30-Day "Opening Financial Flow" Diamond Journey

About the Journey For the first time in the history of Diamond Alignment as a global Presence, Jacqueline Joy, Diamond Alignment's Spiritual Leader and Advisor, brings the Multidimensional Magic and Power of the Diamond Technology to one of the most "stuck energy" places on the Planet, and initiates, individually and collectively, one of the most challenging breakthroughs in Consciousness ... "Opening Financial Flow"!

In these MP3 audio recordings of the original "LIVE" 30-Day "Opening Financial Flow" Intensive with advanced Diamond Leaders (held in April, 2013), Jacqueline Joy delivers groundbreaking Diamond Activations and 1000-frequency Golden Energy Transmissions to vibrationally penetrate and begin dissolving this "Iceberg in Consciousness" in financial flow within yourself, your lineages and for humanity.

These recorded Transmissions are operating in the multidimensional realms of Diamond Aloha Consciousness, beyond time and space, and will be just as powerful when you receive them via the MP3 Audio Recordings as they were when delivered "LIVE" via conference call. You will be entering the same 1000-frequency Golden Diamond Unified Energy Field, created by Jacqueline Joy especially for this "LIVE" Event, and amplified by her laser focus on the Sacred Opening of Financial Flow.

This 30-day Diamond Intensive includes 1000-frequency Golden Energy Transmissions that:

  • Transmute the CORE of the Iceberg in Consciousness that has blocked Financial Flow on the Planet for all
  • Free your Heart to LOVE money as Source Energy
  • Free you to SEE the essence of money with Diamond Eyes
  • Clear judgments that limit money flowing to you
  • Clear ancestral patterns/limitations of financial flow that you have unconsciously carried
  • Free "concrete" coagulated energy blocks to Financial Flow within you
  • Establish intimacy with money in your cells
  • Empower you to say a Soulful "YES" to money
  • Open your channels to receive and embrace money
  • Free your Consciousness from the limited 3D perception of money
  • Heal the split between Spiritual and Material Wealth
  • Melt the Financial Icebergs in your flow
  • Dissolve/Transmute projections/judgments of others who have money
  • Anchor your consciousness in Diamond Wealth of Being
  • Empower you to co-create a NEW, NEW, NEW, NEW , NEW Diamond Aloha World of Financial Freedom and Flow and true Diamond Wealth of Being for all ... with Diamond Leaders across the world ... continuing the Cosmic Diamond Aloha Wake, ignited in December, 2012

The "Opening Financial Flow" package includes:

  • 30 days of 1000-frequency Golden Energy Transmissions
  • (30) MP3 Audio Recordings (60 minutes each)

I'm so excited for this MASSIVE transmutation right at the main nerve of where it's needed - that money thing!

- Alison J.K., Florida, USA

Many Diamond Leaders who participated in April's LIVE Journey continue to report shifts and synchronicities related to "Opening their Financial Flow" ... unexpected opportunities, a spirit of generosity replacing fear, hidden blocks to money being illuminated and being cleared easily and effortlessly, etc.

Incredible!! Jacqueline, not only in this Journey am I already experiencing the melting down of some of my financial icebergs, but I'm feeling a Force and Strength on how to deal with them that I did not even imagine that I had.

Yesterday was a particular test, as I felt in my physical limit (flu). I would have gladly stayed in bed, BUT I had important meetings and even a Court settlement! I wondered how I was going to deal with this situation. Pure magic, Jacqueline, everything was "diamondized" ... people transformed, situations improved, negotiations turned in a favorable direction.

I love the Journeys, and feel so proud to be in this Sacred Frontline!! Yes, this is The Unknown, and I love it! Thank you Jacqueline for letting us taste the New, New, New!!

- Celio, Spain

This Alchemical Journey will melt down your blocks to Financial Flow and accelerate, expand and amplify your embodiment of Diamond Wealth of Being!

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