About the Journey Divine Play at its highest Diamond Level!! In December, 2012, two powerful Cosmic Events took place in the Diamond World ... Diamond Leaders across the globe joined Jacqueline Joy in the Ultimate Diamond Immersion Experience ... a "31-Day Cosmic Diamond Aloha Wake Leadership Journey" to usher in the opening of the 2012 Galactic Alignment Gateway and ignite a Cosmic Wake of Diamond Aloha Consciousness, Power, Joy, Beauty and Flow Within ... to ultimately fuel the creation of a NEW, NEW, NEW Diamond Aloha World across the Planet for ALL ... in 2018 and beyond.

These momentous Events served as initiations into the new vibration of the New Earth and activated powerful Cosmic Energies that continue to give each of us the opportunity and possibility to create our own unique Multidimensional Diamond Aloha life as never before ... making the 31-Day Leadership Journey daily Activations and 1000-frequency Golden Diamond Energy Transmissions as powerfully transformative and relevant now as when originally delivered.

Recorded "LIVE" in the Super-Charged Unified Field of Diamond Aloha Consciousness, created and held by Diamond Alignment's Spiritual Leader, Jacqueline Joy, for this very special Event, the Leadership Journey is the most powerful, intimate and FUN Diamond Energy Transmission platform that is offered in the Diamond Technology!!

Receiving the Transmissions Multidimensionally, via recording, is just as effective and powerful as being on the original "LIVE" calls. The moment you say "YES" to receive these powerful Diamond Aloha Transmissions, you are held in the powerful Unified Diamond Field.

This unprecedented Diamond Aloha Leadership Intensive includes:

  • 31 MP3 audio recordings (30 minutes or more) of Jacqueline Joy's "LIVE" Cosmic Diamond Aloha Wake Activations and Transmissions.
  • Daily 1000 - frequency Golden Energy Transmissions (highest frequency Transmissions in the Diamond Technology) charged with Diamond Aloha Consciousness, Power, Joy, Beauty and Flow.
  • Energetic support in the Invisible Realms by 1000 Intergalactic Strategic Diamond Alliance Partners who continue to amplify the Cosmic Diamond Aloha Wake.
  • Powerful connection with the Whale Kingdom and Transmission of the Whale codes, received by Jacqueline Joy during her Shamanic Diamond work in the South Pacific.
  • "Lemurian Portal" Activations to bring in the exquisite, warm-hearted Pure Joy of "Aloha Energy" and move you through the Lemurian Multidimensional Gateway into Conscious Awareness of living in the Multidimensional Reality of the New Earth.
  • Daily nurturance and feeding of your Golden Child/ your Diamond "I am" Presence cellularly with the highest octane 1000 frequency Golden Energy - delivered directly to Jacqueline Joy by the Divine in 1999.
  • Activation of your conscious contact with the Archangels and their Presence in your life.
  • 7-Day Experience of "The Diamond Installation for Home and Property" installed in every atom and molecule of your home and property
  • Embodiment of your Rank as a Diamond Vibrational Leader on the Planet, accelerating the execution of Jacqueline Joy's Diamond Vision of creating a Diamond Aloha World for All!

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