What People Are Saying about the Diamond Office Installation

Ellen Simon, Gualala, California What a gift this Installation was! What an honor to receive it, and to experience you in your true Power and Creativity of your being in unrestricted Flow. The beauty, the abundance, the richness and lushness of Kauai were exuding from every breath and word of yours.

I was absolutely blown away, how much Love, Passion; Imagination and Creativity you were able to put into a simple workspace. I have never spent more than thoughts of order, organization and decoration on it. Now it is turning into a meeting place with Source, Jesus, my own I Am Presence and all of my High Dimensional assisting Light Beings - In supreme Gratitude to You and All !!!!!!

Anne Lehtimaki, Tampere, Finland It took several days for the Installation to integrate. I could feel the process in me also. Then Monday this week, when I arrived at my office, it felt completely changed. Like millions bright points of light everywhere. Easier to breath in the space, air felt clearer, cleaner and like the ceiling had lifted upper, one patient even asked me, whether we had painted the ceiling, for it looked so much whiter.

I felt 14 years of patients tears washed off from the walls. My work just happened, with almost no doing really, no pushing, no struggle.

I seemed to have gained knowledge of people that I could have not known. I managed to ask so accurate questions from my patients, even I felt like I could see right through them, their illnesses, their hidden emotional pains etc.

When I left the office to go home after work, I felt so different than before. Not tense and frustrated, even angry, tired yes, but in a very good mood.

I say hello every morning to my Installation like it is there now as a living companion to me. I ask its help, I negotiate with it the best approaches with my clients. I can also feel my inner guidance much clearer than before and channeling is so much easier now.

So I am so happy and grateful for this enormous help/gift to me. I am so looking forward to the personal Financial flow and freedom Installation.

Oh one more thing, the topic in conversations with my patients about financial freedom and money has miraculously surface with many patients lives all of the sudden. Interesting...

Susan C., London, Canada I completed the space clearing for my office last Thursday & it absolutely amazes me how great my space feels. The work I do can be very intense & pressurized daily. Difficult situations & interactions happen regularly. Because of the pressurized environment & densified work environment, tensions happen between people. When doing the space clearing I really felt the diamonds going to work cleaning out all that density & old disagreements with people & all anxiety & accumulated stress that were in the walls & fabric & furniture. All that toxic stuff & residue being cleaned up & out.

I have had tense relations with a gentleman two cubicles down from me for about 3-4 years & as much as I've tried to come to better terms with him, there's always been an underlying tension. It has caused me a lot of anger & anguish over this time. I saw the Diamond going to work on all that residue that was in my space. I joyfully completed the physical cleaning.

When I walk into my office now, it feels really, really good - everything organized & clean. Just physical cleaning alone would not have done it. I have done physical cleaning of my space before & not gotten this kind of benefit. Now all that invisible residue & toxicity & vibrational density is cleaned out. It has never felt this good before. I don't know how this will affect my relations with my neighbor two cubicles down from me, but I needed all that old stuff cleaned out, perhaps a fresh start can occur now. I actually feel neutral towards him right now. I don't feel like I'm holding onto all that residual anger from things that have occurred. All those angry thoughts & frustrations that left toxic residue in my workspace - gone. I can begin anew.

I am in complete awe that I now have a Diamond Office/Workspace installation in my work cubicle! The installation was absolutely beautiful. I can see Jesus filling up the entire space, along with my office angel George. I really need to just take this all in right now so I'm not going to say much about this now. Just filled with tears of gratitude. Thank you with all of my heart!

Anne Lehtimäki, Tampere, Finland I have no words really describing how grateful I am today for the Office Installation. This is what I have been longing for deeply in my heart and this is the Divine Grace and support, I have been asking for to my service in this world. I have NEVER felt this held or supported like now. My humble gratitude.

Michelle, Co Down- N Ireland Diamond gratitude & appreciation for all gifts received ... grace ease joy & equanimity after losing my precious dog Cindy to cancer. Extra money was paid into my account after receiving my new office installation, we found 2 beds for the girls at a very reasonable price, my husband got a brilliant deal for advertising, new people are showing up to help with the business with new ways of solving issues.

Myself and my husband have been finding it easier to stay in the flow in the present moment as unexpected expenses have come up. We are so grateful we have been able to get my car and the computer fixed with ease. The computer had more issues after we got it but the person we got it from fixed it for free.

I have been able to deal better with financial matters over the phone, I can feel the Presence of Jesus giving me enormous strength and courage so I AM not resisting or procrastinating now. There is a lightness and clarity!! We have also discovered a new way for our customers to pay us quicker.

I love that when I walk into my office space I can feel the power of the ma energy supporting me!

Celio Villalba, Menorca, Spain Concerning my New Diamond Office Installation I am absolute fascinated and keep listening to the replay non-stop on and on.

After the Incredible Preparation with the previous Journeys and Space Clearing, now, every time I step into my office I find myself in a New pristine place that is totally prepared to take my Sacred Business to a new Level and Dimension.

Right after the installation I had to travel to Madrid on business for one day and I experienced a New Congruency and Efficiency in my meetings that was absolutely Powerful and Awesome.

I am in great expectancy for the Personal Cellular Financial Freedom & Flow Installation in January!!

Yes Jacqueline the perfect moment is here to allow us to fulfill our Mission in this world with the most perfect tools. It feels like a Silent Smooth Revolution in all my Sacred business Arenas?. Like you have mentioned not to try to perceive what has been given in a linear perspective but in a Diamond perspective, and Then Yes!!!

In Christ Gratitude and Sacred Reverence for your Precious Diamond Guidance ...