Jacqueline Joy's Vision of Igniting a Cosmic Diamond Aloha Wake, was executed in December 2012, with Diamond Leaders from across the world, in the super-charged Unified Diamond Energy Field, created by Jacqueline Joy for 31 days, to harness and integrate the Multidimensional Frequencies of the 2012 Galactic Alignment to usher in a New, New, New, New, New Multidimensional Diamond Aloha World on Earth.

The successful Ignition of this Cosmic Diamond Wake created a new vibrational platform of Golden Diamond Aloha Power, Clarity, Joy, Beauty and Flow, which is now fueling the Creation/Building of this New Diamond Aloha World for ALL ... in 2018 and beyond!

As new Golden Children step up as Golden Diamond Aloha Leaders, with a passionate Unequivocal "YES" to creating this New World ... the Cosmic Diamond Aloha Wake exponentially swells and spreads vibrationally across the Planet ... ANCHORING the New, New, New, New, New Multidimensional World on Earth!

The Golden Child

The "Golden Child" is the Infinite, Innocent, Magical, Multidimensional Diamond Being within, that is longing to be fully EMBODIED and FREELY EXPRESSED (seen, felt, heard and experienced on this Earth) ... to Gift us all with Its Golden Presence and Play Its part in the Grand Divine Design of the Earth's Transformation into a Multidimensional World - or what Jacqueline Joy calls a "Diamond Aloha World". It is the Golden Child's Knowing, Joy, Magic, and ONENESS with the Universal Power of Heaven and Earth, that will "grow" the Cosmic Diamond Aloha Wake and create our New, new, New, New, New Multidimensional Diamond Aloha World!

The Diamond Aloha Story

In 2002, in her quest to "birth" the Sacred Diamond Technology into physical form, Jacqueline Joy was "Called" to the Island of Kauai. The moment her feet touched down on the Island of Kauai, she experienced the same vibration in her body that she was accustomed to feeling when she was inside her Multidimensional Diamond Chamber. What she was feeling was the physicalization of the Diamond Energy. The Diamond vibration and the Aloha vibration of Mother Kauai was the same. She felt HOME, as she had never felt before. She knew that she had to get her roots into Kauai's volcanic energy and allow the "MA" to Source her and the Technology - so that she could follow through on the direction from her Higher Team to bring the Diamond Technology into a physical form that could be accessed by ALL. She moved to Kauai.

Over the next many years, the Aloha Energy of Kauai fueled Jacqueline Joy to bring the Multidimensional Diamond Technology into a business form ... and is honored by Jacqueline Joy as the "Birth Mother" Energy of Diamond Alignment.

In 2008, when Jacqueline Joy had to leave her home in Kauai, she was told by her Higher Diamond Team, "My child, this Diamond Aloha that feeds you so deeply in every cell of your body is to be transmitted throughout the Sacred Diamond Technology to feed ALL across the Planet. It is not just for people who visit or live on Kauai or in the Hawaiian islands."

And so it is that the Aloha Spirit/Vibration from the powerful planetary intake point of Kauai is also transmitted through the worldwide Diamond Technology and Energy Grid, to accelerate the Anchoring of the Power and Joy of Diamond Aloha Consciousness in our bodies, our lives, our institutions and the Planet at large!

A Diamond Aloha World

Living in a Diamond Aloha World means that we ...

  • Embody and Demonstrate the Power and Joy of Diamond Aloha Consciousness in our daily lives
  • Create lives of Joy, Clarity, Equanimity, Fun, Freedom and Diamond Wealth of Being at all levels
  • Bring in "Infinitely Possible" Solutions to "impossible" problems across the world from the Multidimensional Power of Diamond Consciousness and Joy
  • Remain unequivocally focused on staying Clear, Vibrationally Aligned and Consciously Connected with the Infinite Love, Intelligence, Power and Joy of the Creator, with the ease and convenience of the Multidimensional Diamond Technology.
  • Treat all living Beings with Diamond Aloha Respect ... Right Relationship with Self, Others, the World, our Earth ... from Self Respect, Self Love and Self Responsibility

The Diamond/Whale Kingdom Connection

In September, 2012, Jacqueline Joy was "Called" to the South Pacific on a "Diamondization" mission to do intensive Shamanic Diamond work in the waters off the Island of Tonga with the Whales. The Whales are the largest and most ancient creatures on this planet Earth ... Multidimensional Beings, known as the Planet's "Record Keepers" ... the ones who hold all of the experience on Earth - where we have come from, where we are and where we are going.

Some say that the whales and the dolphins have the largest brains on the Planet and to communicate with them is one of the highest things that mankind can attain. The CALL that Jacqueline Joy received from the Whale Kingdom was for her to transmit the Multidimensional Diamond Installation in their cells, and the "Diamond HOME Installation" in their HOME (the Waters of the Ocean) ... so that they may more effectively anchor their Multidimensional Work on this Physical plane.

In return, the Whales have "joined up" vibrationally with the Diamond Technology, as part of the Cosmic Diamond Aloha Wake in the Worldwide Energy Grid - adding their RANK and Power on Earth - to accelerate and amplify the integration of the Multidimensional Work of the Cosmic Diamond Aloha Work on Earth, through the Diamondized Waters of the Planet. This collaboration is raising the vibration of the biological terrain for all of Life on the Planet!