diamond Gifting for the vibrational boost!!

It was such a blessing & gave me great comfort to Diamond gift myself & my work situation, that had been causing me great inner turmoil. "Diamond Gifting" helped to calm my emotions & bring in clarity about what needed to be done (speak to my leaders) & then have the courage & confidence to do it. I know the Diamond contributed to it unfolding in a graceful & easeful way, and I felt "heard" by my leaders (not always the case in the past).

Linda, California, USA I wanted to share yet another gifting experience. As you know, I frequently gift my children, and am so grateful to have yet another tool in my "Mom" toolkit!

My daughter, Alyse, has been feeling stifled at her job. She is an interior designer. She loves her boss and her co-workers. It is to date, her best job ever. Her frustration has been that, as the business at this design firm has grown, she was needed full time as project manager. 5 months later she was very much aware that her creative passion was no longer being fueled, and that part of her Spirit was not being fed, and she was not as happy as she had been.

Without her knowing it, I gifted her and her boss last week ... for a win/win for her and her boss.

Alyse called me yesterday, and mentioned that there was an opportunity for her to do the window treatments on a very big job. She was so excited to be included in the design meetings again, to be part of the whole process, and to take on the responsibility for window treatments. WooHoo!! Her hope, faith and dreams are being restored.

My oldest son, Matt and his wife Debra have been wanting to purchase a home for over a year. Last year, when he applied for a loan, the process became unbelievably complicated, and he eventually gave up. In August, Debra was inspired to look on Refi for a home. And she found one home in their price range, a true fixer upper, in a pocket of a neighborhood that is being renovated.

I gifted them, that if it was meant to be, that it be an easy process. In one day, they were pre-approved for a loan. They put in an offer on the house, and negotiations began. Their offer was accepted within a week. It took 3 weeks for all of the paperwork and scrutinizing eyes in various departments of the bank before the loan was finalized. My son was stressed, his Dad wasn't sure this was a good idea, but I trusted the Diamond, and kept talking Matt through it all. When there was a glitch, I gifted again, trusting that if it was meant to be, it will be. Matt was a bit baffled as to how he was able to do this on his own this time around (with no guarantor.) Matt and Debra closed escrow Sept. 30. They are so excited and grateful

I have since gifted their contractors... Everyone is on board, friendly and cooperative.

I continue to Trust, that our dreams are being fulfilled in this physical domain. And I so appreciate and trust the magic and beauty of the Diamond. I AM eternally appreciative and grateful.

Bronach, Northern Ireland The Diamond Gifting has absolutely blown me away! Between the emails and Jacqueline's explanation last night, I finally understood it. Immediately after making the connection, and setting Intents for three, I felt as if a HUGE burden had been lifted from my shoulders. Each time, over the next few hours that the different situations came to my mind, I handed them over to the Diamond Gift. I experienced such Power emanating from the Diamond. Magical. How everything fell into place; the resulting peace and calm, leading to motivation to dare to dream a little more.....! Am very excited about it all!!

Cheryl Wright, Rhode Island, USA I LOVED hearing the EXCITEMENT around Gifting It Forward!!!!

I wanted to share what my Diamond Eyes saw happen with my nephew and his wife after sending them a Vibrational Diamond Gift ... They went into their meeting 'wanting to know a date that they were going to take over the chiropractic practice, as well as a price'. They didn't get an exact date or a price, but they took ALL of the information that they received as POSITIVE and saw it as WORKING FOR them even though it wasn't what they wanted to hear.

I SAW them MORE in the Divine FLOW of this whole process. THANK YOU Jacqueline Joy for this MOST AMAZING and POWERFUL GIFTING PARTY!!!!

Kim, Colorado, USA I just finished listening to yesterday's Diamond Monday call and it was fabulous and so helpful! I love to hear the continued refinement of the Diamond Gifting process and experience. The whole piece about the amount of money offered as well as the part about gifting from the impulse of an open heart was information I really needed to hear.

I have given several gifts to myself when I have been having a really hard time and I have noticed that it allows a cessation of the level of anxiety and worry I was experiencing before I gifted myself. It is an exercise in faith for me, trusting that I am held by the Divine - that when I make the request, the answer is delivered and I can let the issue release from my everyday consciousness. This notion of trusting that I am truly provided for (that my prayers are answered and the Divine has me) has been a life-long issue so the idea of giving money into a void (from my mind's perspective) and that there is a Divine answer/result is a profound new paradigm for me. The whole process is helping me with trust and abundance/receiving as well as letting go of issues and habits of control and care-taking. This brings me an incredible sense of relief and peace as I move toward this.

