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About Diamondization for Travels

Inger, California, USA

I am from Sweden but have lived in the US for many years. In my numerous trips home to Sweden, over the last 20 years. I have NEVER experienced such a delightful, smooth, timeless voyage, as with the Diamondization for my travels. It was pure Diamond Magic! I didn't even experience jet lag!

Ellen Simon, California, USA

Today I felt more open, softer, not dreading the trip so much anymore. I'm almost looking forward to my mission now. It increases while I write. The Diamond Christ Magic starts working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know, you really deserve a report from my trip. It was the best it possibly could be. It was plain magical until I touched German ground... I still report at least briefly what an easy, comfortable and enjoyable flight of short 11 hours I had. It was like back in the old days, when flying was a very special fun event for me.

The first miracle that happened was when the lady at the check-in put my suitcase on the scale and read 26 kilo (25 were allowed) She took a deep breath and started the movement of pushing the suitcase back in my direction to make me take stuff out. There was no doubt about her intension! Then she suddenly stopped, leafed again through my papers, said "ah" and moved my suitcase back in the direction of "being ok" and smiled at me. I have no idea what had triggered her change of mind. When the same lady saw me having difficulties walking, she said: "I'll send you a wheelchair. It is a very long way to the gate." I took the wheelchair and it saved me indeed some pains. I had the best seat in the plane, could stretch my legs fully out, and, and....one beautiful, little thing after the other! Thank you, Dear Miracle Facilitator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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