Solutions for viewing the Diamond Alignment site successfully

The following solutions will help you view our site - please read the questions & answers below to ensure your success.

I keep getting a Flash upgrade message on your site. How do I clear this up?

We have recently improved our site's Flash capabilities so that our subscribers will enjoy faster loading and an enhanced picture. We apologize for any difficulty this upgrade may have caused you.

To view the 6-minute Activation, you need to have Flash installed on your computer. If you're using a Windows computer or a newer (Intel) Macintosh, the latest version of Flash will provide the highest quality experience on our site. Our system may suggest a "Free Adobe Flash Upgrade", and most users should click this option.

However, if you use an older (pre-Intel) Macintosh, you won't be able to upgrade to the latest Flash version, so please click the option to "Continue with older Flash version".

If you have a problem INSTALLING Flash, please contact Adobe at

When I log on, I don't always see the Golden Blast. How can I see this every time?

The Golden Energy Field Clearing is offered only with our Premium Connection subscription. If you're not seeing it every time you log in, then follow the instructions below to ensure that you go through the Golden Energy Field Clearing every time ...

One-time setup:
Restart your computer, then go to ... this will take you to the Log In screen. Enter your username and password, but DON'T put a check in the checkbox next to "Remember my username and password on this computer." Below that, click the Enter button.

Return visits:
Go to our Home Page at and click "PREMIUM LOG IN" at the top right of the page. At the left of the Log In screen, enter your username and password, and then below that, click the Enter button.

Forgot your username or password?
On the Log In screen, click "I forgot my username and/or password", and follow the instructions.

We suggest that you DON'T use a "bookmark" or "favorite" to reach our Log In screen. Instead, always go to our Home Page first at

I'm having trouble viewing the Flash movie in one of the following ways:

  • I can't get to the Log-In screen
  • I just get a black screen
  • The Flash movie stops and starts, or is jerky
  • The Flash movie plays, but the sound stops
  • The Flash movie takes several minutes to load
  • Any other difficulty viewing the site


  1. Simply re-starting your computer once a day will re-set your computer so it functions at its best. This one tip can solve many problems that interfere with viewing our site successfully.
  2. Make sure you have the most recent version of Flash installed - this is a requirement. A free download of Adobe's Flash is available at
  3. Is the speed of your Internet connection at least 1.5 megabits per second? (You can get this information from your Internet provider.) This is the minimum speed needed to run the digital sound and animation on our site smoothly.

The Diamond Alignment website is compatible with modern Windows and Apple computers with at least 512 megabytes of memory.

If none of the above measures work for you, here are further solutions:

  1. Clear your browser's cache. If you don't know how to do this, please consult a qualified computer technician.
  2. You may want to try a different Web browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox), or a different computer.


In the future, click HELP on our Home page for fastest service.
(HELP is located to the left of the "Premium Log In" link.)

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