Monthly Golden Energy Flow

The Golden Energy is the highest frequency transmitted in the Diamond Technology, and is the perfect vibrational food for your Golden Child and the Fulfillment of Its Diamond Blueprint.

Because of the immense Power of the Golden Energy frequency, your physical cells and nervous system must be vibrationally prepared to receive its Power. Therefore, The Diamond Installation is a prerequisite for receiving the "Monthly Golden Energy Flow". The Diamond Installation anchors the inner Diamond Chamber within your Energy Field, creating a high-frequency Receiving Station, which enables your physical body to receive and integrate the immense Power and Flow of the Golden Energy Transmission.


After your Diamond Installation, you may choose one of Diamond Alignment's 3 levels of 30-day Golden Energy Flow to consistently nurture and feed your Golden Child/ Diamond "I AM" Presence cellularly – enabling your Golden Child to flourish in the density of our world.

The powerful frequencies of the Golden Energy will keep the Light of your Golden Child LIT within every cell and continuously activate Conscious Knowing of who you truly are, AND the Joy, Worthiness, Deservingness and Ability to Receive all that you need, desire and deserve to fulfill your Diamond Blueprint ... empowering you to be all that you came here to be, and to create all that your Soul came here to create.

Each level of Flow represents an increasingly stronger Flow of Golden Energy that fuels your Golden Child/Diamond "I AM" Presence to take dominion over more and more arenas of your life.
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