Brigitte, Heidelberg, Germany Last weekend I was in London assisting with the Wisdom Course - on Sunday, we had a community event and at least 200 people were there. It was an awesome space. I "Diamond Gifted" the event. I heard that people were so moved by the love in the room, the authentic sharing and Being, they were crying for joy!! They said it was the BEST. I Know it was the Joy and Power of Diamond Christ Alignment.

Mandy M., Sydney, Australia This morning I discovered that writing a Diamond Christ Aloha Bank cheque, when coupled with a Gifting It Forward donation, is incredibly powerful. I'm still kind of reeling from the results, but wanted to share it - just in case no one else has thought of doing this.

Last week I was contracted to do three new story research projects. On Day 2 of this "Daring to Receive the Funding of your Dreams" Journey ... when you introduced us to the "Diamond Christ Aloha Bank" game, I rather clumsily donated my entire $10,000 to the people who would best help me with these projects, who could advise me best and provide the best stories - without knowing their names or anything about who they might be.

After a little more work yesterday, I identified one person in the country with all the knowledge and expertise I was seeking for one very specific project.

This morning, I wrote the organisation he works for a cheque for ten grand for providing his advice. Later in the day, I tried to contact this man, and was fobbed off by a receptionist who insisted I email her with a detailed list of why I wanted to contact him. Usually this results in nothing, you send your request off in to cyberspace never to be heard from again. And it's more than disappointing. Or, you spend hours compiling a polite and considered request and you get a call three weeks down the track when it's too late.

So today, after I sighed, hung up, and dutifully sent my email to the receptionist, it occurred to me: "Diamond Gift" the man you want to speak to. So I went to the Diamond website and "Diamond Gifted" him. Three dollars, because that's about as much as I could spare, but I figure it's all relative: my $5 is someone else's $50 or $500.

About eight minutes later, HE called ME. He got the email, he was excited about the project and wants to talk, and I am meeting him tomorrow morning. In fact, during our brief conversation I realized he couldn't be a more perfect subject. I am so grateful!

Michelle, Northern Ireland Just wanted to add about my experience of Diamond Gifting ... on Friday I donated $30 for myself, family and home. It was a delight and considering I had to make an emergency appointment with my doctor as my leg got infected again/ detox symptoms, density releasing Yay. I was actually dancing for Pure Joy, I had release with tears, feeling of grief, sadness, loneliness all coming up with ease.

My son, who is waiting for his university loan to come through in a month, so he doesn't have much money, sold a games consul on eBay and made £80 so that helped him out a lot.

My daughter, Tara, who was 18 on the 10th of July ... this weekend she said at least twice - "I feel really excited about something but I don't know what".

Thank you also for joining up with us and matching our Gift!

Elizabeth, Canada September 21, 2015
I have been looking after a newborn baby for one month-(a part of my job); she has turned 3 months old today! The agency is trying to take her away and put her in a foster home with 5 other children.

My husband and I applied to be foster parents but were turned down. In the month she has been with us she has attached to us (especially me) and she is thriving. I have gifted her an ongoing diamond gift to help her in the transition and a one-time gift to the chosen foster mother and another one time gift to the agency (child protection) that made the decision. I didn't know what else to do.

December 11, 2015
I wrote to you in September about the child I was fostering. She was sent to her aunt on Sept. 25.

At the time, I made a Diamond gift (1 month) for a smooth transition for her and the foster family.

She has returned to me on November 06 (after 6 weeks) and is still here (for 6 weeks almost). I know the Diamond knew that this was the best place for her and brought her back. I am so filled with Joy, Love and Gratitude. She is an enormous JOY to me! She is thriving, healthy, lively, lovely and so happy to be with us!

I hold this very close to my heart as the beautiful Diamond GIFT that it is; as directed by you from source and the Diamond technology. Diamond aloha Gratitude ...

J. Johnson, USA On December 6, 2015, I purchased a Diamond Gift for my Motherís health, particularly sleep. She had told me on several occasions she was not able to sleep very much and it was interfering with her responsibilities in caring for my Father. The next time I spoke with her on Dec. 22, 2015, that is the first thing she mentioned when I asked her how she was doing. She said she had had more sleep. She volunteered the information. I had not mentioned anything about Diamond Gifting or asked her about her sleep.

Thank you for the blessing of Diamond Gifting and Happy Happy Holidays to the Golden Diamond Gifting Heart ...

J. Johnson, USA Thank you Beloved Jacqueline for the Diamond Gift from your Diamond Heart. I appreciate Diamond Gifting and use it often. It allows me to stay focused as you mention on building a NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW Diamond Christ Aloha World. I say an unequivocal YES to your teamís vision! Thank Goddess for all of my Diamond Tools and Diamond Teachings at this time. I can definitely relate to the stories this past week in the US about conflict with AUTHORITY as that has been such a big issue for me in the last two years. In Diamond Christ Aloha Equanimity, and Grace ...