The Diamond activates Divine Intervention for highest possible solutions, and aligns us with this high-frequency Energy, Information and Vibrational Support to directly and immediately bring this Divine Help into the physical world to uplift the human experience.


  1. 1. You choose the amount of this Diamond Energy you wish to send with your donation amount ... anytime you, anyone or any situation needs a vibrational "Power boost" ... for support, empowerment, perspective, upliftment ... or just a Diamond hug!!!!!

    • Your mom is in the hospital ...
      You'd normally send a $30 gift of flowers ... instead send $30 high-vibration Diamond Energy.
    • Your friend is depressed / overwhelmed / stuck / down ...
      You send a $5 high-frequency Diamond Joy blast (once ... or every day as long as you wish).
    • You're having a hard time and need a vibrational boost ...
      Send yourself a gift of high-frequency Diamond Power to shift your perspective to a Diamond Perspective ... instantly! (Whatever amount you feel you need.)

    IMMEDIATE 24/7 DIAMOND ENERGY FLOW (for 30 days):
    • You want to support your child who just went off to college ...
      You make a donation to send a $200 Diamond Energy flow (24/7 Flow for 30 days) for high-frequency Diamond Support that will assist them to stay connected to their Higher Self and make clear choices.
    • You have an important project in your business and you want Diamond-powered vibrational support to do it in "Diamond Time", with Diamond Execution and Diamond Ease ...
      You send yourself a 24/7 flow of Diamond Energy (whatever level you choose) for 30 days. If you find you need more ... you can always make another donation, to "up" your Flow of Diamond Support!
    • You're having family come to visit and you wish to have a "high vibe" environment that harmonizes everyone ...
      You make a donation for whatever amount of Energy you wish, for a 24/7 Flow of High-frequency Diamond Energy.
  2. 2. A Return Flow of Diamond Energy will grace and uplift you!
  3. 3. Your gift will be matched by Jacqueline Joy and sent through the Diamond Grid to those who have the same need for the energy you have gifted
  4. 4. Your donation and choice to "Vibrationally Gift" through this Sacred Technology, supports and amplifies Jacqueline Joy's global Diamond Service in the worldwide Diamond Grid daily ... to detoxify and raise the frequency of the Planet, "Diamondize" crises around the world, and uplift the human experience.